I want a handsome guy to hang or strangle me


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Mar 21, 2018
The senario is :
I am lying shirtless and barefeet on my bed lonely in my room and i am sooo horny
The guy comes from behind and attacks me ... i am trying to resist but i can't ... he is putting a rope around my neck and starting to strangle me ... i am kicking so hard my feet and my hands are kicking and some salive is getting out of my mouth .. while the guy is staring at my red face and looking at my eyes i am still conscious
and i can regonize his anger expression on his face ... the convulsions start and i reconize that after few seconds i will be unconscious and dying slowly till death ... i feel warmness between my leg i think i am pissing now ... the end is very near ... my killer is so hard and he wants me to die as soon as possible ... after few minutes i am just a corpse ... my killer is starting to lick my blue tongue ... he is gonna everything he wnats to me ....