Getting the Chair part 3

Luis Adam Bree

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Oct 31, 2016
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*** As we begin the next chapter, our protagonist, Eric, has just been
repeatedly screwed and tortured by Rex, a partner of Eric's boss. After
the forced sex, Eric was left restrained facedown in the torture
chair/machine in which he has been repeatedly raped, then left alone in
the lab to sleep it off, still impaled on a huge mechanical dick. ***

I awoke several hours later I guess, I had no way to tell how much time
had passed, the VR goggles were still over my eyes, but they were turned-
off now and I was in total blackness. My ass hurt. I could feel the
big mechanized dildo still fully inserted in me, gently throbbing and
humming. At least it hadn't been set to continue fucking me after Rex
had finished his part, or I would probably now be literally insane from
the agony. I was restrained in a kind-of straddle over the fuckchair
with my ass up and vulnerable. I tried to get more comfortable, but
since my legs and wrists were totally immobilized, I had no choice but
to stay exactly like Rex had left me.

I tried to sleep again, hoping that eventually Rex was coming back down
to let me out of this and then, hopefully that would be the end of my
ordeal. Surely this asshole wasn't crazy enough to actually kidnap me
and hold me as his sextoy prisoner for an extended amount of time.
Problem was, that I had told my roommate and friends that I would be out
of town at least a week when I had agreed to watch Troy's house. They
had no reason to come looking for me for at least four more days....
After four more days with Rex, I was sure to be either dead or insane.
It was frightening.

I strained my ears, listening for any sign that Rex was in the room or
that anything else was happening, but all I could hear was the sound of
the machinery that operated this goddamn chair humming around me.

After a time, I slept again, exhausted from my continuing ordeal.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -

The next time I became conscious, I was startled and jolted awake by the
realization that Rex was laying next to me in the fuckchair, slowly
stroking my hair and back.

"Hey kid. You still alive?" was his opening taunt. I could see him
smiling somewhat and realized that he had removed the goggles. As I got
more awake, I also realized the uncomfortable fullness of the big
fucktool had been withdrawn from my poor ass as I slept. My wrists and
ankles were still restrained in cold stainless steel bands, however,
keeping me motionless.

"Answer me..." he said, looking more serious.

"Yeah, I'm fucking alive. No thanks to you, fucking psycho! You've had
your fun, why don't you just let me go now and we'll call it even," I
said, not bothering to be polite.

"Is that any way to talk to a guy who showed you such a good time last
night?" he quipped. "I would have thought you'd be all grins and
giggles this morning...."

"You've got to be kidding. You have done the most horrible things to me
that anyone ever did in my whole life! And you fucking think it's all a
big joke! What the hell is the matter with you?!? Let me go!" I said,
tears of rage involuntarily coming forth.

He stopped petting my hair, leaned down and kissed me lightly on the
cheek, and got up off the torture table.

"Fine. We've obviously got a lot more work to be done here. I have
time. And, you don't know it yet, but so do you. I am going to let you
loose from the table now. Around your pretty dick and balls, is my
control gadget in case you get feeling feisty again. I've got the
remote right here," he said; hold up the thing he'd used to work the
device he'd placed on me last night. I hadn't had the opportunity to
inspect it yet, but it was some kind of electric cockring that had a
wire that ran an electrode up my ass. When he'd zapped me with it last
night, I'd collapsed to the floor right away, it hurt THAT bad. I
wasn't anxious to feel it again.

He went over to the console for the chair and I heard tapping. The
metal around my limbs retracted immediately, leaving me "free," at least
as free as I could get for the moment. I could barely move, having been
restrained for several hours like I had been, but I turned over and sat
on my naked, sore ass, rubbing my wrists which were red and swollen from
my attempts to pull out of the restraints during my fuck session last
night. I finally remembered to look up at my assailant; Rex stood there
in his jeans, no shirt, looking pretty neutral -- not the sex-crazed
animal who had buttfucked me savagely all night long.

"Here," said, offering me a tumbler of water. "I'm sure you can use
some liquids by now. We had quite a workout last night."

I drank quickly, all of the water in one attempt. I was fucking
thirsty, hungry, sore, and pissed-off. Mostly, though, I was still
scared. I quietly wondered if this guy would kill me or something. How
far was he gonna go to get his sick jollies, and what would he do with
me when he was finished?

He took the glass back from me and set it aside, looking at me as I sat
there on the fucktable, rubbing my poor hurting parts. My dick was as
red and distended as I've ever seen it. It had been sucked to the point
of bursting last night and I hoped it wasn't permanently damaged. I
surveyed my body in silence, noting some redness here and there, but
overall, I was intact. I had no idea a human body could take that kind
of punishment and still be functional.

"Yeah, I'm sure you've got an achy-breaky ass today, Sparky. Getting
fucked hard'll do that to a guy. You'll live. Let's go upstairs and
get you cleaned-up and fed. We need to have a discussion."

He gestured to the door; I climbed down from the chair, and walked ahead
of him down the hall and up the stairs. Somehow just being free of the
basement where I had experienced all the chair torture made me feel much
better about things. As we walked, I looked down at my cock. The thick
stainless steel cockring was firmly locked around my dick and balls, and
I could see that it had a tiny built-in battery pack that my nuts rested
against. A thick cord ran from the pack between my legs. I knew from
what Rex had already told me that it went up my ass to an electrode
situated there. I wondered how hard it would be to get that thing off
my dick without having the key. It looked to be on tight, pushing my
big dick and balls out ahead of me, almost like I had a semi. I
resolved to try to get it off as soon as I had the chance.

Rex told me to head for the shower of the guestroom where I was
staying. I did, and soon I was under the warm spray of the water. I
tried to close the shower door but he told me to leave it open where he
could keep an eye on what I was doing.

"I don't need you trying any stupid crap while you think I can't see
you," he said.

I soaped my sore body and wished I could also wash away the events of
the past two days. Things had gone from bad to ridiculously bad. It
seemed unlikely I could make an escape with this big dude keeping a
constant vigil over me, and of course he had his remote control cock-
shocker. I already knew it could put me down instantly from experience.

Rex leaned in the shower and took the soap from me as I washed. He told
me to turn around and he proceeded to lather my ass crack thoroughly,
using just his hand. He handed me back the soap and continued then
exploring my ass with a soapy hand. I felt him use a couple of fingers
to enter me and I yelped.

"Relax man. I'm not out to have any fun with your little butt right at
the moment, I'm just checking to be sure you're OK and that my gadget is
where it's supposed to be up there," he said, probing me completely.

He withdrew his fingers, turned me around by the shoulders and rinsed
off the soap from his hand while rubbing my buns and rinsing them too.
It was a curiously warm gesture, coming from the fucker who had raped
and tortured me throughout the night. I stood in silence and endured
his attentions.

After I finished the shower and dried off, I went to the bedroom and
started looking for some clothes.

"Nope. I like you just fine the way you are, bitch." Rex intoned,
taking me by the shoulder and leading me out of the bedroom. "It's not
cold in here, and I like watching your pretty blonde cock swing around
as you walk..."

He giggled, and I sighed. What a fucking bastard this guy was.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -

In the kitchen, I ate some cereal, toast, and a big glass of OJ. I was
starving from last night's session with Rex. I guess getting fucked
uses up a lot of energy....

Rex had apparently already eaten, and sat at a fancy-looking laptop
reading while I ate. He had plugged it into one of the many cablemodem
outlets which were built-in all around the house, and I assumed he was
probably catching up on the news. I often used my own laptop here to do
the same; since it was so easy to hook-in to the net with all the LAN
ports Troy had located everywhere.

"I want you to see something," he said after we had sat in an
uncomfortable silence for quite a while. He turned the screen to his
laptop around where I could see it and there were pictures of me.
Pictures from last night. Obviously he had made screen-captures from
the video logs downstairs and now wanted to show me his work.

The captures he had chosen were graphic, showing my face stretched
around his fat cock, showing me with my head thrown back in pain while
he fucked me from behind, showing me licking and tonguing his ass. I
started to feel nauseous and stopped eating.

"These pics are stage two of my insurance policy that you will continue
cooperating with me here, Eric. I have loaded these, and about 200 megs
of mpeg data onto a server. The footage shows you having fun in all
kinds of ways downstairs both with me and with the chair."

"Yeah," I stammered. "That's just fuckin' great. Are you gonna open up
a website for rapists now, asshole?"

He laughed at me. "Nothing so public. Not yet anyway. What I have
arranged is more personal. I went in your room this morning and used
your laptop. Hope ya don't mind," he winked.

"While I was looking through your shitty software, I found your address
book." He punched-up something on his own laptop and turned it where I
could see. "Here, kid, are the names of all your little friends from
school, some of your teachers, relatives and even your parents, correct?"

I looked. "Yeah..." I admitted. What the fuck was he up to now?

"What I have arranged, in order to keep you quiet about what we do here,
is for all those pictures, and the video of course, to be sent
automatically to each of these people in the event that I don't check
into the server and enter a password each day. Understand?"

I did. He had me by the nuts again this time for sure. There was no
fucking way I wanted any of that shit to be seen by all the people who
knew me. I was screwed again, in more ways than one.

I felt myself start to cry. I'm not a crybaby, but I was at the end of
my rope here.

"What the fuck is it that you are trying to get out of me!?!?" I yelled
through the tears. "How much more do you think I can do!??! I've
already sucked you and had your dick inside me fifty different ways!
Just forget about this now and let me out of here. I won't say a
fucking word. I just want out of this place, now!!!"

He sat back and looked at me calmly. I cried more and looked at the
images on his laptop of my torture. This whole thing was fucked-up
beyond belief from the beginning and got worse and worse with each
passing minute. I couldn't think of one goddamn thing to do to make it
be over.

"Listen kid, I know you're pissed. I totally understand. But you are
going to have to live with the idea that I'm in control of you now.
Period. Unless you want those pictures scattered all over the Internet,
you will do exactly as I say. I can't watch you every second of the day
and night. This way, you have incentive to obey me. You can either sit
back and enjoy the ride or fight it out every step of the way, either is
fine by me. If you succeed in hurting or even killing me with something
when I'm not looking, the pictures go out. If you leave here without my
permission, the pictures go out. Anything you do to cause problems will
make me send them. That's just the way it's gonna be. Think carefully
before you make your next move." And with that, he got up and left the
room, leaving me sitting there feeling sick, lost, and utterly alone.

I finished eating and sat there for a while. If there was some way out
of this shit, it wasn't coming to mind. All I had wanted was a simple
fuckin' summer job, and now I was at the mercy of this prick. What did
he want? Hell, he'd already fucked me and used me like a sextoy, what
more could he think I had to give?

I roamed around the house, still naked, wondering where he had
disappeared. I found him sitting in the TV room talking on a cell
phone. He looked up:

"Here kid, someone wants to speak with you..."

I approached warily. What now??? He handed me the phone.

"Hello Eric!" said Troy's voice from the other end. "How's it goin'?"

"Uh...fine," I said quietly. "Things are fine."

"Great. I knew you were a good choice to keep an eye on the place this
summer.... Listen, I am in Kuala Lampur now. I will be here till the
end of this week, and then I have to go straight on to Hong Kong for
another week. Are you cool with staying to watch over the house that

I thought quickly. Shit! Two more weeks trapped here now? Meanwhile,
Rex had gotten up from where he was sitting and was standing behind me.
I could feel his hot breath against the back of my neck.

"Uh, yeah Troy. I suppose that'll be alright," I stammered, feeling Rex
reach down and grasp my ass. He started running his hands over my buns
now, making it difficult for me to concentrate on the phone for sure.

"Ok, Eric," said Troy from the cell phone, "Rex says you've been helping
him with the testing and stuff down in the lab. That's perfect! I am
gonna direct deposit an extra five grand in your account as a bonus for
the extra time and effort it's taking for you to stay at the house all
this time, and for the time you're spending helping Rex. Just let him
know if you need anything for the house. I'll be out of touch most of
the time I'm gone, but he can provide money for anything that needs to
be taken care of. Ok?"

"Yeah, yeah," I stuttered, as Rex got on his knees behind me, now
kissing me on the ass cheeks and reaching in front to fondle my dick and

The phone clicked as Troy disconnected. I stood there frozen until
Rex's hands turned me around and the I felt his hot mouth on my unit.
He kissed it and took in the head, making me moan involuntarily. I
spread my legs a little to get my balance, and I felt Rex take my soft
dick all the way in his mouth now, using his tongue in a swirling motion
around the head. I thought about pulling him off, but what good what
that do? He'd just force me somehow or use his electro-shock on my dick.

The cockring caused me to get hard fast as Rex used his mouth on me.
This was the first time I had actually been standing and in a normal
setting when forced to participate in gay sex, and I looked down to see
what Rex was doing. He was gently sucking me, not being rough or mean
this time. It felt the same; maybe even better that when a chick was
blowing me. Rex seemed to know how to get my whole cock inside his
throat and mouth, and that was something most girls wouldn't even
attempt on my long 9 inches.

The blowjob went on for a few minutes. Long enough to get me very hard
and turned on. I felt ashamed once again that I could enjoy having a
guy suck my dick this way. I think he knew how much it bothered me. I
think that's why he did it. I gasped and tried to keep from moaning as
he worked on my cock. I didn't want him to know that it felt good. I
couldn't control the fact that he could make me hard, but I didn't have
to let him know I liked it.

He established a steady rhythm on me now and bobbed up and down on all 9
inches. He didn't seem to have any trouble at all engulfing it fully,
and soon I felt the unmistakable sensation of my balls pulling up as my
dick prepared to shoot. "Fuck it!" I thought, and pulled Rex's head
down on my big pole as much as I could. He didn't resist and soon I
felt my vision blurring as my cock swelled in Rex's throat and shot
hard. He grabbed my butt and pulled me in as I continued to spooge his
throat, making it that much more intense.

After it was over, Rex stood up and grabbed me by the hair, pulling my
mouth against his own. I tried to pull back, but it was pointless, he
was too much stronger. I felt his tongue enter my mouth and soon he was
injecting me with the load I just shot off in his mouth. He had my face
fully against his own, and even though I tried, I couldn't help it: I
ended up swallowing the wad that I had shot into Rex's mouth. He
continued to tongue and kiss me as I stood there, feeling sick again
from what he had made me do this time.

I expected him to have some other shit in mind now, like making me blow
him or something, but he released my head and just looked at me, still
standing with his hard, muscular body pressed against my own nude form.

"Gosh bitch. I love watching you come," was his only comment. "Now,"
said, walking out of the room, "I have to leave for a while, and I'm
sure you have stuff around here to do for Troy.... See ya later."

"Hey!" I yelled after him. "What about this thing you've got locked
onto my dick? How's about unlocking it now. I can't even take a shit
until this thing is outta my ass."

He paused and turned around. "Nope, I'm not taking it off. And I would
suggest you not try either, as you WON'T like what happens.... As for
taking a shit, just pull out the cord that's up your butt when you need
to go, do you business, and reinsert it. If you leave the electrode out
and I hit you with current, you'll get arc burns on your precious balls,
so I suggest you follow my instructions and put the ground wire back up
your ass where it needs to be." He left. Minutes later, from the front
room, I saw his Jag pull down the driveway and I was alone in the house

I ran though my options. He had the pictures of me, complete with
moving video of my sucking him and riding his cock. I had no idea how
to disable whatever he had done to make it get sent to everyone if I
stopped cooperating, as I'm no computer genius. He had an electronic
leash hooked up to my dong that could put me on the floor in pain in a
second even if I chose to try and get physical with him, and frankly, I
didn't think there was any chance I could take him without a weapon. He
was big, and rock hard muscular. You could tell he had spent at least a
decade pumping at the gym with weights; my swimmer's build would not
compete with this guy's bulk and power, he had already shown me that
when he roughly made me suck him and ride his tool. Jesus, the guy had
fucked me like a jackhammer for HOURS last night. I was outmatched.

Therefore, I decided, I would have to play along for now. There just
wasn't a way out of this without making things even worse. This guy was
determined to have me for his fucktoy, and for now there was nothing I
was gonna do to stop him.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -

I spent the day tending the grounds and doing my usual household
duties. I was actually happy to have something to take my mind off the
Rex nightmare and my aching asshole. I still couldn't believe he had
fucked me like that with the machine in me too. I wouldn't have even
thought it possible to get fucked that way. The guy was a genius when
it came to inventive ways to screw someone and make them have maximum
pain, I thought.

I took a swim in the backyard pool for exercise after I had finished my
work. The cockring Rex had locked on me made the front of my black
Speedos stand out like I had stuffed a sock in my crotch, and I was glad
nobody could see. I was still doing laps in the pool when I happened to
catch movement from the corner of my eye and I looked up to see Rex
standing at the edge of the pool.

"Hey..." he said, looking down at me. "You must have been on the swim
team in school, I am impressed."

I tread water and looked up, "Yeah. Swim team since Middle School," I
replied. Not having anything else to offer, and not feeling like making
chitchat with the asshole, I got out of the pool and started toweling
off. I could feel his eyes on me. Soon though, he turned and went back
in the house.

I went inside, wearing just my swimsuit and the towel, thinking about
maybe snagging a beer. Rex was in the kitchen when I got there, putting
away some groceries he had apparently just purchased.

"I bought some food and stuff for us," he intoned. "I am gonna hang out
here with ya and work downstairs while Troy is gone. I assume you're OK
with that," he said mockingly.

"Yeah, whatever," was all I could get out.

He finished what he was doing and handed me a beer, also taking one for
himself. I opened it and saw him checking me out again. I guess he
liked looking at the bulge in the Speedos, cuz his eyes kept going there
and he didn't bother to hide the fact.... He took me by the hand, like
I was his boyfriend or something, and led me into the TV room where he
plopped on the couch and pulled me down into his lap. Now I was sitting
on him, and he nuzzled my neck briefly and kissed me on the mouth. I
went with it, not really reciprocating, but not fighting back. I had
already tried that and gotten nowhere.

He turned on the TV with the remote and I sat there, in this guy's lap
like a little kid while he watched the news. Periodically he would
reach up and stroke my long hair. He had a thing for my hair, that part
was obvious. I looked at him as best I could from where I was
positioned: he had what they call a "granite" jaw, black crew cut,
steely gray eyes, and a rock-hard 6-foot 2-inch body. He pretty much
looked like a Marine recruiting poster. I found it hard to believe that
a guy like this was gay, much less an aggressive gay dominator, and was
currently forcing me to be his boytoy. I was uncomfortable sitting
there on him. Not physically, but the intimacy was much more that what
I wanted with any guy, especially one who might force me down to his
fuck chair at any time for another torture session.

He lay back, and I took the opportunity to move from off his lap. He
pulled off his shirt, and kicked off his shoes. The next thing I knew,
he had pulled me back down on him with my head now resting on the crotch
of his 501's. He didn't start making me do anything like I was
expecting, but continued to randomly pet my head and hair as he lay
watching TV. I could smell the masculine scent of his body now that my
head was against his jeans. I wondered if he expected me to just
voluntarily start blowing him now or something. I decided not to do
it. If I had to suck dick, it wasn't going to be me who initiated it.
Let him force me if he wanted, I wasn't gonna be a willing part of this,
no matter what he did to me.

He didn't make any sexual moves though. I could feel the outline of his
dick against my face through the thin jeans as I lay there, and the
nearness of it was unnerving-I think he knew that and was using the fact
to intimidate me. I could sense how much he liked keeping me on edge.
The whole thing was a big game to him obviously. I wondered how many
other guys had been subjected to something similar.

After we had lain there watching TV for a while, Rex asked if I was
ready to have dinner yet. I told him I was hungry. He decided to order
pizza and wanted to know if they delivered out here. "I don't no," I
said, "I don't really live here you know, just visiting."

He got up and left the room. I stayed on the sofa. He returned shortly
and said he had found a number for delivery on the speed dial and that
they were on the way.... He hoped I could handle Canadian Bacon, cuz
that's what I was getting. It was fine by me. I was still trying to
get used to this 'cozy' behavior from the guy who was so vicious to me
the night before. Somehow I couldn't add up eating pizza and beer with
a guy who had raped me-but here we were, waiting on pizza. He climbed
on the sofa next to me again and this time he put his head in my lap.
Since I was wearing only my Speedos from the swim earlier, this placed
the weight of his head right on my dick and balls of course. It was
difficult to ignore, and against my will, I felt my unit getting thicker
as he lay there. He seemed not to notice.

The pizza took about 45 minutes to arrive. I was surprised to learn
that there was even delivery available this far from town. When the
bell rang, Rex asked me to get the door while he went to grab his
wallet. I looked down at my Speedos and said "Uh, I'm really not
dressed for company, do think you could do it instead?"

He looked at the thick bulge that had arisen in my shorts while his head
was in my lap and laughed. "Yeah, I guess I'll do it. Go get my
wallet for me then, it's in the top drawer of the second bedroom-the one
right after yours."

I went to get his money, but when I came back to the living room, he was
standing there with the pizza guy in the house. I was already seen, so
there was no point in backing out of the room now. In I went, bulging
Speedos and all, while Rex looked on in barely concealed amusement. The
kid who had brought the pie looked to be about 17 or 18, and I could see
his eyes on my dick as I handed Rex the wallet. I didn't know what the
fuck to do from there, so I just acted nonchalant and lay back down on
the sofa where I continued to watch the tube.

Rex, meanwhile insisted on making chat with the kid, and soon they were
talking it up. I was embarrassed about being mostly naked and obviously
hard in front of this guy so I didn't really join in the conversation.

"God, this place is nice," said the kid, looking around at the
house. "I have delivered here before, but I never came inside."

"Well we're just watching the place while the owner's away," Rex said to
the boy. We don't live here."

"Oh. It sure is cool. I wish I were house-sitting here, I'd never
leave!" he replied.

Yeah, I thought dismally. That may be truer than you know....

"Hey!" Rex was saying as he came over to sit on the couch by where I
lay, "what time do you get off work tonight? Feel like coming back for
a couple beers and a little smoke maybe?" Rex looked up at the kid,
waiting for a response and made a show of putting his hand on my thigh,
stroking it for the kid to see.

"Uh," the young guy said, turning red as he searched for words, "I
don't no. I don't get off work till 9 and all...." Clearly he was looking
for an out, not sure what he was being asked.

"Well," Rex said, "tell ya what. If you feel like coming back by here
to party a little when you get off work, do it. It's your choice, of

He got up, handed the kid a hundred, and told him to keep the
change. "Go ahead and let yourself out, me and blondie here are just
gonna drink some beers and eat some pizza. See ya later, if you feel
like it."

"Yeah," the kid said, looking bashful, "see ya..."

After the pizza boy had split, I sat up and went out to the kitchen for
another beer. Rex asked me to snag him one while I was at it. I
wondered what the fuck he was up to now, inviting a kid from the pizza
delivery back here later.... Jesus. Hopefully the guy would take his
hundred and run, not bothering to come back for more.

Rex and I ate pizza and beer. I thought about asking him why he had
asked the pizza dude to come back, but thought better of it. If I
showed any interest, he'd just use it against me somehow.

Pizza finished, Rex leaned back on the couch and rubbed his flat
belly. "That was good. You get full?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'm good."

"Cool. Now I have a little project that need doing in the bathroom.
Come with me, please," he said heading that direction. And I did.

He stripped off his clothes inside and told me to peel off the
swimsuit. After I did, I looked at him and noticed he was now wearing a
chrome cock ring. I was sure it hadn't been there last night. I would
have noticed it when he was shoving his huge prick down my throat, I'm
certain. He noted the direction of my eyes and said, "yeah, I usually
wear this when I know I'm gonna be fucking. I didn't have it on last
night cuz I didn't know your little ass was waiting on me here."

"Uh huh," I said, not bothering to hide my lack of enthusiasm.

He found that funny and giggled. "First things, first. Let's get rid
of this for a while. He reached in the pocket of his jeans that he had
tossed on the floor and took out the remote for my cockshocker. I
looked down at it, hoping he wasn't getting ready to zap me for no
fucking reason. I don't know what he did to the remote, but the
cockring "clicked" and he reached over, did something, and it came right

"Relax your butt, baby," he said, and proceeded to pull the cord until
the little marble-sized electrode thing popped out of my ass. He set
the contraption aside. I considered doing something to it while it was
off of my dick, but didn't want to make the situation worse. I left it

"Ok," he said, producing a pair of cordless shears now from an overnight
bag. "We are gonna do a little pruning on your bush, kiddo. I like my
guys smooth, and mostly you are, but the happy trail and the butt fuzz
have got to go."

I winced. Fuck. I didn't want to be shaved. I wasn't even hairy to
begin with. Goddamn him.

"Step into the shower," he said. "We'll do his in there so the hair
doesn't go all over the place. I don't want the houseboy to have to
clean up after us." He laughed a little at his own joke. I didn't. I
stepped in the shower though.

Soon, he went to work under my arms with the little cordless shears. In
about 15 seconds, the light blonde hair on my pits, what little there
had been, was gone. Next, he buzzed the thing repeatedly over my
stomach, removing the little line of hair that lead from my navel down
to my pubes.

"Turn around," he instructed, and he continued by running the shaver
over my ass cheeks. He pushed me over, and had me spread my butt while
he got inside my crack. As I stood up, I felt behind me and noted that
I now had the ass of a ten-year-old boy instead of a 22 year-old dude.
He looked down at my dick and used the trimmer to reduce the pubes there
to just a trace. Then he put the shears away and got out a disposable
plastic razor and some shaving cream. He turned on the shower now and
had me get wet under the warm spray, rinsing off the fuzz he just
removed from my body.

Using the razor now, he carefully stretched my sack out, applied some
shaving cream, and very gently removed any trace of hair from my balls
and dick. There wasn't much there to start with, but when I had rinsed
off the shaving cream, I looked down and saw my body as it had been when
I was about 13-pre-puberty. I ran my hands over the newly exposed skin
while I was under the water and it was strangely a turn-on to feel that
smooth skin where there had been fuzz only minutes before. Rex seemed
to be finished with his "work" and joined me now in the shower.

He took the soap, while I stood there and proceeded to wash me down.
Then, using just his hands, and no washcloth, he worked the lather,
massaging me slowly. His hands rubbed over my cock and balls, and my
freshly shaved buns, making me aroused again. He pushed his body against
mine now and backed me up against the wall of the shower while he
reached behind be and ran his hand inside my ass crack. I could feel him
gently insert a couple of fingers, but it wasn't rough like last night.
He continued lightly fucking my hole like this for a time, and then
pulled away, handing me the soap.

"Your turn to do me now," he said, and looked at me.

I had no experience giving another dude a shower, that much was certain,
and I felt clumsy as I took the soap and started to lather him down. I
noted how little body hair he had.

"Do you shave your chest and stuff too?" I asked, genuinely curious
this time.

"Not too much," he said, "I'm not real hairy, just like you. I just
like to keep it trimmed around my dick mostly. That way my cock is more
visible. You can see that, right?"

I blushed because he had caught me staring at his dick. He took my
hands and guided them to it now, helping me lather it fully. It was
heavy and solid in my hands, though not hard at all.

"Mmmmmmm, that's feels fuckin' good," he growled as I soaped his cock
and balls. "Keep it goin' man. I like your hands there..."

I did what he said, realizing once again how good he was at finding ways
to make me pleasure him. I tried to resist, but every time I wasn't
paying attention, he had me doing some new thing to get him off. The
worst part, I realized, was how quickly I was getting accustomed to the
experience of touching a man, having this guy's dick in my hands, having
his body next to mine like this, naked. I looked down and saw that I
had a hard on again and felt pissed at myself for continuing to let
myself get worked up by a guy. This was so fucking twisted.

I stopped lathering his unit and did his chest, abs, and then legs. I
turned him around, just like he had me, and soaped up his back and then
his ass. I couldn't bring myself to put my hand in-between his buns,
but he reached around and pushed it there anyway, realizing my
reluctance. So I held his ass cheeks open with one hand and slowly
rubbed the soap into his butt crack with the other. He seemed to be
getting off on this treatment as I could tell his breathing had
quickened and gotten heavy while I was lathering him. I didn't put my
fingers up his ass the way he had done me. I wasn't interested in
finger-fucking him and wouldn't do it unless he made me.

When he'd had enough, he turned around and I saw immediately that his
big dick was now rock hard. I wished that I could ignore it, but I knew
he planned to do something about his condition with me now. He was
getting ready to use me to get off again. I hoped it would at least be
something non-painful this time. I continued running my soapy hands
over his body and he pulled me against him, grinding his body against
mine as the shower soaked us with hot water.

Soon he had me backed up against the wall again and was pressing his
cock against my own, humping my dick. He kissed me deep and long,
working his tongue around in my mouth and going down to bite and play
with my nipples. I tried to will myself to not be excited by this. I
tried to not let it turn me on. But it did. My cock was like steel
against his and I knew he could feel its length sliding against his own
hard dick as he thrust against me.

That action went on for some time. Damn he kissed good. I'd never had
anyone kiss me like he did. It made me feel weak inside, and I hated
the fact that he could do this to me so easily. I hated that he was
doing it at all.

"Go down on me, man..." he said huskily, and I felt him push against my

Getting on my knees before him, I looked at his fat cock. It wasn't
that much longer than my own, as I'm hung fuckin' big, but his was so
much thicker. That's what made it look so huge. The thing must have
been as big around as my wrist.

He took his pole in hand and pushed it against my mouth. I let it slide
in as best I could and felt it stretching my mouth, then my throat as he
moved it in to the base. Soon, his pubes were pressed up against my
nose and the thick meat was deep inside my face again. He didn't start
face-fucking me like I expected though, he just kept it there. I
couldn't breath with 9-plus inches of dick shoved down my gullet, so I
started to worry, then panic a little as I tried to pull back and felt
his hands on the back of my head, keeping his dick fully penetrating my
windpipe. I pushed against him and he kept me there, face impaled on
his cock until I thought I would pass-out from lack of air. Finally he
pulled out enough for me to breathe again, but almost immediately re-
inserted his fuck tool so that once again I couldn't get any air.

This new game continued for a long time. He held me down tight on his
prick right till the point where I was starting to black out and would
then let me get a quick gasp of air before he shoved back in all the
way. He had me by my hair tight, and I had no way of fighting him off,
so I was forced to endure the breathing restriction until at last he
allowed me to start sucking him 'normally' again. By then I was happy
to suck his dick. All I wanted was to breathe unimpeded, and if blowing
him would make that happen, I would suck my very best. I worked on his
cock with enthusiasm by this point, hoping he wouldn't start doing the
breath restriction again. That had been scary, and I knew he got off on
scaring me with sex games.

His fat tool was making my mouth, throat and jaw hurt really bad from
all the stretching. He finally pulled me off of him and helped me to my
feet again there in the shower.

"God man. I love seeing my big meat in your face," he said pulling me
against him and biting my neck hard several times "You are so fuckin'
hot, baby. So sweet. You were made for me to fuck."

He bit and tongued me all over now, eventually getting on his knees and
roughly turning me around to where I was prone against the wall. Then
he buried his face in my ass and I felt the hot probe of his tongue
inside my hole. He didn't bother going slow with his action, he
started tongue-fucking me hard right off and soon I was yelling and
whimpering while I pounded my fist against the wall from the intensity
of the sensation. It felt better than anything.

Just when I thought I would go crazy from his tongue, he stood up and I
felt his hand go between my buns to the place where his tongue had just
been working me. He lathered his hand and was using the soap to lube
me. I knew what to expect now, and tried to prepare myself for his huge
cock to start invading my ass again. At least this time I wasn't in the
fuck chair where I would have to get it from two dicks at once.

He got my hole sufficiently slippery and I felt the big head of his meat
start to push in. I tried to relax as best I could. I was learning how
to get fucked up the ass whether I wanted to or not. He pushed
insistently, giving me no breaks, and I felt the familiar fullness as
the hot tool spread me open and penetrated me completely. I gasped and
hissed as it hit home, deep inside my gut. I still found it incredible
that I could take a dick that big all the way up my ass.

He grunted and started to fuck. His motions were rough and fast as
usual but despite the pain; I could feel the action of his cock against
my insides giving me pleasure. I realized with horror that I was
actually starting to enjoy getting my butt fucked by this dude's big
dick. I looked down and saw my own tool, hard and ready for action. I
put my hand on it and began to pump in time with the fuck-motion of
Rex's thrusts. He screwed me hard and heavy.

After a long, long time, he pulled out. I wondered what he was doing,
but he shoved me roughly to the floor of the shower and proceeded to
jack-off his big prick right in my face. I heard him groan really loud
and my face was repeatedly blasted by shot after shot of hot come. I
closed my eyes and waited for it to be over. He rammed his dick in my
mouth and made me suck the last of the come out of his dick, then
withdrew, and I looked up from the floor to see him stepping out of the

I lay there unfulfilled and decided to finish myself off. I started
stroking my cock rapidly and Rex leaned in the yanked my hand away,
surprising the hell out of me. Usually he was trying to force me to
come; now he would let me get off.

"No way, bitch. Save that load for a little later. We've got all
night," was all he said, and he grabbed a towel and started to dry

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -

When we got done in the bathroom Rex took me by the hand and lead me,
still naked, through the house and downstairs, my least favorite part of
the house. He had snagged my electro-cock ring from off the counter in
the bathroom, but surprisingly, hadn't locked it back on me yet. He
still had it in his hand when we got to the basement lab, and put it on
a worktable when we walked in.

"Ok Eric. Hop up on the chair and let's get you ready for
tonight's "test" session," he announced. I did so reluctantly, wishing I
could think of a reason to refuse that he would buy. When he and I were
making-out in the shower, I had decided that maybe he would be 'nicer'
to me now during his sexual attacks. Apparently, the shower had just
been a warm-up activity for him.

I lay down on the chair and Rex came over to me. I could feel myself
shaking a little, and he noticed it also. He proceeded to position my
arms over my head and my ankles in the place designed for them and told
me to "lay still." I did, closing my eyes and trying to will myself to
be calm for whatever lay ahead. Letting myself have a panic attack
wasn't gonna make this shit any easier, I had already learned that.

Rex did some things at the control keyboard, and soon I heard the motors
and servos of the chair come to life. Gradually it grew warm beneath
me, as usual, and a pleasant vibration, massage action commenced. I was
just getting into the sensation of it when I heard a click and felt the
steel restraints lock into place around me; now my wrists, ankles,
forehead and neck were a part of the table too until Rex made it release
me. Resolving to stay calm this time, I took several deep breaths and
tried my best to just enjoy the action of the chair and ignore the fact
that I was its prisoner.

Meanwhile, I could hear Rex working on something over at the worktable
where he had place my cock ring as we entered the lab. I couldn't see
him, thought about asking, but decided he would let me know soon enough
what the deal was now. Without missing a beat, he came and stood over
me, holding the cock ring.

"I just wanted to see how this little baby was holding up," he said,
showing it to me. "I haven't used it for long durations before and I
wanted to be sure it was still in good shape in case I wanna shock your
little ass real good."

"I decided to move on to the second phase of testing this on you," he
continued, "I am changing the little jellybean-sized electrode that goes
up your butt with this new attachment. It has different features." He
held up an egg-shaped and sized chrome addition to the cock ring, now
connected at the end of the cord that ran up my ass when it was in-
place. "I think this'll make things interesting for all of us..." he

He did something after he moved out of my view, because the table now
spread my legs apart widely, giving him access to my ass. In a second I
felt the cock ring being locked back on around my dick and balls
tightly. It had been nice having that thing off a while, but now it was
back. Then, I felt fingers at my ass as he pushed the chrome egg up
inside. I felt the cord yank against my cock ring when he had shoved it
in to the max.

"You shouldn't be able to feel that too much during normal activities
unless I make it do stuff with the remote," he was saying, "but it'll be
noticeable against your prostate when you're getting fucked, and will
probably make it even better."

Gee. Getting fucked up the ass was gonna be "even better????"

"I am hoping you'll actually like the new addition to your dick jewelry,
cuz I'm planning on leaving it there on a permanent basis...." he said,
and leaned over me to kiss me full on the mouth. "I have some stuff to
do upstairs, but I don't want you to be lonely, so I'll provide some
entertainment for ya."

He did something and the lights in the lab dimmed to the level I was
accustomed to during my forced fuck sessions. I felt the headphones
built into the chair lock in place over my ears, muffling any exterior
sound almost completely; then the VR goggles moved into place over my
eyes and I was blind as well as deaf. The warmth of the chair and the
continuing massage and vibration were all I knew for a long while. I
wondered if Rex had forgotten to start whatever he was planning, but as
far as I could tell, I was now alone in the lab. I lay there in the
darkness and eventually drifted off to sleep.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -

I don't know how long I napped there, but I remember waking to the
sounds of my own moans and gasps. Upon opening my eyes I could see the
VR goggles were still on me and that they were playing a selection of
the video record from my first session with the chair. As I watched and
listened, I heard myself hiss, grunt, and occasionally yell cuss words
as the image in the visor showed me getting my dick sucked off by the
tube thing first night down here. It was strange and kind of hot actually
to watch myself straining against the chair and bucking my hips as the
suck tube worked on my dick that night. The chair itself, for now at
least, was still vibrating and massaging my whole nude body gently, but
there was nothing sexual going on.

The scene in the visor changed now, and I saw myself lying there with
the big dick of my machine rapist pressing against my lips. I got a
replay of the time when it had hurt me into opening my mouth to yell and
then shoved the fat fake cock down my throat.... On the headphones, I
could hear the noises I had made struggling to suck that big dildo while
the machine had face-fucked me. Once again I felt myself becoming
aroused, even though the torture of that evening was still very fresh in
my mind even without the video record.

Another vignette: this time from the second session when Rex had
straddled my face and forced me to suck him down while he humped my
mouth like it was a chick's pussy. I could see his muscular ass flexing
as it pushed his hard tool down my throat, and I could hear the
strangled, gurgling moans I had made while I tried to suck him off.

Still another scene: me face down, straddling the chair while Rex
rammed my ass like a demon. I could see the contorted expression of
pain on my face and the absolute, uncontrolled violent lust of Rex's
assault on my ass. He growled and hissed and cussed in the headphone
audio and under that sound I could hear my own whimpering counterpoint
as he savagely fucked me.

Over and over, the scenes changed, showing me images of my own
debasement, graphically captured with stereo sound. I hated it, but I
was turned on watching this and could feel my dick throbbing between my
bound legs. I couldn't jack off though, being securely fastened into
the chair, so I lay there and continued to watch myself get fucked,
sucked, and abused. It became a kind of torture now, because I was rock
hard and desperately needed to get my dick off.

After a long time the images stopped, then the visor and headphones
retracted from my face. I looked around as best I could, despite the
head restraints, and could see Rex standing there, naked, in the dim
light of the lab. He walked over to me and kissed me on the mouth,
pushing his tongue in deep and fully exploring me. I returned it. I
was hot from watching the vids of me getting used like that, I had to
admit it. I knew my dick must be standing straight up, and by the time
my tormentor, Rex, had shown up, I was willing to take his attentions,
whether he was a dude or not.

He got on top of me then and straddled my naked, immobilized body.
Continuing to kiss me, I could feel him pushing his dick against my
stomach, and I could feel my own cock situated against spread thighs and
ass. He humped like that, kissing me hard, for a long time and I
responded to it, not bothering to hide the fact that I liked it and
wanted more. Rex had turned me into a fag. I wanted him to do these
things now. I had to admit it. I felt shame and confusion, but it was
overridden by the fire in my dick and I tried my best to pump it against
his ass cheeks for friction.

He sat back then and I could feel him squeezing my hard on with his
muscular ass. I wondered if he was gonna ride my cock finally-I had
been secretly hoping that some time it would be my turn to do the
fucking, and maybe this was it. He was certainly getting me hot with
the way he was bucking against my dick between his legs....

He continued that for a while, and I finally heard myself start
pleading, "Rex, man, let me have your ass now, dude. Please...please.
I need to fuck."

He leaned over me and kissed me more, continuing to torment my aching
cock with the nearness and warmth of his ass.

"You wanna screw me, bitch?" he laughed.

"Oh fuck yeah!!!" I said. "Please let me do it, man, please! I need

He grinned in my face and kissed me more, but stopped bucking against my
hard prick. "What the fuck makes you think I take it up the ass,
kiddo?" he mocked. "Do I look like some kind of little faggot to you?"

"Oh c'mon, man. You win! Let me fuck you, I can't take this anymore, I
need to get can fuck me first or whatever, just do it!" was
all I could say. I felt tears coming down my face as I realized I was
saying these things out loud to him, and that now he knew I was liking
the sex he forced upon me. I hated it, but couldn't stop myself

"What do you think, Todd?" Rex said, looking up behind himself. "Do you
think we should help him out? He sounds like he needs it pretty bad...."



Who the FUCK was Todd?

>From the corner of my eye, I saw movement, and now more as the figure
standing in the shadows who had gone unnoticed by me walked closer to
where Rex and I lay.

It was the pizza guy. I had totally forgotten about Rex inviting him
back here earlier and now realized my mistake. He was stripped down to
just a pair of boxer briefs now, and he was making no attempt to hide
his interest in what he had been watching. He stroked and rubbed his
dick through the thin material of his underwear and looked down at where
Rex was sitting astraddle my pinned, sexually frenzied body.

Todd was maybe 18, maybe, and looked like the typical suburban sk8ter
punk. His dusty blonde hair was long on top, short on the sides, sk8ter-
fashion; and he had several tats running down his chest and skinny
arms. I could see his hard on pushing out from the front of his shorts
as he stroked it through the fabric and I felt shamed and enraged that
Rex had let me put on that show with someone else watching like this.
Fucking typical of him-anything to keep me off-balance.

"I don't know ," Todd spoke up breathlessly, "but this is fuckin'
hot, that's for sure...."

Rex looked down on me and continued the slowly fuck his body against my
own. I watched Todd watching us and felt myself glowing red in
embarrassment. It was one thing to have finally admitted to myself, and
Rex, that I liked what he was doing; but it was totally another to have
some kid see me being turned into a queer while tied-up in a fuck chair.

Rex reached over and pulled the kid closed to where we were. He seemed
a little hesitant, but I could tell he was turned-on from watching
this. His whole body was flushed and his breathing was fast, like he
had been running.

"I think it would be real sweet if you gave Eric here a blowjob now,
Todd," Rex was saying. "Little Todd was telling me upstairs that he's
never been with a guy before. Don't you think it'd be cool to help him

I felt confused and angry now. I had nothing against the 'new kid' but
I have to admit that what I really wanted at that moment was Rex. After
two days of trying to ignore it, I wanted more of Rex and didn't know
what the fuck to think about Todd.

The kid reached down and touched my chest all of the sudden. Clearly,
he was overcoming his shyness and wanted to do more. I felt his hand
start to run over my body now as Rex sat up and looked down at me,
spread there for everyone's enjoyment, it seemed. Todd got braver now
and leaned in closed, where he touched my face, hair, and finally rubbed
his thumb lightly over my lips. All the while, he continued to rub his
bulge through the boxer-briefs.

His thumb pressed into my mouth a little, and I didn't resist. He was
looking at me so intensely now that I couldn't help but be affected by
it-he wanted me bad, and was just now realizing it himself I think. I
felt his thumb press against my tongue and closed my lips around it now;
lightly sucking his digit further into my mouth and using my tongue on
it like it was a little cock. I heard him moan and saw that he was
deeply flushed now. He liked this a lot.

"Hey Todd-boy," Rex said from where he sat on top of my groin, I think
Eric's liking you, and I can see you're liking' him. What say you pull
off the skivvies and join us up here on the chair ? I think
there's plenty of room for what you want to happen now."

Todd pulled his thumb from my mouth and quickly removed his shorts. His
hard prick smacked against his stomach with an audible sound as the
underwear came off. It stood straight up against his body, rather than
out, and was maybe 7", cut, and not nearly so thick as either my own or
Rex's big tools. He had practically no body hair, and, when I looked
closer, I could see his dick was pierced with a metal crossbar of some
kind through the head. It actually looked pretty cool.

Without any hesitation, Todd was up on the table and basically on top of
most of me, since I was pinned down with the restraints. He looked at
Rex, and kissed him hard on the mouth. Then he turned his attention my
way, and kissed me also. His lips were soft and warm against my own,
different the Rex's rough treatment. I got brave and stuck my tongue
out a little and he sucked it right in, trying to get more. Soon I was
deep-kissing his mouth and he was doing his best to suck my tongue out
of my face.

"What shall we do with him now?" Rex said, watching us make-out.

Todd stopped kissing me and looked confused. "I don't no. Eric sure makes
me hot," Todd said. "You both do."

Rex laughed a little. "Fine. I'll make the decisions. You guys will
have to live with what I think up though. Remember that...."

Rex now pulled Todd's head to his own and eventually Todd was facing
away from me, astraddle my chest, while his kissed Rex over and over. I
was immobile and could only lie there while I felt the guys' hard sweaty
bodies move over my own as they explored each other. I felt Rex move
down on my body some now, still straddling me and reached down and
pulled out my dick from where he had been humping. I felt his hand
slowly stroking my hard shaft and I moaned, "Oh god Rex. Please, man, I
need something. Let me come. Let me get off...."

He jacked my dick harder now and then I saw his hand go to Todd's head.
He pushed Todd down on my big prick. I couldn't see the action from my
angle, but I could feel the kid's sweet mouth start to work on my unit.
It was warm and wet, and felt almost like a girl's mouth. I groaned and
sighed as he sucked. He didn't engulf me roughly like Rex had been
doing or anything, but instead gently licked on the head and sucked it
in his little mouth as best he could. It felt sweet.

"Move back on him man," Rex was saying to Todd. "Push your ass against
his face."

Todd did, and soon his skinny little butt was spread right over my
mouth. His sack hung against my chin, and I could see his balls were
hard and full of come already. I saw Rex push him back more now, and
his ass made contact with my face. I knew I was supposed to start doing
something to him and felt pissed off that now Rex was forcing me into
having gay sex with yet another person. Shit, I had just kind of gotten
used to the idea of doing it with Rex!

"Do it man!" Rex ordered, looking down at me.

"Fuck you, man! I'm sick of this shit! Let me up from here, now!" I
yelled, realizing that Rex was less likely to harm me now that we had an

Rex laughed and pushed Todd down on my face harder, smashing the kid's
ass against my mouth. "Stick out your tongue and do it, shithead, or I
promise you'll be sorry."

I did not. Rex looked at me and got off of the chair where he had been
straddling my waist as Todd sucked me off. He went across the room out
of my sight and I recognized the remote in his hand when he returned.
He came and stood over me. Todd meanwhile, was still sucking slowly on
my cock, apparently oblivious to what was happening. He probably
thought it was part of the game.

Rex did something and I suddenly felt a hot tingle from deep inside my
butt. Like a vibration, but harder, it spread through my groin and ass
and I couldn't help but cry out, wondering what was happening.

"Yeah. That's the new addition to your dick ring attachment, baby.
Enjoy." He walked out of sight again.

Whatever that egg-shaped thing was doing inside me it felt incredible.
I involuntarily started bucking my hips in response, shoving my dick
deeper inside Todd's sucking mouth. He leaned in and took as much of my
length down his throat as he could, getting into it. I could see his 7-
inch tool was rigid and throbbing against my chest, and he humped it
against me as he sucked.

I lay there moaning and whimpering as the electric waves moved through
my ass and dick. The kid's throat was tight around my fat cock, and it
was driving me crazy. I knew I'd blow in no time now.

Rex returned, carrying a new item I hadn't previously seen. It was a 4-
inch, dick-shaped piece of hard rubber on a small base that had various
thick leather straps attached to it. I could guess what this was for.

I started to yell, and as soon as my mouth opened, Rex shoved the rubber
cock in deep. Quickly, he pulled the straps over the back of my head
and tightened them, effectively silencing any further protests I might
make in Todd's presence, and leaving me lying there with a thick rubber
cock filling my mouth uncomfortably. It was really fat and I was forced
to breathe through my nose now. I tried to yell, but there wasn't a
sound with the hard dick pressing my tongue down like that....

"That's better. If you can't say something nice, just say nothing at
all," he smirked, and stroked my face.

The action of Todd on my dick in combo with the ass toy were pushing me
closer to the edge, and I heard myself grunting around the cock in my
mouth now, preparing to shoot my wad into that sweet throat that was
working so hard to get me off. Rex seemed to realize this, and abruptly
pulled Todd's head off me, leaving my aching cock abandoned and further
heightening the sexual frenzy I was experiencing. I wailed around the
dick-gag in my mouth, but it couldn't be heard. I struggled against the
chair, but I couldn't move an inch. Torture. My dick was soooo ready
to shoot and now it was all alone, standing straight up from my groin
with nowhere to go.

"Here kid. Eric needs a rest for a while. He's feeling cranky." Rex
laughed, and helped Todd down from the chair. He gently pushed Todd
down on to his knees then and soon the kid was kneeling in front of Rex
with the huge dick making it's way down his throat. I heard him gag a
couple of times, trying to adjust to the girth of this new invader. Rex
pulled the kid's head close and began to slowly fuck his face.

Todd sucked the big dick as best he could, but it was difficult to take
a dick that size down the throat. I knew from very recent experience.
Finally Rex pulled him off gently and helped him to his feet. They
kissed deeply and I could see that Todd's prick was rock hard and his
nuts were pulled up tight to his body. He needed to get-off bad.

Rex did something with the remote, and I felt the chair reposition my
legs into the widely spread "you're gonna get fucked" configuration. I
swore at him around the gag, but made no sound at all.

"Come here Todd," he said leading the kid around between my spread
legs. "Eric has something for you. I can see that it's time for you to
give him what he likes...."

Todd said nothing, and Rex grabbed some kind of lube from off a table
and stood behind him as he lubed up the kid's stiff dick. Todd looked
flushed and excited as he realized that he was gonna fuck me while I was
strapped down here, helpless. Rex pushed Todd forward, and soon I could
feel the head of his dick pushing it's way into me. It wasn't as huge
and terrible as the big fuckers that had so recently drilled me, and
went in much more smoothly. Rex pushed Todd down to where he was leaning
over me now, and I looked into his young face. His eyes were bright and
hot and he immediately started pumping his dick into my ass. I could
see Rex behind him pushing him deeper and harder.

He drilled me like the for longer that I thought he'd be able to hold
off, but then I saw him tense up, and he yelled "Oh fuck!" and started
blowing his load up my ass. He continued fucking me non-stop as he
filled me with his sk8terpunk come. Rex was still behind him, pushing
him onward.

Todd collapsed against me and laid on top of my spread, bound, gagged
body after he finished getting off. I could see Rex rubbing the kid's

"Stay there," Rex said. "Right there." And he walked out of view.

When he returned, he had some cord or rope of some kind. He petted
Todd's hair as it lay against my chest, and then pulled the kid's arms
up over his head right alongside my own. Todd looked up and started to
say something, but Rex hushed him and continued his work. In seconds,
Rex had Todd's arms and wrists tied to my own. He was now a prisoner as
well, and his hard dick was still firmly lodged up my ass. Rex took the
cord and I felt him securing Todd's legs to mine. Todd looked at me,
suddenly concerned I think, but it was a little late to do much about

"Now boy's, it's time for me to have some fun..." Rex grinned.

He went to the keyboard control for the chair and I heard tapping. When
he returned, he looked excited and ready for action. I knew something
bad was coming.

Rex positioned himself behind Todd again. I couldn't see him now, but
soon the VR goggles moved into place over my eyes. Rex must have wanted
me to observe close-up whatever he was getting ready to do, because the
camera came in on an angle clearly showing Rex. He stood between the
spread legs of Todd and myself and slowly stroked lube over his fat
cock. He moved into position against Todd's ass, and I heard a deep

"Oh Jesus...Fuck!" Todd was hissing. I could see Rex pushing the huge
head of his dick slowly into the kid's little ass. Todd was tense and
sweating on top of me now, being forced for the first time to take a
giant dick.

"Oh god!" he yelled. "Stop! Stop it!"

Rex didn't stop. He pushed harder and I heard Todd moan and wail as the
big prick stretched him fully and invaded his butt. Soon I could see on
the visor that Rex had buried his dick all the way in and was resting
inside Todd's ass, giving the kid a brief chance to relax before the
serious fucking began.

After a minute, Rex began to thrust. Todd screamed and thrashed against
me, but it was no use. I could still feel his dick up my own ass and it
was still hard. The action of Rex's thrusts began to push Todd's dick
in and out of my butt and soon Rex was literally fucking us both, as we
lay there strapped in the chair.

Todd screamed and made tons of noise. I could tell he was NOT enjoying
Rex's monster tool up his ass. Rex continued to fuck
relentlessly. "Awwww yeah!" he yelled. "Take that big dick kid! Take
it. You like that fat cock up your ass, boy, you just don't know it

Todd groaned as Rex fucked him harder now. I could feel Todd's dick
being thrust into my ass though, and knew he was hard. For my own part,
I could do nothing but lay there bound in the chair while Rex raped the
both of us.

That action went on a few more minutes and something new happened. The
camera angle moved to show me Todd's face, only inches from my own.
Todd was staring at the big fucktool arm of the machine as it slowly
maneuvered a dick against his lips. I recognized that dick; it had been
down my own throat too.

"Open your mouth and suck it," I heard Rex yell. Todd opened his mouth
a little and the machine immediately stuffed it with the 9-inch
throbbing fake dick. He gagged and struggled, but I could see the
outline of the cock move down his throat. Soon it was all the way in
him. The sounds he was making now were horrible. Rex continued to
drill us both, the machine took over now and face-fucked poor Todd.

In a minute or two the camera started moving again, this time pulling
back to give me a complete view of the ongoing rape. Rex was sweating
and pumping violently up Todd's skinny ass, Todd's dick was pushing up
my own butt, and Todd's mouth was crammed with a thrusting cyber-dick as
he gasped and grunted with the effort of trying to withstand it all.

The cam angle moved in and showed me the close-up view of my ass getting
hosed by Todd's dick now. Rex was slamming him so hard that I could
feel every thrust. Indeed it felt as though Todd was actually fucking
me again, but I could see he was not. I whined and winced abruptly when
I saw what was coming into view now. I should have known it. The huge
black fuck tool of the machine was moving into place, slowly throbbing.
It positioned against Todd's dick, and began to push insistently against
my hole.

Todd groaned. He couldn't see what was happening of course, not having
the goggles, but I know he could surely feel that huge prick sliding
against his as it tried to enter my butt alongside him. I bet he
wondered what the hell was going on.

The machine shoved harder and the lube of the jizz it oozed from its
head did its trick. The fat head invaded my ass and I screamed around
the rubber cock that was stuffing my mouth. It didn't pause or give me
time to relax, but shoved the entire length in me deep, the size of it
dwarfing Todd's tool that was drilling me also.

The pain was awful. My ass was so sore from all the continuous ravaging
that I thought I was go insane. The big dick started to thrust, and
soon made synchronous movements to that of Rex as he fucked Todd's poor
butt. I heard continuous strangled moans from Todd, so I knew that he
was still getting face-fucked mightily by the big dildo down his

"Yeah, guys." I heard Rex growl. "You feel all that hard cock inside
you? You feel it? That's me baby. That's my dick, fucking and raping
you. Take it, man. Fucking take it all!!!" He thrust violently into
Todd's ass for a couple more seconds and then I felt him shove hard and
yell as he shot and filled up little Todd with his hot man seed. Rex
roared like an animal as he came and came, roughly plowing his cock into
Todd's ass.

When he was finished, he pulled out of Todd. And shortly thereafter the
goggles moved off my eyes. Todd was still leaning over me, but the fake
dick that had fucked his face was withdrawn and out of view. The rapist
fucking my own ass stopped and pulled out as well, leaving Todd's hard
dick still inside me.

Rex came around to the head of the chair where I could see him now. He
was naked, sweating, and out-of-breath from the horrendous workout he
had just perpetrated on us, his captive sex toys. Todd was breathing
heavily and I could see he had been crying, but he said nothing. Rex
leaned down and undid the straps that were holding the rubber dick gag
in my own mouth and soon I could breathe freely again.

"Fuck!" I yelled, catching my breath. "You didn't have to fuck him so
mean like that, you fucking asshole!"

Rex said nothing. He petted my hair briefly, mussed up Todd's hair
then, and moved out of view.

"You boys have a nice sleep," he said from the doorway of the
lab. "I'll see you in the morning."

He departed, leaving Todd and I bound together on the fuck chair, and
Todd's cock still up my butt.... The light went out, and I felt Todd
put his head down against my chest, resting his neck from his experience
with getting face-fucked by the machine. I could definitely tell he was
still hard because his dick was deep inside me.

"Is he just gonna leave us here tied up all night?" Todd said, looking
up at me.

"I don't no." I replied trying to see his face more clearly despite the
awkward angle. He shifted his body some then, and soon we were almost
face-to-face. I knew he couldn't move his legs or arms. I was held
motionless by the chair of course and couldn't move and inch.

"God, man," he whispered. I didn't think he'd do it so rough and mean.
Is it always like this?"

"Fuck, kid. I don't know. It's a long fucking story... but I'm not
exactly a willing participant here."

He was looking down at me intensely. I could still feel the heat of his
7 inches up my ass and knew he was excited, despite whatever trauma Rex
may have induced during that force-fuck. He kissed me lightly on the

I looked at his searching eyes a moment and returned the kiss. Soon, we
were passionately making out and I could feel him start to fuck me
again, his hard cock thrusting inside my asshole, filling me and
jostling the vibrator thing that Rex had left running in my butt. I
couldn't deny that it felt fucking great.

He kissed me hard and continued to fuck, now that he was sure I didn't
object. His face flushed and he grunted steadily as he worked. I could
feel my own big dick pressing against his stomach as he humped me, and
wished I were free to give it some attention. Through this whole ordeal
tonight, everyone had been able to blow their load but me.

Todd continued screwing my ass for quite a while. Eventually he kissed
me hard, moaned into my mouth and I could feel his dick jump as it shot
inside my ass. He pumped and groaned and filled me with his come and
then laid his head against my neck when he was finished, his dick still

We fell asleep that way, each exhausted from the sexual marathon Rex had
arranged for us that night and in need of rest....