If I could choose a wicked way to die


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Oct 22, 2012
Sheffield UK
I’d hate to die of old age. If I could choose my exit it would be this. Guess it’s never gonna happen but who knows?
Suspended spread eagle upside down.
Place a saw between the legs & gently begin to saw. Keep going up past my belly button. Then there’s two options. If outside stop a few centimetres past the naval. Open legs a little further to widen the split. Leave for the wildlife to enjoy. So being eaten alive.
If indoors saw as far as you want to & have some fun along the way. I guess it’s never gonna happen but it would be my choice of leaving this life & entering the next. Email me or msg me if you’d happily do it destroymykok@aim.com. Or if you know someone who would.
Am open to other ideas but what a way to go.


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Jan 18, 2020
Los Angeles
I would want someone to fuck my throat and snap my neck before shooting down my throat. Then I'd want my killer to use a 2 in. diameter saw to drill fuck holes in my check, gut, pit for him and his buddies to use. But, really, it doesn't matter how I want to die. Anyone man enough to end me can do it however he wants.
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