First story = Birth of a Killer


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Jun 21, 2021
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First, I would like to thank Callmecaleb and Brian2012 for some inspiration to this story.

Here is an about me and the tale of my first victim Taylor.

I grew up near New York City and eventually moved out by Albany NY. I knew I was gay as a child and I knew I had to get the perfect body growing up. So I got a trainer and Chip lead me to the body I got now. BTW name is Kevin, 22 years old, 6 feet 2 inches, 156 pounds, perfect 8 pack, small treasure trail, with a chiseled jaw line, piercing blue eyes, and platinum blonde hair that has black tips. I am truly everyone's type and proved it over and over by the volume of sex I got. I would make a great victim here but that isn't going to happen. I also and will play in my stories alot a true major fetish for denim (jeans), and a pure hatred of underwear.

I was the star athlete in high school and had a major love for cross country. I was also a geek too. I loved computers and everything technical. So when I was 15 I created several highly used and downloaded apps we all used today, and by the time I was out of school I was a multimillionaire. This was the time I told my Mom, Dad died when I was 10, that I was gay. Mom also recently passed away too. I loved her but with my future activities I couldn't be burden with parents coming over.

Thanks to my wealth I settled in a house about 20 miles outside Albany. It was on 600 acres of land that backed in a large woodlands. My nearest neighbor was a half mile away. It even had a 5 mile long abandoned trail that no one used, at least I thought. I with my sexual appetite and the coming up sadistic nature turned a basement room into my playroom.

My life was about working maybe 3 hours a week on the apps, alot of playtime and of course my morning run of 10 miles and cardio after. With running I had to get the perfect gear. I wanted to run in the most rigid, coarsest denim every and I found that in Rigid 501 shorts. I get raging hard ons after 10 miles of my cock and balls rubbing against the denim. Bought alot of pairs that day.

Here comes the victim.

I woke up at usual time of 6, put on my 501 shorts, shirtless and I did carry a knife with me just in case. I was about 2 miles into the run and I looked to my right and stopped. About 20 yards up I see a figure sitting with his back up against a tree. As I got closer kept calling out to him and got no answer. When I got about 15 feet away I stop and my heart was beaten with shear lust.

Taylor I found out later was 19 years old. He was later measured to be 6 feet, 150 pounds, beautiful square jaw, with black haired in an emo boy style, he had also beautiful hazel eyes. But that was not the thing that caught my full attention. He was sitting with a gorgeous black and red plaid button up shirt with a dark Grey tank top. He had on jet black with white stitching True Religion Jeans. My God he was was perfect. I still shook him and no response, I felt for a pulse and it was a very slow and labored pulse and slow labored breathing. I looked around and saw 2 bottles of Hydrocodone and 1 bottle Xanax. There was a note that said "Sorry Mom and Dad, can't live with the fact of going to jail. I have killed myself and yes it was true I raped and sodomized that 10 year old boy."

I for a second was thinking of doing the right thing and calling the cops but hell he was a pedophile so no. Then after reading this site I said to myself, this is going to be your first and you will love it.

I leaned down to see if he had underwear on and yes he did, when I did that I noticed he hadn't pissed or shit himself, he was actually smelling great. I do this with my consensual partners all the time, so I took my knife and bunched the sides of the underwear and cut both sides, then gave him a back and forth wedgie for a few minutes. I check the undies and amazing no shit marks. He was clean down there. Now commando and the way I like my guys. I then carefully took off his shirt and then took my knife, cut off his tank top. His abs and chest was perfect with a medium sized treasure trail. I was going to keep the shirt, jeans, and his black timberlands.

I forgot to say I have a 8.5 inch dick with a 2.5 inch girth. I looked at his precious mouth and this was going to be the first place I will fuck hard. But I did not want his beautiful pearly white teeth getting in my way and if he woke up and bit my money maker. So I found a rock and bashed his teeth in and got most except a couple in the back. Put his head down hit him the back a few times and the teeth all came out. His mouth was bloody, hey perfect lube. I grabbed the back of his head with my left hand and face fucked him hard for about a hour, all while I opened the zipper of what will become my favorite jeans. I gave him a hand job and his cock was about 7 inches long and skinny. After an hour after I shot my load of 10 big squirts down his gullet. He was still barely living so perfect, I got to work on his cock and sucked hard and soon I got his seed.

I also wanted to fuck him hard. Most of the time with real life boys that are consensual to this, I will throw them on the bed and cut a slit in the back of the jeans and fuck away, but didn't do this with Taylor. Every seen the old group Kriss Kross. Well I stood Taylor up and unbuttoned his jeans and lowered them down. Still his naked body was just Devine. I was thinking damn no lube, so I remember reading Caleb did this several times. I took my knife and jabbed it into his anus and twisted it a full turn. There was enough blood for lube. I turn his jeans around and put them back on and saw a tree that fell down, so I draped him over the tree and with the zipper fully opened over his hole I rammed my massive cock down his ass. I stood there for an hour fucking him rough and hard and soon I fired another huge load in his ass. I did want to see the work I did, so I unbuttoned the jeans and look at a mess of blood, ass juices and my cum. I had to taste it all, (true Caleb style). Leaned down and stuck my mouth to his hole and sucked it all out. The taste was a mixture of sweet, salty and a little tangy. I call it now great ass soup.

Taylor was still hanging to the last of his life even with all I have done, so I said to him, you came to die, you will die. I grabbed his hair pulled his head back and slit his throat. I then wanted some of his blood so I cupped some in my hand and started licking and drinking it. It was great. I wanted more.

I couldn't leave Taylor there. But before I did anything I searched his pockets and his cell phone was with him. No one called or texted him yet thank God. I always carried a Sim card key with me and I took out his Sim Card. There is a gas station three miles in another direction through the woods so I started running there, I mean he did mess up my morning run. I got there and there is always rednecks and their trucks. I saw one with an out of state and threw it in there. Got a water and went back to Taylor full speed.

I took his tank top and put it around his throat not to have blood dripping on my floors. Picked up the empty pill bottles and note. Pick him up on my left shoulder, got his shirt and went home. My right hand got a little cold, so I snaked my hand through the zippered open and stuck at least 4 fingers up his hole. I finally got home and went to the basement playroom.

I do love my guys clean so we both took a clothed shower. This is where I fucked him again, then I lowered the jeans some and this time used my teeth to shred some skin off his cock while sucking him. He never came but it was great, I came more to liking human meat, blood and skin. So I bit hard on half his cockhead and bit it off. This was a very tasty snack.

I kept the soaked True Relgions in the tub. Grabbed me another pair of 501 shorts and took him to the playroom. I wanted more blood so I took my knife and cut his wrist and sucked out as much as I could get and the other wrist.

I will tell you I did fuck his mouth and ass a few more times that afternoon. He made me incredibly furiously horny. I did nibble more of his skin and flesh off him. I decided to bite more off
of his anal ring. He was chewed up in his ass and it made more delicious ass soup.

It was close to dinner time and I was seriously hungry. I remember I had vegetables upstairs, so I cut a good piece of his left ass cheek off for a steak dinner. I didn't want to eat alone and I remember an old sexual partner was into diapers so I had a couple still. I dressed his ass. I dressed him in my cummiest jeans. I walked him upstairs to the kitchen and casually cooked part of his ass and opened his eyes too. I cooked his ass steak and veggies and had a great meal. All while he watched.

I could bore you with the other said 20 to 30 times I fucked and sucked him and he sucked me for the two days he was with me. But I am not, let's say his mouth was well used, his dick was knawed off by the end, I have fucked his merciless ass at least 30 to 40 times.

After 2 days he was going ripe. I have taken bit and pieces off him, his right pec was used for breakfast and left pec for dinner. With protein snacks in between eating. His second day I wore his jeans and they fit great, and all long I fucked and sucked him.

My last physical interaction with him was the day I did Brian2012 style and butchered him. My cock out the fly of the true religions during the process. I cut off all remaining meat on his body. Had a great snack with his nipples. Decided I love his nipples alot and they were ate last. Then I decided today will be feet and rice day, so I cut off his feet and dropped them in boiling water with some onions and carrots. I let them cook for a while. Last part on him was his head. I severed the spinal column and cut his head off. Taylor was truly no more.

I stumbled a while back a old colony from I am guessing from the 1700s inside my woods, and it had a very deep well. So I saw the feet was ready to be taken out. Stripped all the meat off and had a good 2 pounds worth of foot meat. Then in the same water put some rice and seasoning and made feet and rice bog. It was delicious.

After dinner I took Taylors bones and his entrails and rest of the gross stuff and bagged it and took it to the well. Also the pill bottles, I kept the note for sentimental reasons.

While Taylor was in tact I took his IPhone and yes it opened to his fingerprint. I was treated to his vain and narcissistic side. He had thousands of pics of him, videos posing and sexual, and special folder called Chad, it was the 10 year old he fucked. It was actually hot as hell. I saved all of his stuff on my Laptop. Which later brought on the issue below.

On the way back home I figured out another issue, I take videos of my love partners and take tons of pictures and poses, so I couldn't put those on my Laptop. So when I got back home, I put on Taylors now mine clean outfit on and drove to Best Buy and got a 10 terabyte hard-drive. When I got there I know 2 boys there one is a special sex partner. He is the only one that can fuck me as I am a very dominant top and he himself has a sadistic side. Greg came over and saw his raging bulge. He said Kevin where did you get this outfit and I want to fuck you so bad. He was always bold so we stood there with him extremely close while he snaked his right hand threw my new jeans and fingered my ass. I told him to come to my place in a couple days and finish this. Got home put all video footage and about 775 pictures in a lone folder named Taylor and also his phone contents. The folder will not be alone for long.

Greg will be more involved later.

While I was gone I put Taylors head in the fridge and I had to fuck his mouth again. So opened the jaw and shoved my dick in and started fucking his face. Later a fiery round of hot cum came flying out of his cut severed throat all over my (his) shirt. I gave him one more look then wrapped his head in a bag and placed it in the freezer. He did feed me good for weeks, I did save sausage made from him and that will come into play the next victim.

A month later saw a news story and them trying to find Taylor and it lasted on the news for a good week and half. A year later the case was cold according to the news.

If you want more tell me or comment. Love this site and love the other stories too.

Next victim is Trevor if you want to know.


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Wonderful story! Made me hard and horny as you feasted on Taylor's meat and juice. I'll bet Kevin would taste as great. :yummy2:
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