Gunfight 2


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Mar 7, 2018
Maryland, USA
The gunfight was an unusual one with the two men being bare chested. Both men and women had become aroused at the sight. But no one more than Mike. He had seen several gunfights on the street, but none where the two men were bare chested, shooting and stabbing each other's bellies. In fact, Mike had acted out death scenes with his boy friends many times. They would meet as Indians and cowboys to fight and die. No mater who won, Mike would have them stripped naked. He would run his hands over the “dead” Indian or cowboy. Often the boys would scream when his hands reached their young cocks which many times had pre-cum spitting out. Often, Mike's cock would spurt its juices as he lay “dead” waiting for his friends to examine his corpse or when he rubbed his hands over the “dead” cowboy or Indian. Although the boys didn't mind getting naked and “examined”, none of them suspected Mike's real reason which was to experience their naked bodies.

But this was different, the two men, bare chested were shooting and stabbing each other for real. He could not control his lust at the sight. He reached down into his pants and took hold of his aching cock as the scene unfolded unseen by the crowd that stood around him. After a few strokes, his cock shot its juices into his pants. Although no one saw him, he knew what he wanted, to have the naked bodies of the two gunfighter's.

He waited until that night after the undertaker had washed and prepared the naked bodies of the two men. They were perfect, he thought. Young, taught bodies, waiting for his lust. He had to have them. So that night he slipped into the mortuary and found the two naked dead cowboys. The undertaker had done a good job of preparing them although he intended to bury them both together in the same coffin to save money. Mike came in, barefoot, bare chested intending to rape both bodies during the night. When he pried up the top of the coffin his cock was already hard and standing straight out from his body. It stained even harder as he looked at the two naked men in the coffin. He pulled one body off of the other. Their cocks were still hard. The undertaker hadn't been able to relieve either of them.

After laying one of the naked cowboy on the table, he began to suck his rigid dead cock. The more that he sucked it the more that he felt he could feel the man's cock juices come out. But his cock still remained rigid. Mike then sucked the cock of the other dead cowboy still in the coffin and his cock also gave up some of its juice but still remained hard. Mike took off his pants and stood naked with the two dead naked men. His cock throbbed with lust and wanted to be satisfied. He turned the first man onto his belly and rammed his cock into the man's dead ass. He didn't want to cum yet so after ramming his cock in deep, he pulled out. He then shoved his cock into the mouth of the man in the coffin. In and out he drove it deep into the dead cowboy's throat. He had to smile thinking that either of the two men would not permit him to fuck them if they were alive. His bare feet pushed erotically against the bare feet of the dead man. Feeling the moist throat against his cock and the man's bare feet against his was too much. Mike shot his cock juices down the throat of the dead cowboy. Over and over his cock spurt out his white cum until he thought that it never would end. His pleasure far exceeded the orgasms that he had experienced with his naked playmates.

He collapsed on top of the naked man, exhausted. He lay there, his cock down the dead man's throat for its full length. He lay with his cock down the dead man's throat for what seemed like hours. Then when he pulled it out, it was hard again! He shoved his cock into the other naked cowboy's ass and raped it. He shoved his cock in and out of the man's dead ass in a frenzy of lust until his cock came again, shooting its juices into the naked dead man's ass. He spent the night fucking each of the men's asses and mouths in an uncontrollable fit of lust. Just before dawn placed both bodies back into the coffin, dressed and left the undertaker's store. He now knew that he had to kill one of his friends next to achieve that level of satisfaction.