Intercourse After Autopsy


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Dec 10, 2022
New Jersey
There is a fantasy of sex with the dead in funeral homes. Perhaps in Europe or Asia. Necrolord had sex with his women in a hospital morgue. Before autopsy. In most autopsies conducted in medical examiner's morgues in the United States, the female is eviscerated completely. There are exceptions in some jurusdictions as different protocols are utilized. The eviscerated body is turned over to a morgue attendant to close up. Theoretically all contents (ofal) are returned to the body. In practice most of the contents may be incineratee. At this point her anus and vaginal opening will be gaped. There is no "cunt tube". Only about an inch of Kagal muscle. That provides the pleasure of tightening around your penis during intercourse. During strangulation, the hypoxia induces seizures and strong contraction, relaxation, and contraction around the penis of the "doer". Getting back to the cutie-pie in the images, when it was time to sew her up the morgue attendant could put one finger in her cunt-hole, another in her anus, and touch his fingers inside her body cavity. The viscera are placed in a plastic bag after being rinsed with a bactridical disinfectant. Along with crumpled newspaper. Her brain has been removed and the skull cavity stuffed with crumpled newspaper soaked in a bactricidal solution. At this point, if you put your penis into her vaginal or rectal openings, it would hit the plastic bag. But in most cases you can't do that because the cunt-hole and anus have been sewn tighter than a crab's ass (which is watertight) to prevent purge. Which is how little Suzy is sent to the funeral parlor. At this point she has been scrubbed down and washed so you can't enjoy the smell from her hair, armpits, and groin and anus. She may or may not have a tongue. The tongue is sometimes removed as parr of the so-called pluck. So the attendant may cut a hair sample from her pubis (if she has any) or her mane. And play with her a bit, but she will be cold and clammy. The idea of someone having sex with this carcass (at least conventional sex) is out of the question in the United States. In this case he (or she) may become philosophical and think about the last moments of this creature as her existance was ended during a moment of orgasmic excitement on the part of her kilker.