Lord of my Passions


A man is a tasty morsel.
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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
I sit on the stool and gaze into the eyes of my Master. The Man in the Mirror.

I worship him. I exist only to please him. To do his bidding. No matter how extreme. No matter how degrading. No matter how painful.

If he bids me to scourge my body with a whip, I obey. If he wills me to shoot up and beat myself with a stick, I obey. If he commands me to kneel before him and lick shit off his boot, I submit. If he dictates that I hook a pulley to my feet and pull them to the ceiling, I will hang suspended until he is satisfied. When so ordered, I press needles into my nipples and cock and balls until they drip with blood. If he sends me naked into the forest on a moonless night, I comply. There is no debasement I will not endure at his command. I worship him and serve his whims.

I sit tonight, looking into his eyes. They are not warm. Not welcoming. But they control me. I salivate for his naked body. I long to chew his nipples, to bite the tips off and shallow them. To sink my teeth into his pectorals. To carve my knife into his face and chest, destroying his beauty. To slice off his penis and swallow his nuts. To cut open his belly and consume its contents. Slurp from his stomach. Pull out his guts and chew the sausage-like tubes. Cut open and suck the contents of his colon. But this is not his desire. Yet.

I look at my lord and yearn to destroy him. Alas, I cannot. I am wholly in his power. I sigh as he dictates my actions. My heart beats rapidly as I await his command. Tonight, a syringe in my arm to drain a few ounces of blood, which I sip slowly, watching red juice dribble from his lips. No pain tonight, but tomorrow is another day. I will forever endure his whims….and his pain. He is the god I worship and adore. My Lord and Master. The Man in the Mirror.

The Man in the Mirror remains my Master. I lust for him. I want so badly to be cut by him, consumed by him.