Hot dying soldiers in game

One option is the Sims 4. If you get the extreme violence mod and hunt for a few army clothes that people have made, you can get close.

I love playing games and seeing the characters get destroyed.
Hitman has a very hot dead people, and u can also take off their clothes cuz agent 47 wear it to disguise. U can also drag the body which is very realistic. I usually make a huge body piles instead of finishing the mission XD...
Actually I want to see a kill as photorealistic as possible and video games were too pixelated for me in the past.
But meanwhile the quality is good enough and some games have become very graphic that you could get a taste for.

Here are some print screens from a link on Youtube, guess it's well known: Mortal Kombat X All Fatalities on Tournament Johnny Cage.

I have improved the resolution of the print screens by a factor of 20.
(With the single video frames I could probably increase the quality even more, if someone is interested?)
Poor Johnny is dying a thousand cruel and very brutal bloody deaths - two/three examples kills in the pictures, but in the Youtube link are a lot more.

The link is here: