Into the Fire by RC


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May 27, 2012
San Diego
Into the Fire by RC*

*i changed a few details and made this a story about a young stud Devon that I knew in school. Pictures below for your enjoyment.

Derek was headed home after an unsuccessful hunting trip to one of the nearby college towns. It wasn’t often that he returned home empty-handed. On most occasions there would’ve been a bound and gagged college boy in the bed of his pickup. The truck bed had a fiberglass tonneau cover and had been totally soundproofed. A frightened young man could make all the noise he wanted and no one would hear him. It was the perfect vehicle for one of the most prolific serial killers in the country.

Still more than fifty miles from home, Derek was hauling ass down a country road, deep in thought. He was a bit depressed that he had no victim to rape and torture over the next several days. That was his way of relaxing when he had a few days off from work. He’d been able to relax quite often over the past several years. The remains of well over one hundred captured boys were buried in the woods behind his home. They’d disappeared from college towns all over the state.

As Derek crested a small hill, his headlights caught something moving quickly across the road off in the distance. He knew his mind must be playing tricks on him, but what he saw appeared to be a naked person. He also got a quick glimpse of something shiny. He slowed down and eased to a stop near the area where he saw something cross the road. He reached into his glove-box. Moving aside several sets of handcuffs and a roll of duct tape, he finally found his flashlight. He grabbed it and got out of the truck.

Most of the area where Derek’s truck came to a stop was nothing but open fields. The only place where someone might conceal themselves was behind sparsely scattered brush along the ditch. Derek walked across the road and approached a large patch of brush. His flashlight picked up something flesh-colored about twenty feet away. As he moved closer he could see that it was a young male. A very muscular young male. Butt naked and cowering into the brush as far as possible. Derek’s cock twitched when he noticed that the boy’s wrists were handcuffed behind his back. The boy’s skin was extremely shiny.

“Come out of there, dude,” said Derek.

The naked boy began sobbing, but didn’t move. Derek grabbed one of the boy’s arms and pulled him out of the brush. The arm was very slippery and hard to hold onto. Setting his flashlight down on the ground, Derek grabbed both of the boy’s arms and lifted him to his feet. He picked up the flashlight and shone it on the boy. Derek was shocked at what he saw. A black ball-gag was secured in the boy’s mouth. The boy’s eyes were closed, and his body trembled as he continued sobbing.

“What the hell, man. Who did this to you?” asked Derek.

The naked boy immediately opened his eyes and tried frantically to talk through the gag in his mouth. Derek began trying to untie the leather cord that held the ball-gag in place. The boy’s entire body was extremely oily, and untying the knot proved difficult. Derek couldn’t help but notice a very strong odor coming from the boy, too.

“Whew,” said Derek, “Smells like you took a bath in Italian dressing.”

After finally untying the knot, Derek pulled the ball-gag out of the boy’s mouth.

“Thank God,” said the boy, “I thought you were one of the guys who did this to me. You gotta get me out of here, man. They’ll come looking for me when they find out I’m missing. They’ll kill me. We need to get the police. Have you got a cell phone?”

“Whoa,” said Derek, “calm down. I don’t have a cell phone, but I can take you to the nearest town. It’s about forty miles away.”

“Ok,” said the boy, looking back down the road, “we need to get out of here fast. Do you have anything you could get these cuffs off with?”

“Afraid not,” lied Derek, as they quickly crossed the road.

Derek opened the passenger door of his truck. He tossed the ball-gag onto the dashboard and grabbed a large beach towel from behind the seat, spreading it out over his upholstery. He then got a firm grip on the naked boy’s arm and helped him into the truck. Derek was amazed at what a perfect body the boy had. He looked forward to using that body for his own pleasure.

Derek slid in behind the steering wheel and started the truck. The boy was looking nervously through the back window. The wheels threw gravel as the truck took off down the road. As soon as the truck was moving, the boy seemed to relax a bit.

“What’s your name, kid?” asked Derek.

“It’s Devon,” said the boy.

“So, Devon,” said Derek, “fill me in. What the hell’s going on?”

“Oh, man,” said Devon, “you’re not going to believe this. I just escaped from a bunch of cannibals. They were going to fuckin’ eat me!”

“What?” said Derek, with raised eyebrows, “You’re shittin’ me.”

“Swear to God, man,” said Devon, “There were four of them. They kidnapped me and Travis, a buddy of mine, several days ago. They already killed Travis and ate him. Made me watch while they butchered him. God, I can still hear him screaming. I was going to be next.”

Devon began sobbing again.

“Geez,” said Derek, “ that’s unbelievable. Start at the beginning. How did this all happen?”

“Well,” said Devon, “Travis and I were workout buddies. We went to the same gym almost every night of the week.”
“ Tuesday night, after our workout and showers, we were leaving the gym. A large black van was parked right beside Travis’s car. As we got to the far side of the van, four men appeared out of nowhere. Two of them had guns pointed right at us. One of them told us not to make any noise and to get inside the van.”
“ Travis protested and one of the guys punched him in the stomach. We were both shoved into the van.”
“ Three of the men got in the back of the van with us. The other guy slid the door closed and got in the driver’s seat. In no time at all we were on the road, speeding away from town.”

“Wow,” said Derek, “You think they’d been stalking you boys?”

“Maybe,” said Devon, “I don’t know. I’d never seen the van before.”

“Continue,” said Derek, already half hard.

“Well,” said Devon, “we were told to remove our shirts. We didn’t have much choice, so we both pulled our t-shirts off over our heads and tossed them on the van floor. Then, one of the guys pulled out two sets of handcuffs and cuffed our wrists together behind our backs.”
“ Travis started pleading with them to please let us go. One of the guys stuffed a ball-gag in his mouth to shut him up. He quickly stuffed one in my mouth, too. Then, all three of them stripped off the rest of our clothes.”
“ After we were butt-naked, they used some rope to tie up our ankles. Then, they stuffed our gym bags, tennis shoes, and all of our clothes into a garbage bag.”
“ A little while later, the driver pulled off the road, drove around a building and stopped. One of the guys slid open the side door and hopped out with the garbage bag. I saw him open the lid of a dumpster and throw the bag inside. Then we took off again.”

The thought of the two naked, bound, terrified boys had given Derek a raging hard-on.

“Damn,” said Derek, “you two must’ve been scared shitless. What did you think they had planned for you?”

“Well,” said Devon, “I first thought maybe we were being kidnapped for ransom, but after they stripped us naked I was afraid they were going to take us somewhere and fuck us. Never in a million years would I have guessed that they planned on eating us.”

“No doubt,” said Derek.

“They did always refer to us as pigs, though,” Devon continued, “I didn’t know what to make of that. One of the guys said that we were the best looking pigs they’d caught in a while. One of his buddies agreed and said that we were nice and beefy, just the way they liked. The fact that they might be cannibals still never entered my mind. I just knew we were in deep shit.”

Derek was getting horny as hell. He kept looking over at the perfect specimen of young manhood on the seat next to him. The dashboard lights lit up Devon’s six-pack abs and the perfectly chiseled pecs. He was very tempted to turn down a side road, drag Devon out of the truck and rape him right then and there.

“It must’ve been three hours before the van stopped again,” continued Devon, “We were dragged out of the van. Two of the men threw us over their shoulders and carried us into an old farm house. There was a black Hummer parked behind the house. It had a long, low trailer with an arched top hitched to it. I found out later that it was a massive barbeque grill.”

Devon turned his head toward the window and began crying. Derek took advantage of Devon’s turned head and checked out the boy’s muscular body some more. Derek had to admit, Devon sure looked good enough to eat. He began to wonder what a fine body like that would taste like.

“So, what happened after you boys were taken into the house?” asked Derek.

“Well,” said Devon, “they spent the next two days cleaning us out. They made us drink some stuff that made us shit our guts out. They forced us to drink gallons of water. Then they stuck hoses up our asses and cleaned us out with warm water.”
“ They must’ve done that six or eight times. It was gross. After all that, they waxed our bodies to remove every last hair. That was painful. Whenever they weren’t working on us, we were locked in two iron cages.”

“It still hadn’t dawned on you that they might be planning on using you for food?” asked Derek.

“No,” said Devon, “Who would ever think that cannibals existed these days? I still figured it was a sex thing. I thought maybe they were cleaning us out real good before they raped us. I was picturing us being their sex slaves, or maybe being sold to someone else to be used as sex slaves.”

Derek had been imagining Devon as a sex slave from the first moment he laid eyes on the boy.

“Yeah,” said Derek, “I can see why you might think that. So, what happened after you boys were prepped?”

“There was an old cast iron bathtub in the room with us,” said Devon, “Next to it were two fifty-five gallon drums of some kind of oil.”
“ Night before last, one of the guys pumped oil out of the drums and into the bathtub. Then he poured a dog food sized bag of some powdery stuff into the tub and stirred it all up. After that, he and one of his buddies dragged Travis out of his cage and put him in the tub. They left him there all night.”

“Damn,” said Derek, “They were marinating him.”

“Yeah,” said Devon, “but neither one of us realized that until this morning when three of the men took Travis out of the bathtub and strung him up by his ankles over a drain in the floor.”
“ Travis looked really terrified. Then the fourth man came downstairs. He had a bowl and several large knives in his hand.”
“ Someone said it was time to draw straws. One of the guys pulled out four matchsticks and three of them drew. Some guy named Mike drew the short one. That’s when Travis and I found out what our fate would be.”
“ They all congratulated Mike and handed him one of the knives, telling him to de-nut the pig so they could get the roast started. That’s when Travis started screaming.”
“ Even with the gag, he was really loud. Mike grabbed Travis’s dick and balls and very quickly sliced them off, putting them into the bowl. Then he handed the knife to one of the other guys and headed upstairs. As he left they told him to enjoy his breakfast.”

“So,” said Derek, “whoever won the draw got to eat your buddies nuts. Wow. That’s twisted. What did they do to Travis after that?”

“Travis was screaming and writhing around on the end of that rope,” said Devon, “Two of the men held Travis while the third man took a knife and slit Travis’s throat. Blood went everywhere.”
“ It wasn’t long before the squirming stopped for good. If my stomach hadn’t been completely empty I would’ve puked. They waited until the bleeding stopped, then hosed down the area around the drain.”
“ After that they slid a large metal tub beneath Travis and cut his belly open. It didn’t take any time at all to completely gut him. I’ll never forget the sound his guts made as they landed in the metal tub. Shit, man, he was only eighteen, same as me.”

Devon stopped talking and began crying again.

Derek had no problem picturing everything Devon was describing. He just wished he’d been there to participate in the butchering of young Travis, or at least been able to watch.

“Man,” said Derek, trying to hide his excitement, “sorry about your buddy. Did they chop him up after that?”

“No,” said Devon, still sobbing, “they took Travis down and laid him on a table, face down.”
“ They removed the handcuffs, ball-gag, and the rope around his ankles. Then one of the guys left and came back with a long metal pole. They shoved the fucking pole up Travis’s ass and out his mouth.”
“ They used wire to secure Travis’s body to the pole. When they were done, two of the men picked up an end of the pole and carried it up the stairs. That was the last I saw of Travis.”

“I’ll be damned,” said Derek, “They spit-roasted him. Makes you wonder how many other young men have been on that spit.”

“From some of their conversations, after butchering Travis,” said Devon, “ I’d say there have been quite a few.”
“ One of the guys mentioned that they should get together for barbeques more than three times a year. Everyone else agreed. God knows how many years they’ve been doing this. I’m just glad that I didn’t have to see Travis being roasted.”

Derek would’ve given anything to watch Travis being roasted. The thought of Travis’s young muscular body slowly rotating on a spit was more than Derek could take. He needed release, and soon.

“Did you actually see any of Travis being eaten?” asked Derek.

“No,” said Devon, “but I could sure hear them upstairs enjoying their meal. I could smell the cooked meat, too. It made me sick, knowing what they were eating.”
“ It wasn’t until after they finished their meal that two of them came downstairs, dragged me out of the cage and put me in the bathtub. One of them said that he hoped I’d taste as good as my buddy. Then they went upstairs and turned off the basement lights.”

“So that’s why you’re all greasy and smell like an Italian restaurant,” said Derek, “How were you able to escape?”

“Well, I knew that I had to at least try and get away,” said Devon, “Otherwise I’d have the same fate as Travis.”
“ I was able to reach the rope that was tied around my ankles. The oil made it really difficult, but I finally managed to untie the rope, even with my hands still cuffed behind my back. My head slipped under the oil several times while working on the rope. That shit burned my eyes like crazy.”
“ Anyway, I was able to get out of the tub. I crept up the stairs, turned around in front of the door and tried the knob. I couldn’t believe it was unlocked. I quietly opened the door and found my way to the rear door of the house, which was in the kitchen.”
“ There was a night-light in the kitchen. I could clearly see what remained of Travis. His whole ribcage was laying on a large table. Most of the meat was gone. A lot of other bones, some with meat still attached, were scattered over the table, too. It just made me sick.”
“ I managed to get the back door open and step outside. The first thing I saw was the grill. The hood was open and I could see the spit.”
“ I ran like hell. I was probably a mile down the road when you came along. I was scared shitless that you were one of those men coming after me. Man, I’m glad it was you. I feel really lucky.”

“Yeah,” said Derek, a bit sarcastically, “lucky you.”

Derek couldn’t wait any longer. He reached down, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his massive hard-on. He looked over at Devon who was staring at the road ahead. Derek turned on the interior light.

“Hey, Devon,” said Derek, looking directly at the boy, “why don’t you get over here and show me a little gratitude.”

Devon turned his head and looked at Derek, then noticed the huge cock.

“Oh, man,” said Devon, starting to sob, “I’m not that way. Please. Don’t make me do that.”

“I could always take you back to that farm house,” said Derek, “I’m sure they’d be really glad to see you.”

Devon reluctantly moved off the seat and got on his knees as Derek adjusted the steering wheel to a higher position. With tears in his eyes, Devon leaned over and put his mouth around Derek’s cock. Derek turned off the interior light.

“This won’t take long,” said Derek, “Your story got me all worked up. Besides, that empty stomach of yours will probably welcome a nice big load of protein.”

Devon slowly worked his mouth up and down Derek’s cock. He took as much of the cock into his mouth as he could, without choking. Every now and then Derek would shove Devon’s head all the way down and hold it there for a while, cutting off the boy’s air. He liked the way Devon squirmed around when he did that. Derek briefly considered letting Devon suffocate on the cock in his throat, something Derek had done to several boys over the years. However, he had other plans for Devon.

“Good boy,” said Derek, leaning over and sticking a finger in Devon’s ass, “I’m almost there.”

Devon could feel the head of Derek’s cock swell. Suddenly, Derek shoved Devon’s head all the way down and held it there. Devon could feel the cock emptying it’s load deep in his throat. It seemed like minutes before Derek finally released his grip on Devon’s head. Devon raised his head, choking and gasping for air.

“Damn,” said Derek, as Devon moved back to the passenger’s seat, “you suck a mean dick, boy.”

Devon was humiliated. He said nothing as he stared through the windshield, tears rolling down his cheeks. Suddenly, Devon noticed a sign by the road. The next town was only five miles away. He hoped that Derek still planned on taking him to the police.

About a mile further down the road, Derek slowed down and turned off onto a side road. At that point, Devon began to worry. Derek drove a short distance and pulled the truck over, shutting off the ignition.

“What’s up?” Devon asked, nervously, “The town is only a few miles away.”

“Gotta piss,” said Derek.

Derek got out and walked around to the rear of the pickup. He opened up the bed cover and lowered the tailgate. Then he stood by the truck and pissed on the weeds

Devon was wondering why Derek had opened up the truck bed. He watched through the side mirror as Derek finished pissing. Derek walked up to the passenger side door and opened it. Without saying a word, Derek opened the dash compartment and pulled out a set of handcuffs. Before Devon even realized what was going on, Derek had a cuff clamped around one of his ankles. A few seconds later the boy’s ankles were cuffed together.

“What are you doing, man?” Devon asked frantically, “If you’re doing this because you made me suck you off, you don’t have to worry. I won’t tell anyone. I swear.”

“I know you won’t,” Derek said, grabbing the ball-gag off the dashboard and stuffing it in Devon’s mouth.

After securing the gag, Derek grabbed another set of handcuffs and hoisted Devon up over his shoulder. He walked to the back of the truck and put the boy down on the tailgate. Devon was screaming and squirming around, giving Derek another erection. The extra set of cuffs was used to securely hogtie Devon before shoving him into the bed of the truck.

“Pigs ride in the back,” said Derek, slamming the tailgate shut.

Devon was still screaming as loud as he could when Derek closed and locked the bed cover. Once it was closed, all Derek could hear was the sound of a few crickets.

Derek started the truck and headed back to the main road. When he reached the small town he slowed down, knowing that the only local cop had nothing better to do than pull people over for speeding. The cop was leaning against his squad car, as usual. He waved at Derek. Derek waved back. Something he’d done many times on his way home from a successful hunt.

Another ten minutes went by before Derek turned in to his driveway. He followed the gravel drive until it came to an end behind his house. He stopped and hopped out of the truck. Unlocking the bed cover, he opened it up and put down the tailgate. He reached in and grabbed one of Devon’s legs, pulling him to the back of the truck bed. Devon squirmed and sobbed as Derek removed the set of cuffs he’d used to hogtie the boy, and stuck them in his pocket.

“Looks like it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire for you, boy,” Derek said with an evil grin, “Still feel lucky?”

Derek threw Devon over his shoulder and carried him into the house and down to the basement. He deposited Devon on an old iron bed. Grabbing a nearby length of rope, Derek secured the sobbing boy’s cuffed ankles to the foot of the bed.

“Roll over on your belly,” said Derek, climbing onto the bed and straddling Devon.

Still sobbing, Devon reluctantly rolled over. Derek unlocked a cuff on one of the boy’s wrists and locked it around an iron rail at the head of the bed. Retrieving the extra cuff from his pocket, Derek secured Devon’s free wrist to another rail on the headboard. Then, climbing off of the bed, Derek began removing his clothes.

Devon knew good and well what was going to happen next. There wasn’t a thing he could do about it, though. He watched Derek’s clothes pile up on a chair next to the bed. He wondered if he’d ever see the light of day again.

The bedsprings creaked as Derek crawled on top of Devon. He positioned his cock between the boy’s butt-cheeks and began slowly humping the ass-crack, effectively lubing the rigid tool with the oil already on Devon’s body. Then, lifting his hips, Derek stuck his slippery cock-head up against the boy’s hole. Devon whimpered when he felt the large head of Derek’s cock touch his asshole.

The ball-gag in Devon’s mouth didn’t do much to muffle the loud scream when Derek roughly shoved the entire length of his cock into the boy. There was nothing more exciting to Derek than raping a screaming boy, with the possible exception of dismembering a screaming boy. Derek hammered away on Devon’s ass.

“Damn, you’re tight,” Derek said into Devon’s ear, “I’m willing to bet this is the first cock that’s ever been up inside your hot little ass. It’ll definitely be the last.”

Derek put his right hand over the gag in Devon’s mouth and squeezed the boy’s nose shut. Within a few seconds Devon began squirming around beneath Derek.

“That’s it,” said Derek, “squirm around, boy. Feels like I’m riding a greased pig.”

Devon pulled furiously against the cuffs on his wrists. He was certain that this was the way it was all going to end for him. Slow suffocation, with a large cock pounding his ass.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” yelled Derek, as his cum began filling Devon’s ravaged asshole.

Derek took his hand away from Devon’s face, as his cock continued to empty it’s load into the boy. Devon sucked in air through his nose, relieved that he was still alive.

Derek relaxed on top of Devon for a short time before finally pulling his cock out of the boy. He was amazed at how perfectly clean his cock was. The men that captured Devon had done one hell of a good job of cleaning out the boy’s insides, thought Derek. The only thing inside Devon’s body now was two loads of Derek’s cum. One in his belly, and one in his ass.

Derek climbed off the bed and walked to another part of the basement. Devon watched him, quietly sobbing. When Derek returned, he was carrying a small bottle and a white dust mask. Devon watched Derek pour some liquid onto the mask. Then, Derek placed the mask over Devon’s nose and mouth and pulled the elastic band over the boy’s head, letting is snap against his shaved head. Devon squirmed and moaned loudly, but within seconds his eyes were slowly closing and he lost consciousness.

It was a good thirty minutes before Devon finally came to. When he opened his eyes he was looking directly at the basement floor. His wrists and ankles hurt like hell. He wasn’t able to move his body at all. As his senses returned, Devon realized that he was tied spread-eagle. Suspended in mid air, a good five feet above the floor. He looked around the room. Derek was no where in sight. He began moaning.

After several minutes, Devon heard bare feet coming down the basement steps. Derek quickly appeared and set down a can of Crisco on a small table near Devon.

“Glad you’re finally awake,” said Derek, taking the lid off of the can, “Got something new I want to try. This will be a first for both of us.”
“Never tried this in the past because I’m not into getting shit all over me. Since you’ve been cleaned out so well, though, I figure what the hell, I’ll give it a shot.”

Devon wasn’t stupid. He knew that he was about to be fist-fucked. He watched Derek scoop up some grease and rub it up and down his right forearm. Devon’s eyes widened when Derek scooped up more grease and slathered his huge biceps, continuing all the way up to his shoulder. Devon began crying when Derek moved under him and positioned himself between the boy’s outstretched legs.

Devon moaned as Derek stuck three fingers into his already sore hole. . The three fingers were pulled out and replaced by four, then five. Devon screamed through the ball-gag as Derek’s entire hand entered his stretched asshole. Another scream pierced the air as Derek pulled his hand out of Devon’s ass. Derek inspected his hand and found it to be clean as a whistle. Not even any blood, yet.

Derek began to stroke himself as he balled up his fist and pressed it against Devon’s asshole. The boy desperately pulled at the ropes as the fist began stretching his hole wider and wider. Devon continued screaming as the fist finally disappeared inside his body.

Derek opened his fist and moved his hand around inside Devon’s ass. It was warm and slippery. Suddenly, Derek noticed that Devon’s dangling cock was beginning to harden. He reached up and wrapped his left hand around it. He began pulling on Devon’s cock, as if milking a cow. The boy started to moan. Soon after that, Derek felt Devon’s asshole tighten around his wrist. Jets of cum shot from the boy’s cock, splattering on the basement floor. Derek smiled.

“Seem as though you like having a fist up your ass,” said Derek, “Hope you enjoyed that. It’ll be your last.”

Derek began stroking his own cock again as he slowly shoved his arm farther inside Devon’s body. The boy began screaming again, as Derek’s forearm gradually disappeared from view. Devon was experiencing unbelievable pain from the hand that was working it’s way through his internal organs. The boy’s head thrashed from side to side as Derek’s bicep stretched and ripped the skin around Devon’s ruined asshole.

Derek was getting close to orgasm. His arm was inside Devon all the way up to his shoulder. He began stroking himself faster and faster. Grabbing one of the boy’s internal organs, Derek squeezed it hard. Devon let out a loud shriek and lost consciousness. Cum shot from Derek’s cock, landing on the basement floor. It was quite a load, considering that he’d already shot two loads into the boy earlier. After a few minutes to catch his breath, Derek slowly pulled his bloody arm out of Devon’s body.

It was a good thirty minutes later that the strong smell of ammonia brought Devon back to a conscious state. He was still in the same spread-eagle position. When he opened his eyes, he saw Derek screwing the cap back on a bottle. He watched Derek set the bottle down on a table, next to a glass bowl. Devon also saw a few knives and a hacksaw on the table. Then, Devon noticed the large metal tub directly beneath him. He knew that his life was about to end. Considering the pain he was in, though, he just wanted Derek to hurry up and end this horrible ordeal.

Derek put the palm of his hand under Devon’s chin and lifted the boy’s head, looking directly into his deep blue eyes.

“I’ve tortured and killed a lot of boys over the years,” said Derek, “and I must say you’re definitely one of the finest yet.”
“Normally, I’d keep you around for a while. But, after all the things you told me, I’m real damn curious to find out what a buff boy like you tastes like.”
“I can’t believe it never occurred to me to cook and eat some of that chopped up meat I’ve been burying back in the woods. Shit, what a waste.”
“Must taste pretty good, considering all the trouble those men went to. Not to mention the chances they took, capturing you and all the other boys they’ve barbequed over the years.”

Tears were rolling down Devon’s face, making Derek’s hand wet. Devon now knew exactly what his fate would be. He couldn’t believe that he’d managed to escape from cannibals, only to be picked up by a serial killer, and future cannibal.

Derek let go of Devon’s head and picked up one of the knives off of the table. He walked over to Devon’s side and grabbed the boy’s genitals, squeezing and pulling them downward.

“No need to draw straws to see who’s going to eat these bad boys,” Derek said, slicing off Devon’s manhood.

Devon’s body jerked, and he moaned loudly, when the knife cut through his flesh. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He saw his bloody cock and balls being put into the bowl on the table. He briefly thought of his girlfriend, and how much she liked his cock. Devon hoped that she never found out about him being raped, and finally eaten, by another man.

Devon screamed as Derek plunged a knife into his body, just below his breastbone. Derek pulled the knife along the boy’s belly, opening it up. Internal organs began falling into the metal tub below. Devon screamed even louder when Derek reached inside and began pulling out some of the boy’s larger organs. The screaming finally stopped when Derek located Devon’s heart and yanked it out of the boy’s chest.

The basement was silent as Derek finished cleaning out the inside of Devon’s body. Once he was satisfied that the boy was completely empty, Derek dropped the knife on the table and picked up the hacksaw. He pulled Devon’s head back, exposing his throat, and began sawing through the flesh just below the boy’s jaw. Within a minute, Devon’s head was tossed into the tub.

Derek wasted no time in dismembering Devon. The boy’s arms and legs soon hung from the ceiling beams, still attached to the cuffs. Derek stuck a meat hook through Devon’s torso and hung it from the ceiling to drain. When he’d used the meat hook in the past, it was usually on a live boy.

Having been up all night, Derek was getting tired. He cleaned himself up in the basement sink and laid down on the iron bed. As he lay there, looking over at his handiwork, Derek soon had a raging hard-on. He now wished that he hadn’t already gutted Devon’s body. One of his favorite things to do after dismembering a boy was to use the torso as a fuck-toy.

Derek got up off the bed and walked over to the tub. He grabbed Devon’s head and took it over to the sink. After cleaning it off under warm running water, he opened the mouth and held it up to the spigot. Water flowed out through the neck of the severed head. Derek turned off the water and dried off Devon’s head with a towel.

Returning to the bed, Derek opened Devon’s mouth and lowered the head onto his cock. It was still nice and warm. Derek stretched out on the bed and turned onto his right side. Holding Devon’s head in place, he began slowly fucking the dead boy’s mouth. He looked over at the hanging body parts, still dripping blood, as he fucked. It didn’t take long for Derek to shoot his load into the boy’s severed throat.

Derek lifted Devon’s head off of his cock, then tossed it across the room. It bounced off the rim before landing in the tub. Derek closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

It was roughly three hours later that Derek woke up. He went upstairs and fixed himself a cup of coffee. Returning to the basement, Derek began the task of transforming Devon’s body parts into chunks of meat.

Handcuffs were removed from Devon’s arms and legs. All of the limbs, and the torso, were laid out on a large metal table. The hands and feet were cut off and tossed into the tub. Derek cut away all of the meat from the boy’s bones, then used a hacksaw to split the ribs. Everything, except one of Devon’s biceps and his genitals, was vacuum sealed in plastic and placed into a freezer chest.

Derek cleaned up the basement and went upstairs to the kitchen. He placed Devon’s bicep into a large crock-pot, then poured in a small amount of water. Potatoes, green beans, carrots, and an onion were added to the pot. Derek sprinkled on some salt and seasoning, then turned the crock-pot on high.

While Devon’s meat cooked, Derek fried the boy’s balls in a skillet and had his first taste of human food. It wasn’t the best thing he’d ever tasted, but it wasn’t too bad, either. Derek looked forward to dinner that night, when he’d find out what Devon’s meat tasted like.

After his quick breakfast, Derek went about disposing of Devon’s remains. The tub was taken out into the woods, far away from the house. Derek had a small tractor with a backhoe, which was used to dig a deep hole in the ground. The tub was emptied into the hole. Devon’s head stared back at him, jaw slack and the tongue swollen. Devon’s eyes had rolled back into his skull. Derek laughed. “You look like a stupid, little bitch Devon!” he sneered, and he began to fill the hole with dirt. In the days to come, maggots and worms would feast on Devon’s head and innards. Derek pictured the insects burring into Devon’s pretty eyes and feasting on his brains. It made him hard.

Derek put the tractor away and washed out the tub. Upon entering the house, Derek was greeted with the wonderful aroma of cooking meat. It smelled great, and began to make him hungry.

After a nice hot shower, Derek sprawled out on his bed to catch a few hours of sleep. As he drifted off, he wondered what had happened back at the farmhouse when the men that originally captured Devon discovered that he was missing. Derek was sure that the men made a hasty exit from the farmhouse, and were probably a few hundred miles away by now. They’d always wonder what had happened to their runaway meat, especially when no trace of Devon would ever be found.

Derek finally woke up, about five hours later. He was starving. The smell of cooked meat, coming from the kitchen, made Derek’s stomach growl. He pulled on some shorts and headed for the kitchen.

Derek grabbed a large plate out of the cabinet above the crock-pot, placing it on the counter. When he lifted the lid off the pot, steam filled his nostrils. It smelled fantastic. Derek picked up a knife and sliced Devon’s bicep in half. The knife met no resistance as it cut through the tender meat. Derek stuck a two-pronged fork into one half of the bicep and lifted it out of the pot, setting it down in the middle of the plate. Vegetables were quickly added to the plate, surrounding the meat.

Derek sat down at the dining room table and opened up a beer. After taking a swig, he picked up his knife and fork and sliced off a bite-sized piece of Devon’s bicep. He popped it into his mouth and began chewing. The flavor was incredible. Derek closed his eyes and continued chewing. He couldn’t believe that he’d never thought to try this in the past. He’d missed out on several years worth of very tasty meat. He certainly wouldn’t miss out on any more, though.

Before swallowing his first mouthful of meat, Derek used his tongue to work a piece of skin to the front of his mouth. Devon’s skin had proven to be a bit chewy. Derek removed the skin from his mouth and set it on the edge of the plate. He decided that in the future he’d be sure to skin his victims before cutting up their meat. In fact, the thought of skinning a young stud while he’s still alive was making Derek’s cock hard.

After a second helping of Devon, there was nothing left in the pot but some vegetables. Derek’s belly was full. He grabbed another beer and went over to the couch. He sat down and pushed a button on the side of the couch, turning it into a recliner. Derek lay back and rubbed his full belly.

It took Derek almost a month to finish Devon off. A few days before Devon was completely gone, though, Derek was already enjoying the screams of his new supply of meat, which had already been subjected to rape and torture. He’d managed to snare a young bodybuilder from an otherwise empty bus stop. Derek was truly looking forward to skinning this one alive.




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Jan 5, 2009
RC that wrote this story was a good friend of mine. He passed away this last August. He and i role played often. Very good guy.