Jeremy and the Lost Civilization


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Jan 3, 2011
Our hot friend Jeremy has more fantasies about how he might die. And since my account is unlocked today, I thought I’d start. He said he and some friends wanted to explore the South American jungle in search of a lost tribe. Ahhhhh. Be careful what you search for ...
My account is often locked due to “low reaction score” so make sure to react a lot to this and my other stories. I still have Jeremy and his other friend to kill off. And I know we ALL want to see Jeremy die again.

Three young Swiss men stood naked in a jungle clearing. Naked except for feather headdresses. They were surrounded by naked men dancing and chanting. Their bronzed bodies, decorated with colored paints, twisted and writhed. Drums and shell horns sounded. All of a sudden everything stopped. And the leader, a tall man with black hair and eyes and a heavily muscled body turned to Eric, the one with the shaggy blond hair and whispy beard, holding his hands up in a ritual gesture. He spoke a language similar to Nahuatl, and Jeremy struggled to understand, getting pieces of it.

“He’s thanking you. For a gift, or you being a gift. He is honored.”

As the leader spoke Eric was distracted by the hands touching him. Using small bowls of red and blue and yellow to paint designs on his arms, his thighs, his chest, his back. Maybe painting him was a way of welcoming him as one of them. He flushed as the touching caused his cock to stir. The leader broke into a grin as he saw it. A hand grasped his long shaft and stroke it until it stood out from his crotch.

“He says you’ve been accepted or are accepting or are worthy ...”

The leader raised his hands to the sky and began to chant. This sounded like an older language. Jeremy couldn’t make it out. But as he watched his friend and lover have his straining cock stroked by one of the naked men he felt his own cock begin to stir. He glanced to Liam next to him and saw his hand had already started working his cock. Many of the men were stroking their cocks. Jeremy took his own cock and stroked, bringing it instantly erect. One of the men next to him dropped to one knee and took Jeremy’s cock in his mouth. Jeremy moaned in pleasure as he watched Eric’s golden skin being painted. Then he saw some of the men opening the doors of a painted wooden hut to one side of the clearing. There were three, each with a carved stone bowl on the ground in front of it. They were opening the doors of the left one. The one where there was a fire burning in the stone bowl. Jeremy saw a stone idol inside, well cared-for and painted but ancient.

Tezcatlipoca. The Smoking Mirror. This confirmed Professor Hallar’s theories. A remnant of the Aztecs had escaped Cortez and lost themselves in the Peruvian jungle. And they had managed to bring this small idol with them. Jeremy’s mind swirled with thoughts even as Eric’s headdress was removed and he was being moved backwards to the waist high rounded stone in the center of the clearing. This looked like a natural formation poking through the jungle floor. He had noticed it when they were led into the clearing. Eric had his back to the idol. He wouldn’t know what was coming. This was Jeremy’s field, his expedition. So he knew. There was ice in his belly even as his cock strained in the mouth of the beautiful young man at his feet. He darted a look at Liam, who looked concerned and puzzled. Jeremy turned back to watch a ritual he had studied and imagined for so long.

Hands grasped Eric’s arms and shoulders and gently lowered him onto the stone. Mouths nipped at his nipples and a hand pumped his cock leaving it to fall straining on his belly. Eric had his eyes half-closed and his mouth in an open half smile. Jeremy knew that look well. It was the look of pleasure just before he came. Jeremy’s breath caught as the leader stepped to the side of the stone. Jeremy saw what was in his hand. A Tecpatl. A stone sacrificial knife. Many of the men were furiously stroking their cocks now. Jeremy desperately wanted not to be so hard right now, not to be on the edge. The leader raised the stone knife high over Eric’s chest. Eric seemed to stir like he had seen it, but he probably wouldn’t know what it was. Jeremy hoped for his sake it was as sharp as they were said to be. Liam cried “No” as the leader plunged it into Eric’s abs, just under the rib cage. He cut across as blood flowed from the wound and Eric grunted as air was forced from his lungs. The four assistants held his body tight now as it spasmed from the violation. Eric’s cock spasmed too as it sprayed the cum that had built up in his balls over his bloody belly and the forearm of the leader who had thrust his other hand into the wound and up into his chest. There was a hard pull and then Jeremy saw Eric’s heart pulled from his chest. The leader cut it free from the arteries as it continued to pump blood. As he lifted it into the air Eric gave a small sigh and his body went slack. Jeremy’s body spasmed as he shot a massive load of cum into the mouth of the young man before him. He heard Liam doing the same. The leader walked to the shrine and dropped the heart into the fire in front of Tezcatlipoca. The smell of charring meat mingled with the iron smell of fresh blood.

Jeremy and Liam were led back to the village, leaving Eric’s body on the stone in the clearing. Jeremy didn’t tell Liam what was probably happening to Eric now. They were put into the hut they had shared with Eric since they arrived, left with their memories of the amazing sex that had had together just a few hours before. Outside were the sounds and smells of a feast being prepared.

As evening fell they were led to the canter of the village where they were seated to either side of the leader. He was saying something about sharing his best as the food was brought forth, including a large cut of roasted meat. As it was set before the leader, Jeremy could just make out a tattoo. The one he knew so well from licking it on Eric’s left thigh. The left thigh, the cut of the sacrifice that was served to the emperor in the past. Liam didn’t notice and Jeremy didn’t tell him. So it was thatEric’s last gift for Jeremy was to satisfy his curiosity about what human flesh tasted like.

After the feast they were taken back to their hut and the door was barred from the outside. They made love furiously as if it would help them cling to life. As Jeremy fell asleep with his arms wrapped around Liam, he wondered which gods were in the other two shrines. They would determine how he and Liam were to meet their ends.


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Nov 24, 2020
I was also locked down these last few days , but now I’m here. Tecpatl you’re a real God ! This new story is fucking hot, and I’m really very excited. I can't wait to see the rest of my adventures in South America. And what sauce I'm going to be eaten .... There is a great story on the same topic at from there came my idea of being the victim in a story on the same subject