Looking for someone to rp an execution rp or trapped soul rp on YM with


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Jul 13, 2013
A few things to know....
1,I never knowingly go invisible on YM, if I'm off, my YM really is turned off. I'll never hide from you.
2, I'd like this to stay an online thing, not rl. Not that I'm against those necros who take it offline, it's just not for me.
3, RP OFFs-No tooth torture, I've had many rl tooth problems, my teeth seem to think I'm dead already lol. No paedophilia or animals in rps, either is just foul, and foul in a bad way.
4, here are three seedlings of my own...a hanging execution, a firing squad execution...and a non execution one where my body dies with my soul trapped inside, unable to move or speak, going through the funeral, rotting, ect. You are welcome to suggest seedlings of your own but I can't promise to rp them.

My Yahoo Messenger ID is viziermountian2004