How would you like to kill me ?


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Nov 24, 2020
Hi guys, so here's what callmecaleb has to offer about me. But to make his post more visible. I send it to you here, and be numerous to share your opinions with us.
  • callmecaleb Wednesday at 11:24 PM
Hey, guys. Have you noticed Jeremy's new avatar? Just about the sexiest avatar on the site. So pretty. So smooth. A dick to die for. And a sac filled with big nuts. My teeth could happily rip into any part of his body.

Who else likes this stunning man? And who else could mutilate it? Tell him how pretty he is and how you would destroy his beauty.

hey Caleb, thanks for your comment, I hope to have some opinions guys if you read this post and that of Caleb. don't be shy and don't be stingy with details about what you would like me to undergo.
Yesterday at 9:44 PM
We each have our preferences on how to kill or be killed. Me, I want to chew Jeremy to death. Starting with that long, luscious dick. Then moving on to his tits. So much smooth young skin to rip and tear and swallow. Sink my teeth into his big nuts. Eat out his ass. Yum. Chew off his pretty face. All the while, keeping him alive. As long as his heart beats, his blood flows. Slurp. Slurp.