I am looking for a walking corpse who is willing to do exactly what I tell him to do.

Alexander II

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May 6, 2011
I am looking for a healthy, clean, handsome walking corpse or boyfriend born after 1981, but if someone wants to be both, I have no objection.I can be a polite, wise and warm gentleman, or a ruthless, dark lord who controls life and death. It all depends on our relationship and what you want.I would like to write a series of role-playing games to satisfy our desires, but I will always play the role of the controller. Of course if you can only accept anal sex and foot fetishes, that's perfectly fine with me, as long as you can understand and tolerate my other hobbies, I won't force it on anyone.To name three game ideas that popped into my head:
1). Embalming a handsome dead soldier after stripping and washing his beautiful flesh;
2). To come home to find my lovely new roommate lying dead on the floor, and to investigate his death, and thus manipulate his stiff, muscular corpse to discover all his hidden secrets.
3).Explore the handsome stiff corpse of a murdered man in the morgue as a forensic scientist! Remove his clothes, play with his socked feet, make his stiff corpse stand up and cum. Then embrace his body, kiss his arms and enjoy his rear end flower.
Because I love the feeling of controlling someone's body, it makes me feel good! But I only like things that are clean, healthy, beautiful and whole. All play with me is healthy and safe, voluntary and satisfying, because I believe that only a conscious, voluntary and mutually satisfying relationship is the cornerstone of a healthy and lasting love.
I have a discord account: Notus Plain #9419; a Telegram account: https://t.me/NotusPlain; and a motherless account: Notusandthedog.
If you are interested in my request, you can have a chat with me after reading my profile.The site is not accessible to free members at all times and it is almost impossible to log on to the site and reply to unread messages in the mailbox except during holiday sales. I suggest you add my other social media accounts as a communication channel.