Gaius vs Marcellus in a Barefoot Contest


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Mar 7, 2018
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Gaius climbed naked into his bed for the night. His master had just told him that he is scheduled to fight Marcellus in the arena tomorrow. Gaius is very nervous since Marcellus has the reputation as a ruthless opponent. After defeating his opponent, he ties the loser's ankles together and pulls his bare feet into the air on a scaffold while his body is still twitching. The crowd loves Marcellus, and many men have given up their juices as they look lustfully at the twitching bare feet of the loser that Marcellus has pulled into the air. Marcellus' signature move was to cum on the bare feet of the loser before pulling them into the air.

Gaius has killed his share of men in the arena, but Marcellus' ruthless reputation and the fact that he is younger has made him unsure of his chances.

Suddenly, Gaius' blanket is pulled away, Gaius looks up and sees Marcellus standing beside his bed, naked. Gaius is embarrassed for Marcellus to see him naked and to be staring at his bare feet with desire.

“Marcellus! How dare you come into my room. I don't allow anyone to see me naked, or to stare at my bare feet as you have the nerve to do right now!”

“Gaius, we have been matched in the arena tomorrow, but I want to settle this match between us tonight. If I win, I will drag you by your bare feet into the arena and hang you by your feet for everyone to admire tomorrow. They won't be twitching, but my fans will appreciate the sight of them hanging dead in the air. You don't like anyone to see you naked or to look at your bare feet, well, tomorrow everyone entering the arena will be able to look at your naked body, with your bare feet in the air. With you dead, I will be matched with a teen experiencing his first contest. I will enjoy his young bare feet very much indeed after I have killed him in the arena!”

Marcellus quickly got into bed with Gaius. They began to wrestle. Their bare feet struggled as well under the blanket.

Gaius cried out, “Oh Jupiter don't let me be killed by my worst enemy in my own bed, naked, my bare feet his to do with as he wishes!! Grant that I survive!”

“To bad Gaius, you know that you can't win! I'm younger, stronger and more experienced than you”

Gaius and Marcellus continued to wrestle in Gaius' bed. Their bare feet battled also. Gaius could feel Marcellus' stronger feet pushing down on his. “No, don't Marcellus, I surrender”

“No way Gaius, this is to the death”

All at once, Gaius' ankles broke under the pressure of Marcellus' feet. A loud crack confirmed his defeat. His bare feet now useless, Gaius gave up. Marcellus jumped up in the bed and wrapped his thighs around Gaius' throat. As he brought his strength to bear on Gaius' throat, the hapless gladiator could only thrash around helplessly. His bare feet kicked uselessly in the air until his naked body was reduced to a twitching corpse.

Marcellus loosed his hold on Gaius' throat and leaped out of the bed. Grabbing Gaius' destroyed bare feet, he pulled his naked body off of the bed. Marcellus placed his large cock on top of Gaius' bare feet and rubbed them on his cock until he came on Gaius' dead feet. “My fans will know my victory signature” Marcellus said.

“Gaius, everyone will see your naked body and bare feet with my juices covering them, tomorrow”.

He pulled Gaius' twitching body into the arena, tied his ankles together and pulled his naked body into the air. Marcellus challenged the men in the stands to come down and take their pleasure with the ex-champion's bare feet. Many men came down and enjoyed feeling Gaius' bare feet covered in Marcellus' cum. They then pushed their hard cocks across the soles of the dead gladiator's bare feet until they added their juices to the many others that took out their lust on Gaius' feet.


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