Hot man executed on his motorcycle


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Dec 21, 2019

Joílson dos Santos Nogueira (Dafifa) 21 years old

Employee of the Public Slaughterhouse of Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, is murdered by firearm shots, while traveling on a fifty motorcycle, at Sítio Bandeira, in the rural area of Brejo da Madre de Deus, the event occurred yesterday evening, until now the Police does not know how to inform the authorship, and the reasons for the crime. The victim was identified only with the surname DAFIDA.

Joílson dos Santos Nogueira, 21 years old, was born in the city of São José do Egito-PE and the victim was on a Cinquentinha motorcycle, when he was surprised by his executioner who was in another and shot the victim who died on the spot.

Joílson lived in Queimadas, a rural area also in the city of Brejo da Madre de Deus and worked in the slaughterhouse of Santa Cruz do Capibaribe.