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Oct 7, 2008
Forum Guidelines

1) Cute Dead Guys is a community for adults (18+) only.

2) Spamming, Phishing and Flooding are all strictly forbidden.
Spamming: Threads/posts with no other intent but to advertise. Such threads/posts are immediately removed.
Phishing: Attempting to criminally and fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as user names, passwords and credit card details.
Flooding: Repetitive posting designed to disrupt threads. Continual threads about the same topic will also be considered flooding.
3) Bestiality links, images and videos are forbidden.

4) Material which depicts animals being tortured and/or killed purely for an entertainment value is strictly forbidden. Creating such a video for the purpose of posting on the forum will result in an immediate and permanent ban and all details we possess will be passed on to the relevant authorities.

5) Absolutely no child pornography related links, images, jokes, text, videos, drawings, cartoons or anything that involves or comically references this subject and/or the sexual abuse of children. Posting child pornography will result in an immediate and permanent ban and all details we possess will be passed on to the relevant authorities. Threats towards another member's child(ren) and/or distasteful references are forbidden.

6) All posts must be written in the English language or they will be edited/deleted as appropriate.

7) The posting of another member's personal information without their consent is forbidden. This includes (but not limited to) real names, email addresses, telephone numbers, private messages, private instant messenger conversations, instant messenger screen names and home addresses. This still applies if a member has posted said information elsewhere on the internet. The posting of a member's unseen personal photographs is also forbidden without their consent. However if the information and/or photo were posted on Cute Dead Guys in the past by the member they are now in our public domain and may be reposted freely.

8) Flaming, hate and racism in user profiles is forbidden. This includes (but not limited to) user names, avatars, profile pictures, signatures, user titles and any information contained within the profile page.

9) Signatures should follow these guidelines:
  • Five (5) lines or less in total length
  • No font larger than size three (3)
  • No external links
  • No flaming, hate or racism
  • English language only
10) Thread starters should follow these guidelines:
  • A new thread must always be created in the section to where it belongs.
  • Threads should have an accurate, descriptive title with keywords pertaining to the material inside. This is to aid members searching through the archives. Funny captions belong in the post.
11) Keep your posts on topic.

12) Linking to warez, downloadable copyrighted material and software cracks is forbidden. Requests for such material is likewise forbidden. Linking to streamed copyrighted material is permitted.

13) Hate posts are forbidden. This includes (but not limited to) disparaging remarks/slurs or slang terms regarding a member's race, colour, religious observance and sexual orientation. *

14) No Flaming. *
Flaming: Threads/posts which incite a response through the use of insults, profanity, derogatory comments, etc.
15) We are all aware that reposts happen and they're not such a bad thing as the material is always new to somebody. A Moderator will merge the newer thread(s) with the original one and therefore it is not necessary to be derogatory towards another member making a contribution. Reposts do not need to be reported.

* Rule not applicable in the Flame/Hate sub-forum.

16) Sharing your account is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.

17) Multiple accounts are not allowed.

18) Revealing personal correspondence shared via the PM system is prohibited and will result in the termination of your account.

19) Proxy use is not allowed.

20) Accounts are not deleted on request.

21) We appreciate our members are a tightly knitted community and make fun of one another. Provided those involved act in a civil and tolerable manner we welcome fun, jokes, wit and sarcasm etc. Personal arguments should be kept to private messages as we will not allow selfish grievances to be aired in public. If you are unsure about any guideline(s) please seek a staff member sooner rather than later, we're always here to help you.

22) Everything members post & share on our website will remain on the server indefinately. We don't remove/edit content on request.

Warnings & Bannings
This works on a points system as follows:
  • When a post is found/reported that is against the rules you will receive a PM from a member of the staff and an infraction will appear on your User CP. It will detail what rule you broke, how long it will stay with you and if you received a point for the offense.
  • If you receive five (5) points you will receive a permanent ban.
  • Once you have served your ban for the five (5) point rule you will return to four (4) points. However, any further points will result in a further ban.
  • If the staff feels you have warranted a permanent ban due to your conduct, the five (5) point system will be revoked and the ban will be enforced.

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