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Oct 7, 2008
Welcome to part 2 of our hugely popular and very big hanging collection. First started way back in 2008 part one is still available for browsing here. :cheerswine:

We begin in Cambodia where this fit and lean man hanged himself from a tree.

Nice poking cock, shame they didn't show examining it for sticky white stuff.

Young Couple Found Hanged at Peruvian Tourist Site​

Tourists visiting the famed 'Cruz del Condor' overlook site this morning were horrified to discover a young couple suspended with nooses at one of the positions famed for taking photos of the natural beauty of the area.

They have not been publicly identified, but are said to be a man and a woman in their mid 20s with Peruvian IDs, but not local to the area. Their belongings were all gathered up around their feet and an unidentified symbol had been drawn in the sand next to their bodies, causing witnesses and authorities to question whether some ritualistic aspect is involved with the crime.

It is currently an open case under investigation and homicide has not been ruled out, though authorities did comment that it has all the hallmarks of a double suicide.
Fit 36-year-old hanged self in Indoensia.

21-year-old hanging suicide in Cambodia.