How to die like a man but painless


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Aug 28, 2015
Midlands, England
I have been hung for several times in locker room after sports training (hanging was a method to punish the lost group in the drill), and also got my body fondled by two athletic girls when I was in a teen sports camp in Finland many years ago. So perhaps I can analyze how to be executed or murdered without pain, but still have a nice dead body left, i.e a body without severe damage or bleeding.

The best way, for me, is still noose hanging. But the no-drop type. The way I was hung in the locker could be painful for some young people: There was a balance mat to stand on, then my teammate dragged the rope so that I could only make the tiptoe of my boots or trainers touch the mat, then my mate kicked the mat away. Usually perfectly no drop at all. For myself, the suffocation only lasted 10 to 20 seconds. But for some of my mates, especially those teenagers who were lean, toned and extremely athletic, the pain of suffocation could last almost 1 minute before they were fully KO.

Anyway, hanging can usually leave a nice corpse if you are released down shortly after your heart stops beating. Guys may have an ambition about death: Die standing straight. When a man is dangling, you can say he is standing straight lol When a dead man is released down from the noose and laid down on the ground, the facial expression is usually not too ugly; except potential neck burn, there shouldn't be any injury on the body. The boner on the dead body should be the symbol of a man.

Being stabbed by a tiny stiletto moistened with poisonous, or a small syringe filled with poison, would also be a good method. This can be effective for both execution or murder. For execution, the best way is to get a few mates firmly holding your arms and shoulders so that your pecs can pop out; then another mate stab the stiletto into your chest. The poison can stop your heart or make your lungs numb immediately, so you won't feel too much pain before your death. For both girls and boys, the best position to stab is the areas right below the nipples or the left side of the cleavage (if you are toned enough to have one). The muscles there are usually thinner than pecs, so that the blade can puncture the lung or heart more easily.

The blood springing out can be smeared, or the blood can solidified by the poison itself. Then your mates can dress your dead body with a new sports vest or sports bra. When you are lying in the coffin or body bag, no one will see you were stabbed.

A syringe can be used when a girl wants to murder a boy. When they are hugging each other and the boy is still dressed in his sports vest (or half naked) after a match, the girl can stab the needle in an armpit of the boy. A needle hole in armpit can be almost impossible to be noticed.