Gaius Kills a Youth in the Arena


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Mar 7, 2018
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Gaius Kills a Youth in the Arena

Gaius' first opponent in the arena that day was a fifteen, maybe seventeen year old boy. He had previously lived since childhood in the palace and was the sex slave of the emperor. However, he had fallen out of favor with the emperor who had chosen a younger black haired Italian. This was the first fight that the boy would have, but he had been told that if he could survive five encounters in the arena, he would be set free.

As they entered the arena, Gaius could not suppress a lustful grin. His opponent was barefoot and bare chested, in fact he wore only a short loincloth that barely covered his ass. His belly was flat as were his pecs. Having lived in the palace for most of his life, his skin was totally white. It had not been tanned by the sun. Gaius probably outweighed the boy by fifty pounds. His brown sunburned skin was a telling difference from the white skinned boy.

Both opponents held swords and shields. Gaius could see that his opponent was somewhat effeminate in fact he could hardly hold up his sword. He began by circling around his opponent to give the crowd a complete view of the young body. Given the size of his opponent, the youth could hardly keep from crying. His only hope was a quick thrust to Gaius' belly.

Gaius however planned to “toy” with his opponent and give the crowd a good show. The emperor himself was in the stands to watch the match with his new sex slave that had already begun to massage his master's cock. After a few times circling his opponent, Gaius lashed out at the boy's shield and the boy returned by striking Gaius' shield. Gaius had already decided not to land a fatal blow initially, but to make a cut that would disable his opponent. Gaius jumped back and forth, and the boy chased after him flailing desperately with his sword. Gaius' first strike was to hit the boy's shield and it was knocked it out of his hand. The youth was shocked. He stared at his shield laying several feet away. This gave Gaius the opening that he needed to grab his opponent's loincloth and rip it off. The boy now was naked. He felt humiliated being naked in front of the crowd. His first response was to cover his cock with his left hand which was now empty.

But realizing his vulnerability, he grasped his sword with both hands and ferociously attacked Gaius. The boy's cock swung from side to side as he attacked. Gaius had to back up. He then circled around the furiously attacking opponent to give the audience another look at his now naked body.

Then, it was time to act, Gaius blocked the boy's thrust to his belly, knocking the sword aside. Gaius thrust his sword into the youth's right leg. At first the youth backed up and stared at the wound pouring out blood. Without thinking he dropped his sword and grabbed his wound with both hands. He stumbled away for a few steps and fell to the ground.

As the boy lay on the ground, crying out, Gaius kicked him onto his belly. Then he lay on top of the moaning boy and shoved his hard cock into the boy's young ass. With his cock still in the youth's ass he rolled both of them onto their sides and began to stroke the boy's cock. He knew that the boy's cock would respond and it did eventually shooting his white juices into the air. It was then that Gaius emptied his cock into the boy's ass.

Gaius wrapped his left arm around the boy's throat and began to choke him. He raised his arm requesting the death dagger which a slave brought to him. With his left arm still around the boy's throat, he plunged the dagger into the youth's side. He could hear the emperor's groan of pleasure as he had just cum down his new slave's throat.

Gaius pulled his cock out of the boy's ass. He stood and grabbed the youth's ankles and pulled his naked body to the opening of the arena where a rope had been draped over a beam. He tied the rope around the throat of the youth and pulled his body into the air. For several minutes the boy's bare feet kicked in the air and then started to twitch before becoming still.


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Smooth, young, and naked. Shoving a knife into his torso. Sweet. I envy Gaius.