Jeremy Visits The Folsom Street Fair


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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
Jeremy was in ecstasy. He had flown in to San Francisco on business, arriving unexpectedly on the weekend of the Folsom Street Fair. Now he was standing in the middle of one of the largest gay leather festivals in the world, surrounded by thousands of hot men. Men in full leather. Men in leather jockstraps. Naked men. Young. Old. Muscled. Skinny. Pierced. Tattooed. The day was sunny and hot. The men were sweaty and hot.

Not having leather, Jeremy wore Levis, white tee, and sneakers, but in the heat soon removed his tee. He felt a bit out of place but wasn’t going to let it interfere with his enjoyment of the scene. His eyes swept the crowd, soaking up the atmosphere, devouring the eye candy. Then his eyes settled on one man. Handsome, smooth, muscled, wearing chaps and boots, nothing more. A gorgeous bubble butt protruded from the back of his chaps, and from the front hung a huge voluptuous cock. The man stood alone in the crowd, stationary, aloof, not quite posing but fully aware that hundreds of eyes were staring, lustfully fantasizing. Jeremy, too, stared at this god.

The man scanned the crowd. And his eyes alighted on Jeremy. A slight smile formed on his face as he wet his lips and strode through the crowd, stopping in front of Jeremy.

Jeremy was shocked. Tongue-tied, too.
“Uh. Bonjour. I mean, Hi.”
“Enjoying the Fair.”
“Uh, yeah.”
The man ran his hand over Jeremy’s bare chest and tweaked his nipple.
“You’re very attractive. Live around here?”
“Uh. No, I’m…I’m in town on business, from Switzerland.”
“Which explains your accent. French, is it?”
“Oui. Uh, I mean, yes.”
“Relax, Man. Let me get you a beer.”
The man snapped his fingers and in seconds a young naked guy wearing a leather collar was at his side with two cups of beer.
“Merci. Er, sorry. I mean, thanks.”
“Cheers! Got a name?”

“I’m Jeremy.”
“Call me Caleb.”

Caleb began small talk but Jeremy was still tongue-tied, in awe of this handsome chiseled hunk who had singled him out. His eyes kept sliding downward, focusing on the magnificent pecs and voluptuous nipples. Caleb smiled. “You can touch, you know. That’s what this Fair is all about. Looking and touching.” Jeremy’s put his hand to Caleb’s chest. Just feeling the solid warm flesh made his cock tingle. He slid his hand between both pecs, feeling hard nipples under his palm. Caleb took Jeremy’s hand, turned sideways, and guided it to his butt. Jeremy’s hand cupped and ran his hand over a smooth muscled butt cheek, a finger sliding into the crack. His heart was pounding. Caleb turned back, glanced down, and nodded. Jeremy looked at the long, thick cock, touched it lightly, then wrapped his fingers around it. It moved in his hand, began to harden and grow. Jeremy let loose of it as it moved upward, curving slightly, rising until the tip touched Caleb’s lower abs. Jeremy stared open-mouthed at the biggest dick he’d ever seen. Then applause. The crowd around them expressed their own admiration by applauding, licking their lips, and stroking their crotches.

Caleb ignored the others and looked into Jeremy’s eyes. “Like I said, you are very attractive. Would you like to take a walk?” Jeremy swallowed heavily and nodded. He couldn’t even speak. Caleb smiled, put his arm around Jeremy’s shoulders, and guided him through the crowd of onlookers. His cock slowly softened as they walked about half a block and turned into an alley. About fifty feet in, he unlocked a door and motioned his new friend inside.

They walked along a dark hallway, down a flight of stairs, and into a large dark room. It was painted black and Jeremy couldn’t see anything but a cot by the wall. Caleb turned, took Jeremy in his arms and kissed him. Deeply. Passionately. “You are what I was searching for today when I went to the Fair.” Jeremy’s heart beat furiously as his cock rose inside his jeans. Never in his wildest fantasies had he ever thought a man of Caleb’s quality could possibly take an interest in him. It just wasn’t possible. He felt his belt buckle loosen, his Levis drop, and Caleb’s warm, wet mouth wrap around his rigid, quivering cock. Caleb stood, kissed his lips again, even more passionately, and looked into Jeremy’s eyes, smiling radiantly, murmuring, “You are perfect,” just before he stepped back and drove his fist deep into Jeremy’s relaxed belly. As air exploded from his lungs, Jeremy bent forward in pain, only to have his jaw shattered by the upward force of the big man’s fist.

Jeremy awoke in pain. And discomfort. He was propped face down on sawhorse. Each wrist and ankle tied to one of the legs. His head hung over one end, and his cock and balls the other end. Even though he was groggy, he knew that his jaw hurt intensely. He remembered Caleb’s fist smashing it just before he passed out. Felt like it was broken and when he moved his tongue in his mouth, the felt the jagged ends of broken teeth. How could this be? The most wonderful moment in his life, and now this? What the fuck?

Jeremy lay on the sawhorse for a long time, nursing his pain and his puzzlement. One thing sure—he was scared. Where was he? How long would he be here? So many thoughts went through his mind as he remained immobile on the horse. A door opened and someone was in the room. He lifted his head, painfully, and saw it was Caleb, naked now except for the boots. “Ah, coming around? Good. I wish you could touch me. You have incredible hands. When you fondled me at the Fair, I knew I had to have you. I could tell by your touch and your eyes that you were worshiping my body. I like that in a man. A man who appreciates my beauty.” Out of the corner of his eye, Jeremy saw that while Caleb was spoke, he was standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror, softly caressing his muscles. His dick was hard against his belly. That huge impossible dick. “Yes, I knew if you wanted me that much I should bring you here so we could enjoy each other’s company to the max.”

Caleb walked to Jeremy and pulled his head up by his hair, causing his mouth to open. In went the dick and Caleb let loose of the hair. Jeremy couldn’t lift his head off. It stayed in place, impaled on Caleb’s dick. So fat, his mouth was stretched painfully. So long, his mouth could take only half of it. Caleb continued talking as Jeremy remained in place, stuck on the dick. “You’ve never had a man like me before and I want you to enjoy touching me. Of course, it won’t be quite what you imagined. But I am sure you’ll be everything I expected.” His hands were massaging Jeremy’s back, shoulders and ass as he talked. But he couldn’t take his hands off his own body for long. They constantly rubbed his pecs and butt; even his nuts as his cock was in Jeremy’s mouth. He like to pinch his nips a lot, too. “Jesus, what a sick narcissist!” thought Jeremy.

“You’re very pretty and you love my body. Perfect. And I’m going to play with yours. Until I kill you.” Jeremy felt a chill of fear and began to moan, when Caleb pushed his head down on his cock. The cock forced its way deep into Jeremy’s throat, painfully stretching it and choking him. He tried to struggle but could move nothing. Caleb’s hand prevented him from lifting his head. He felt his gut try to come up but he was choking, choking, until Caleb pulled his head up and free of the dick. He puked. Emptied his guts onto the floor, and on Caleb’s boot.

“Boy!” shouted Caleb. Instantly a naked boy appeared and licked the puke from the boot and then lapped all of it from the floor. Looking down, Jeremy recognized the boy who had brought the beer at the Fair. So young. Then he was aware that other men had joined them. Looking down, Jeremy saw three sets of boots and felt several hands fondling his naked body. His butt, his back, his arms, his legs. Someone pulled his head up and stuck fingers into his mouth. “Come on, Caleb. Let’s fuck him.” “OK.”

Caleb walked behind the helpless man and fingered his butthole. “Too tight. Boy, make some lube.” Boy slid a knife into Jeremy’s hole and made a couple cuts. Blood was the perfect lube, although it still took some effort to force Caleb’s huge cock into the tight hole. Jeremy yelped in pain as his asshole stretched as it had never stretched before. Once in, Caleb pounded like a pile driver, battering the hole and further opening the bloody cuts. As he pounded the butthole, his hands gripped Jeremy’s sides, pinching, squeezing, digging his nails into flesh. Jeremy’s pain was made worst by the cock’s length. It felt like the cock would burst through his stomach lining. Fat cock, long cock, persistent cock. Jeremy sobbed as the devastation continued. Finally, one last thrust and Caleb let loose a loud howl as he shot his cum load deep into Jeremy’s butt. When he pulled out, Jeremy felt only relief. The ordeal was over.

But wait, there’s more. Someone else moved in and began to fuck the hole. In his ecstasy, this guy pounded on Jeremy’s back, punching again and again. A third man took over and continued the pounding. Just as he came, he leaned forward and wrapped his arm around Jeremy’s neck and pulled back, cutting off his air and almost snapping his neck. A fourth man with a dick almost as big as Caleb’s took his turn. Each of the men took a second turn. But this time, as one fucked his butt, another rammed a cock into Jeremy’s mouth and fucked it. Both ends fucked endlessly. Young men have sexual stamina and can fuck for hours, and these were young virile men. Jeremy’s torment went on and on, lasting over an hour. Then it stopped.

Jeremy heard someone say “Boy! Clean it out.” Boy knelt behind Jeremy, put his mouth to his brutalized hole, and sucked out all the cum and blood and shit. He licked the butt clean and gently kissed Jeremy’s prolapse. He then went to each man to suck his dick clean. Finally, to Jeremy’s mouth, dripping with cum and blood. Soothingly, Boy licked and sucked and tongued all the muck from Jeremy’s mouth.

Jeremy was untied from the sawhorse, carried to a table and laid on his back. He could see the other men, all heavily muscled but not as spectacular as Caleb. They felt and fondled and pinched. Nibbled at his tits and dick. More than nibbles, actually. Hard bites. Jeremy lay still, afraid and unable to move, his broken jaw aching. The men attached chains to his ankles and wrists, and pulled him into a spread eagle position. As the chains tightened, they dug into his bones. The chains winched tighter, stretching his limbs painfully. He was certain his shoulder sockets would separate. Tighter. Tighter. Jeremy screamed. Then the pulling stopped. The table was slipped from beneath him, and he was suspended in the air, stretched so tight that his body remained horizontal, his ass dropping only inches.

Caleb stepped forward, holding a long thin wooden rod, a switch. He brought it down hard on Jeremy’s belly. The sting made him lurch, exacerbating the pain in his extremities. Caleb continued to whack away at his belly, his thighs, his arms, even his mouth. By the time he stopped, Jeremy was whimpering and whining, quivering, his body a mass of oozing welts, hot to the touch.

Boy leaned over him and took his cock in his mouth. In seconds, amazingly, despite his pain, Jeremy’s cock grew rigid. Then he felt something being pushed into his piss hole. He lifted his head just enough to watch Boy push a small three-prong fish hook into his dick. Boy pushed until it was about three inches in, then pulled on a wire and the barbs caught, sinking deep into the meat of his shaft. Caleb stood over Jeremy, beaming a huge smile. He attached the hook to a small chain hanging from a ceiling pulley, and pulled. Jeremy’s dick, impaled on the barbs, rose, stretching upward, higher, until it could rise no more.

Caleb stepped back to admire his work. A beautiful man hanging by his cock, spread-eagle horizontally, skin severely welted, his head hanging back, eyes bugged, mouth wide open, emitting a high-pitched groan. Caleb grabbed hold of the broken jaw and squeezed, causing a louder yowl. Felt inside the mouth. “Six teeth broken, uhh, fuck, what was your name? I forget. No matter. Guys, what should we call him?” “Dead Meat!” Laughs all around. “His head is back, in a perfect position. Wanna fuck him again?” And they did.

The three men took turns fucking Jeremy’s mouth, as Caleb worked his ribs with the switch. Boy was gnawing on his toes, grinding with his teeth until one came loose. He chewed and swallowed, then began working on another when Caleb shouted, “Boy! Balls!” Boy’s head slipped between Jeremy’s thighs and took his nuts into his mouth. He sucked and pulled and nibbled, tearing the sac partially open with his teeth. Jeremy’s pain was total as the onslaught went on.

In time, it stopped, although that is a relative term. The onslaught stopped; the pain never did. They lowered the fish hook chain and released it from his cock. Then an ankle was unlocked and a leg fell towards the floor. A second ankle. Then a wrist. A second wrist and the full body fell. Jeremy’s head bounced hard on the floor. He lay there a while and slowly curled himself into a ball, and wept.

Caleb kicked Jeremy’s head with his boot. “It’s still early. Let’s go back to the Fair. Boy, secure him.” As the four men put their chaps on again, Boy locked a small chain to the fish hook and secured it to an eyebolt. He would be going nowhere. The five walked out. Jeremy lay still in the quiet room. Alone. Naked. Broken jaw. Broken teeth. Fish hook in his dick. Wrists and ankles chafed and sore. Torso, legs and face welted, oozing blood. Two toes chewed off. Asshole stretched and bleeding. Dazed. Still not sure how all this had happened. But he was fucked. Actually he was fucked the moment he walked through that door in the alley. Doomed the moment he laid eyes on that fucking Caleb. But he was too enamored by the beauty of his captor to realize it was not a good idea. Lust had led him to this fate. He remained in his fetal position, in serious pain, crying.

The door burst open and a dozen men poured into the room. Carrying a stack of pizzas and a couple cases of beer. “Let’s see what you got this year, Caleb.” “Oh, fuck! Nice.” “I think this one’s better than last year.” “Yeah. He’s so cute.” “Already bloody.” “Nice tits.” “Sweet ass.” “Let’s fuck him.”

Boy unhooked the chain and Jeremy began his journey. He was passed from man to man, fucked in both ends. Tits chewed, kicked and punched, nuts squeezed, fish hook yanked, face smacked, smooth skin scratched and cut, eyes swollen shut, fingers and toes chewed. A leather belt with a big buckle whacked at his back. Neverending humiliation. Neverending pain. He suffered silently. No more cries. No more tears.

Caleb called for silence. Took a while for the drunken men to quiet down. “Boy, pull him up.” Jeremy felt the painful tug as he rose from the floor. Hanging only from the three barbs in his dick. Arms and legs dangling loosely. Upper body weight tilting him backwards. The men surrounded him again, groping, scratching, pinching, biting. “Wait! Let Boy do his thing first.” Boy slid between Jeremy’s legs, and reached into the opened ball sac. He sliced the cords, removed the testicles, and took them to a corner of the room, to suck and chew.

Caleb nodded, and the men began the final destruction of the handsome Swiss. Hands and teeth and fists battered the body as it swung by its dick. Jeremy died in horrible pain as the men ripped into his body. Eyes gouged, teeth ripped out, skin cut and peeled from his body, blood covering every inch, dripping, forming a large puddle on the floor. Finally, Caleb ended the festivities by slicing the dick and letting the body fall heavily into the blood puddle, splattering everyone. The men got up, recognizing this signal that the party was over. They thanked Caleb, and left.

Boy came over and sat next to Jeremy’s body. Caleb sat down and put his arm around Boy, pulling him close. “Thanks, Johnny, our best party yet. This fucker was really good. Wish I could remember his name. Jem? Jerry? Something like that. Anyway, one of the best we ever brought home. Yeah. It’s been a good day.” Caleb kissed Johnny, passionately. “Now, let’s eat.” Caleb sliced Jeremy’s belly open and cut out two warm pieces of intestine. Leaning against each other, bodies splattered with blood, naked butts in the sticky puddle, they began eating their prey.

Suspended in the air above them hung a solitary penis.