Looking for a daddy who wants to die


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Oct 17, 2012
I have a fetish for dads. I'm a 24 year old European-Asian guy living in Manila. Any guy out here who wants to be killed? My ultimate fantasy is holding my "daddy" as he dies in my arms. I want to stroke his face with my right hand while my left hand is tight on his neck. I want to kiss him as I jam a knife in his belly over and over. I'll massage your socked feet and suck your socked toes before I shoot you in the gut. I'll stroke the outline of your cock peering through your underwear as I strangle you.

No effeminate people, please. Ruins the fetish of having my strong daddy die in my arms.

My Skype name is RASalvatore1234 and my gmail is sucker4socks1234@gmail.com. Feel free to message me and let's see where it goes.
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