Lady Sybil's Special Collection, a story

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Apr 20, 2020
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Lady Sybil Cheatham was from an old aristocratic English family with lots of money and lived alone in a huge estate near London. After her husband John died, she became something of a recluse but soon she was devoting almost all of her time to her one obsession.

Her husband John was from an old family, like Sybil’s and he was fairly dull, but he had one outstanding attribute. He had enormous manly parts, a penis twelve inches long when erect and testicles the size of hen’s eggs which hung from a heavy, low hanging sack, with which he pleasured Sybil almost nightly. Though they had a very active sex life they had no children and Henry was ten years her senior. When he died in his mid-forties, after he fell from his horse while playing polo, Sybil was distraught, not so much by the loss of his companionship as by the loss of the use of his huge cock, which he always made available for her pleasure. There was only one thing she could do. She had known the local funeral director, Henry Palmer, for years, so she decided to ask him for a very special favor.

After she had picked out the coffin and made all the arrangements. The funeral director asked. “Is there anything else I can do for you. I am so deeply sorry for your untimely loss and you have been such a dear friend to me over the years.”

She hesitated to ask, but since he opened the door. She said, “You know there is one thing you can do for me. “

“What ever can it be. Just ask and consider it done,” the funeral director who was close to her age, said.

“Now that I am a widow and living alone with no one to comfort me. I wonder if you can do something that you may find a bit unusual.”

“Certainly, your wish is my command,” he said with a flourish.

“Can you remove John’s manly parts and preserve them for me?”

The funeral director paused then said, “Well that is a bit of an unusual request, but I must be candid. It is not the first time I have been asked by a widow to do this, and seeing as the deceased no longer has any use for his private parts and since you are the sole heir of his body and all his worldly goods I see no problem in granting your request.” He hesitated. “This must be done very discretely, however, I am sure you understand. There will also be an extra charge for it as it goes beyond the cost of a regular funeral.”

“Of course, Henry, there is no reason for anyone other than the two of us and whatever attendant you may require to know. As for the extra cost, that is not a problem and I quite agree that it is beyond the usual cost of a funeral.”

“How do you want it prepared? Preserved in a jar of formaldehyde for display, or would you rather have it tanned so that it can be put to more practical uses?” It appeared that he had done this more than once and knew that there were choices and decisions to be made.

“Tanned, please,” she said with a smile.

“I know a fine maker of ladies leather gloves in town who is quite a craftsman, is very discrete and will do a very good job with it. I know you will be quite pleased.”

“I am sure that I will be. I look forward to seeing the finished product.”

“I am sure that you will find it to your liking.”

A few weeks after the funeral a package arrived at the manor house.

“From the village glove maker, Madam. He said that you would be expecting it,” her butler said handing her the elongated package wrapped in brown paper.

“Yes, of course,“ she said, taking the package.

When she opened it in the privacy of her room she was amazed. John’s penis was uncut as were most men of his time and his testicles hung very low in their huge sack. The skin looked quiet natural, like it had been dyed to look more alive and it felt as soft as kid glove leather. He also subtly coloured the veins, including the prominent dorsal vein that ran down the middle of the long shaft and forked just before the foreskin. The foreskin was sewn shut and since only the skin was tanned it was packed with cotton around a slightly curbed wooden dowel that allowed it to keep the shape of the penis in its full twelve inch erection. The cut end was also sewn together and in the loose hanging skin of the scrotum were two leather balls that simulated the testicles that rolled around in their sack just like in real life. She was very impressed with the creation of the glove maker and sent him a handsome tip. She would have more use for him in the future.

Sybil came from a long line of prestigious surgeons, doctors and medical researchers. One of her ancestors, John Hunter, had collected anatomical specimens in the 1700s from his work in the army and in various hospitals. By the time he died he had collected literally thousands of human anatomical specimens, including the skeleton of the famous Charles Byrne, the Irish giant. In 1799 the government purchased his vast collection for the Hunterian Museum housed at the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

Sybil’s favorite part of the collection were the many penis’s he collected suspended in formaldehyde in cylindrical jars. Many of them were preserved in “the erect state” as the jars were labeled. There were others that showed the progress of syphilis and gonorrhea on the male genitalia. She marveled at how well he was able to preserve the erect penis in formaldehyde so she did research and found the many ways medical specimens can be preserved.

One time when in the village she dropped in on the funeral director to have a conversation.

“I was most impressed with the work that you did with my husband’s manly parts. Quite a work of art.” She then talked about the collection at the Hunterian Museum and asked. “When John Hunter collected his specimens he did it from the bodies of paupers and people who died without families to claim their bodies. Is that still the case? Are their bodies that people do not claim, that anatomical specimens can be collected from today?”

“Oh yes, in the city morgues there are literally thousands of unclaimed bodies that end up in paupers’ graves or cremated. Also in the prisons many bodies are not claimed. And then there are the crematoria where if certain parts of the anatomy are missing no one is the wiser,” the funeral home director said, sensing an opportunity to make some money.

“Do you have connections that would be able to obtain certain parts of the anatomy from these unclaimed and unwanted bodies, for a handsome price of course?”

“Yes, I have many connections across the country with my work and from my friends in the business.”

They talked further and soon they shook hands.

“Then it is agreed,” she said with a smile.

“I will start to work right away. It depends on the supply, but I don’t think you will be disappointed. I will also need to retain the services of my glove maker.”

“Of course. I was most impressed with his handiwork.”

Thus began the arrangement that would lead to Lady Sybil’s private collection of preserved male genitalia. Soon pickers were trolling city morgues and hospitals as well as the morgues of prisons across the country. She offered to pay more for the larger specimens, and the ones that had special attributes like piercings or tattoos. But usually she only had to pay a pittance for what would have been thrown out anyway. She had the first batch tanned so that she could use them to pleasure herself. Others were preserved for display. She then began to remove the scrotums and had her tanner sew them together, first for purses and pouches then for undergarments. Sometimes she would make pouches from the entire male package, penis and scrotum, sewing the foreskin shut and putting a tie string through the skin at the cut end of the genitals.

She had her favorites, the twelve-inch penis that she obtained from the state penitentiary that had belonged to a famous rapist who was executed in the electric chair. There were the ones that had been tattooed: some decorated with just a few black tattoos, and those that had been fully decorated, one to look like a dragon and one that looked like a snake. They were all uncircumcised so she could tan the skin and stretch it over forms either made of wood or bone. At first they were constructed so that the skin was sewn shut, then she changed it so that the insert could be removed and changed out, making it bigger or smaller or with a sharper curve, depending on her desire at the time.

In honor of her ancestor, John Hunter she also amassed a collection of penis’s preserved in formaldehyde in cylindrical jars, in various states of erection. She had cross sections preserved and specimens’ that showed the anatomy of the penis and testicles. Occasionally her pickers would come across full-bodied Japanese tattoos, called Irezumi, worn by members of the Japanese underworld. These were found only in prisons. If she liked them she collected them as well.

But her favorite part of the collection was the part that she used to pleasure herself with. She also liked her handbag collection and the underwear collection. Since her tanner was a glove maker, she also had him make gloves with the scrotum skin, all as soft as kid leather. She had watchbands made with penis skin and just about anything that leather could be made into. One masterpiece her tanner made was a short stylish waist jacket made from scores of tanned scrotums sewn together in a scalloped pattern and dyed black.

No one could tell what kind of leather it was, but her friends marveled at how soft it was. She told them it was ostrich leather.

She had a special room constructed off her bedroom to house her collection. Glass cases lined the walls that held the specimens preserved in formaldehyde and the cross sections preserved between glass slides. The cases were well lit from inside so that the specimens seemed to glow as they stood erect floating suspended in liquid in their cylindrical glass jars. There were specimens of all sizes, shapes and colour, some with decorations, some without. Some with exceptionally long foreskins, some with prominent or unusually shaped glans and coronas. This is also where she displayed the packages that had been decorated with tattoos, and piercings, including the colorful dragon tattoo, and the snake tattoo. She also had several with frenum ladders, ampallangs, guiches, apadravyas, hafadas, dydoes, and of course Prince Albert piercings. Standing around on manikins were the handful of full body Japanese tattooed skins that she had collected and tanned without heads, hands or feet but including the tattooed genitals. The artistry was amazing and colorful with renderings of beautiful scenes of animals, fish, dragons, mythical creatures, gods and landscapes in the Japanese style. They looked eerily alive as they stood as silent sentinels guarding the collection. Under the glass cases were drawers that held the male parts that had been tanned. After a while her collection grew into the hundreds.

Her favorite tanned piece was that of her deceased husband, John. It was well used and had to be rubbed with saddle soap from time to time to avoid drying out. She also had others that she liked, all unusually large, as her taste ran that way. Some had belonged to African men, others large ones were from Irishmen or Scotsmen, the gingers, as she called them. She left the hair on some of the scrotums, red, blond, black, auburn, some like her husband’s had the hair removed. She had so much to choose from that she allowed herself to experiment. Since she preferred to use different inserts, she had her husband’s set altered to allow for the use of inserts to enhance her pleasure. The inserts were originally made from wood or bone, but later they were made from rubber, which allowed more flexibility and a fuller range of motion. Some of the inserts were ribbed or knotted, or curved at different angles to maximize her pleasurable experience.

She often wore her handbags out and other leather products and her friends envied them, often asking where she had obtained them.

“From my special glove maker, “ she said, but she never gave out his name. Her favorite garment was the short black waistcoat with the elegant scalloped design. She did not take her money pouches and handbags that were made from the complete male package out, however, as it would be too obvious where she had obtained them.

As she grew older she became more concerned about the fate of her growing collection and decided to will the more scientific specimens to the Hunterian Collection. As for the tanned pieces made for her personal pleasure and adornment, she decided she would give them back to the tanner to do with as he pleased; perhaps he would sell or give to other ladies so that they might enjoy them as much as she had.