Hiro's Last Run


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May 27, 2012
San Diego
Story by JValdez

Based on a real guy named Hiro.

Light drizzle permeated the park; Hiro panted as he neared the end of his run; he slowed down to a gentle gait, then a rapid walk as he cooled down; sweat poured off his torso, down his arms and onto his hairy legs; his breath was visible in the morning cold. Hiro bent down and grasped his ankles, stretching his calf muscles; he began to pull up and was stunned to feel a leather-clad glove on the back of his neck; “Hold it right there, partner, I like the view from here!”; Hiro froze, not processing the unwanted touch, voice, or most uncomfortable position that he found himself in; he felt another gloved hand caressing his thighs down to his ankles, “What is this?”, he demanded, “It’s your lucky day!”, the voice replied; just relax and enjoy the ride”, “What do you mean ‘enjoy the ride’?”, Hiro demanded, becoming irritated and frightened at the same time; he felt his hands being cuffed behind his back; gradually he was allowed to raise to an upright position; just then he was blindfolded and hustled into a vehicle, throw into the back; he assumed it was an SUV because of the deep-throated diesel purr, and because of the size of the vehicle; it quickly left the park area and drove downhill, rapidly negotiating hills and turns leading to the waterfront; Hiro attempted to brace himself but was battered about, bouncing and hitting the sides of the vehicle; he could smell the pier-side aromas; fish, coffee, diesel engines, the enormous throbbing of the huge passenger vessels; he could hear the ferries heading out, the horns of the fishing and tourist boats, and the screaming of gulls; then the vehicle entered what he assumed was a ferry and all he could discern was the rhythm of the engines as she made her way to her destination.

At the opposite port, the vehicle carefully left the ferry and again rapidly made it’s way through what seemed an enormous distance, gradually slowing, and then slowing some more, until it turned off on what seemed like a rough side road, and then a very rough road; the engine growled, low gears were applied; the vehicle inched forward for a bit and then stopped.

The engine shut down, all was silence except for a few confused birds; leather-gloved hands grabbed Hiro, put him on the ground, and forced him to walk forward; he noticed a breeze and the smell of seawater; he tripped over something and was roughly pushed forward; “That’s good, Mr S, stop right there!”, a voice said; Hiro stopped, aware of a huge warmth and what seemed to be the crackling of an enormous fire; the blindfold was ripped off, he was rewarded with the sight of a very comfortable waterfront home, secluded among trees and shielded by a little “mountain” formation, he knew it wasn’t far from town, but could have been a million miles.

“So good of you to join us today, Mr S!”, Jay greeted Hiro with an outstretched hand; “Sorry about the cuffs and all, but we wanted you to save your efforts for dinner”; Jay grinned, “Guy’s, I’ve got him, let you know . . “, he said to the two men, waving them off; he pushed Hiro face down on a table in front of the fire; Hiro noticed an arrangement of large grills and a huge rotisserie, “I don’t understand, what is this all about?”, Hiro questioned, “Oh, you will”, Jay hissed. “I’ve had my eyes on you for quite awhile!”, “I don’t know you!”, Hiro exclaimed; Jay slapped the back of his head rather more sharply than was necessary and answered, “Oh, but you will, Mr S!”; and pulled down Hiro’s shorts; “I don’t think so!”, Hiro yelled; “I don’t think so what Mr S?”, Jay insinuated; he pulled down Hiro’s jock to reveal a perfect ass, two perfect globes; Jay brushed his hands across the globes, lingering just a bit before he pulled off; “What the fuck man, I’m straight!”, Hiro yelled again, becoming more agitated; “Yes, Mr S, we heard, but I also heard how well-endowed you are and how well you perform!”, Jay hissed, slapping Hiro’s ass; Hiro blushed a deep red and retorted “This is some kind of joke, right? Maybe the kids at the facility put you up to this?”, he continued; “Ya, they put us up to this, but it may be a slightly different outcome than you may have imagined, Mr S”, Jay replied, he pulled Hiro’s surprisingly large cock and yanked his balls; “Fuck man, I’m not cool with this!”, Hiro protested; Jay continued jerking the uncut piece of meat until it produced a nice stream of precum; Jay whispered “Relax, Mr S, It’ll go so much better for you!”; he wrapped precum around his middle finger and pressed it into Hiro’s tight, nearly-virgin hole; “No man!”, Hiro yelled; not that!”; Jay slapped his face, replying “Yeah man, I’ve wanted that hole forever!”; he worked his finger around Hiro’s tight hole and then jammed another one in, and then another; Hiros’ torso struggled, his ass tried to escape; Jay jerked his hard cock and shoved the head into Hiro’s ass, he yelled “No!”; Jay thrust the shaft further and further in; tears began streaming down Hiro’s cheeks; “You can’t do this!”, his sobbed; Jay said “I can and I am Mr S!”; his hips and thighs began a rhythmic fucking dance in and out of Hiro’s tight, tight hole; Hiro’s torso began to accommodate the fucking in a effort to minimize damage; Jay pulled Hiro’s low hangers, causing the ass to clench and release as he squeezed and released them; Jay threw his head back; neck extended, and found his mouth invaded by Justin; Justin deep-tongued Jay, grabbed his neck, rubbed his crotch against Jay’s ass; he pulled out his large, deeply-circumcised cock, threaded it through Jay’s thighs, and forced it tightly against Hiro’s hole; “No, no, no!” Hiro screamed; Justin used his fingers to just press the head of his cock right under Jay’s; the hole refused to budge; Jay groaned as Justin kept forcing his cock in; the head slipped in, and then gradually the whole shaft; Hiro was in deep lust and pain; on the one hand, he had never experienced such ravaging of his ass; on the other hand; the two hard cocks working his ass sent him into ecstasy; his sobbing decreased, to be replaced by a deep growl; Jay and Justin looked at each other in astonishment as deep guttural sounds came from Hiro’s body; it was as if another force had taken it over; Jay and Justin deep-kissed each other’s mouths as they fucked Hiro; the three torsos settled into a heavy, deep-fucking motion; Jay carefully slipped a thin, extraordinarily-sharp wire around Hiro’s short, lean neck; he jerked it and began tightening it quickly; Hiro’s eyes bulged from the pressure; his tongue protruded, his short neck popped muscles and began throbbing; Justin fucked harder as he saw Hiro’s neck start to bleed and then spurt bright red blood; Hiro’s torso struggled violently as it’s air supply was interrupted; the wire cut through his delicate skin, into the trachea; the neck was rapidly becoming a stump as blood poured out of it; Hiro was drowning in his own blood; the stump gasping for air; Jay jerked hard, the head was completed severed and in his hands; it’s eyes were wide open in shock and amazement; Jay and Justin pumped load after hot load of cum into Hiro’s decapitated body; his cock pumped it’s own hot loads; Jay pulled out of the ass and jammed his cock into Hiro’s mouth; Justin shoved his into the stump; together they came again, showing it it’s own pumping stump; it jerked and pumped hot bright red blood as it’s heart continued to beat; Jay jammed the head onto a stake adjacent the to the table; it’s mouth was open in amazement, it’s eyes also; the stump dripped blood as Jay made sure it was secure; Jay pulled up the torso and buried his head in the stump; he rooted around in the bloody structure, grunting and growling; Justin played with it’s tits; Jay finally came up for air, face covered with blood; bits of tissue stuck in his teeth and lips; he grinned broadly and said “Jesus Justin, what a hot piece of ass! I had no idea it would be THAT good!”, “Ya!”, Justin answered, “It was so fuckin tight!”; Jay said “Let’s get it gutted & chopped for the barbeque; hold it’s left leg tight”; Justin held the foot and braced the torso; Jay brought down his axe about six inches below the hip, it crunched through the femur in a clean cut; Justin pulled it aside as Jay repeated the process with the right leg; the feet were chopped off above the ankle, the lower half divided at the knee; Jay quickly and expertly filleted calf meat first from the left calf, and then the right; both were rinsed, rubbed with olive oil, and spices; they were the first on the grill; soon the aroma of sweet Hiromeat permeated the site; their cocks were getting hard again. Justin worked with the feet and thigh meat while Jay took off the arms; the grill began filling with feet, hands, and thighmeat; Jay separated the hands; they joined the feet in that section; the biceps were filleted whole and joined the calfsteaks; Justin shredded the tender forearm meat and made it ready for tamales; pots and kettles bubbled happily.

“OK babe, let’s gut this sucker!”, Jay brightly called out; he wielded his short dagger into the abdomen just above the genitals and pulled up; Justin reached in with his knife and started pulling viscera out; the heart was first, still beating erratically; Jay quartered it and threw it on the grill; the lungs, liver, and other organs were pulled out; Jay saved the liver for pate; the intestines were also saved; Asian sausage casing was in demand in town; he marveled at how fresh and clean the gut smelled; they gently rinsed the cavity, taking care to suture the tattooed skin back, placing special herbs inside; the torso now resembled the aftermath of an autopsy; Jay winked at Justin; he said “You wanna fuck it one more time before we spit it?”; “Fuck Ya!”, Justin exclaimed; they used their cum still warm, dripping out of the ass as lube; Jay grabbed it’s shoulders and started ramming the stump; Justin entered it’s ass again, thrusting hard; they deep kissed one more time as their cum pumped into the headless, limbless torso; it bucked with the motion of their hips; they pulled out, cocks dripping; Jay gently inserted the sharp end of the spit in it’s ass and pushed; with a soft “pop”, it penetrated the interior and began it’s journey to the stump; Justin held it’s shoulders as the end became visible; they hoisted it over the coals and started the motor; both boys slathered it with olive oil as it passed by; Jay pulled the head from the stake, inserted it on a smaller spit, mounted it, started it turning also.

“Great work, babe!”, Jay said to Justin, grasping his shoulders; “Let’s get cleaned up before the guys get here”, he continued; they gave one final glance to the meat before entering the house for their bath.

The afternoon sun was setting when a large private passenger vessel arrived at the pier; a group of men led by Mike disembarked and were met by Justin and Jay, who escorted them to the barbeque area; the torso, assorted cuts of meat and accompaniments had been set out in a buffet display; Jay said “Welcome to our little Memorial Day dinner—dig in!”; the head was on a little raised platform in the middle; just below that were the genitals; they had roasted perfectly, their crispy skin still steaming in the cool night air; Jay plunged his serving tines into the ass, sliced off a generous chunk, gave some to Justin, and some to Mike and popped the rest into his mouth; their teeth pierced the crispy skin, sank into the tender sweet flesh; it almost melted in their mouths before slding down their throats; Jay continued carved the ass and moved on to the calf steaks; the meat from the calf steaks was outstanding; firm yet tender; a few bites was all it took to devour; the men started enjoying the other parts; Justin raised the right foot to his mouth and inhaled it’s crisp, roasted goodness; he ate the sole meat easily; it flaked into his mouth with little effort; he stripped the meat from each toe before working topside and making his way to the ankle; Jay offered little slices of heart for those that were interested; he carved breast meat and delighted at the texture of the tits; the shoulders provided more meat than had been expected; Hirojuice flowed down mouths; night lanterns in an Oriental motif were lit in honour of the meat; Justin worked at retrieving ribs while at the same time taking most of the tattooed skin out in one piece; Jay displayed it to “oohs and ahs”; it didn’t last long as anxious hands broke off crispy pieces and shoved them into waiting mouths; Jay next sliced the cock and balls; every participant delighted in the tender, silky texture; as the evening drew to a close, Jay cracked the skull; popped out the brain and fed it to the guard dogs; everyone had their chance at the head; tender cheek flesh was stripped first, then the lips, the nose, the tongue and ears; Justin and Mike were given the eyes; each made a soft “pop” as they were sucked into their mouths a forced down their throats; Jay pulled out it’s tongue; soon it was reduced to just bones; Jay gave it to Mike as a souvenir; Mike grinned as he stepped onto the vessel for the return journey; it had been a great barbeque with Hiro afterall!


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I'd love to take a cut of Hiro meat home..