Final Naked Battle


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Mar 7, 2018
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The Final Battle

The Main Engagement

Bald Eagle had led his tribe's warriors into many battles against their enemies who wanted to take their land. He had defeated each tribe of enemy warriors. His fighters had killed many men and boys in battle and when each battle had ended, Bald Eagle allowed his warriors to do with the enemy dead and dying as they wished. They always stripped and raped the enemy warriors fiercely since the lust of battle was still stirring in them.

Now it had come to Bald Eagle's attention that the many enemy tribes had joined together in order to present an overwhelming force against Bald Eagle and his warriors. Their intent was to first slaughter the warriors and then move on into the main camp and slaughter the rest of the tribe so that they may finally move into the fertile land that Bald Eagle's people had held for so long.

Bald Eagle called for a war council and insisted that all of the warriors attend to decide whether to go to war. As he stood in the middle of the meeting field the warriors came to meet with him. Some having come from bathing in the river were naked while others, barefoot and bare chested wore only the traditional loincloth tied around their waist with a knife tucked by their side. Bald Eagle told how the enemy tribes had joined together into one great army and intended to obliterate all of his tribe and take over the valley which they had lived in for years. He called for every male over the age of twelve to take up a weapon and be ready to fight for his land.

In one huge cry, the warriors accepted his command. It was noted that the youngest in attendance screamed the loudest probably because they looked forward to taking part in a huge battle since they had never experienced the thrill of killing an enemy, seeing him fall after his belly had been pierced by their virgin sword.

That night all of the warriors, young and old, stripped off their loincloth and joined together in a huge celebration before the battle. Alcohol was passed around freely and the youngest warriors, as this was their first time to attend such a celebration, gave themselves up freely to the experienced warriors, gladly sucking their cocks and allowing the older warriors to take them in any way that they wished.

It would be several days before the enemy legions reached the fields where Bald Eagle intended to attack them. During that time, Bald Eagle had the men train for the fight. As was the tradition of the tribe, the training was conducted with the men naked. This was done to remove any unconscious feelings of self-doubt that the men may have. In fact, Bald Eagle had always encouraged this naked contact even to the point of establishing sexual relationships between two, three, or even five of the men. He did this to develop a sense of camaraderie among the men, even to the point that a warrior would defend his lover or lovers even to the death if necessary.

As the men trained, Bald Eagle walked among them giving advice on how to improve their attack. He came upon two of the youngest fighters. It was to be their first battle. Bald Eagle took the sword from one of the youths and instructed the other one to attack him. The young man raised the sword over his head and charged, screaming at the top of his lungs. He swung the sword down aiming at Bald Eagle's throat, but the older warrior easily blocked the attack with his sword and punched the student in his belly with his free hand. The youth groaned loudly and dropped his sword. He then grabbed Bald Eagle's wrists with both hands and tried to wrestle the sword away. As they wrestled, both became aroused. Bald Eagle's cock responded to the smooth young body of the boy. He could feel the youth's cock grow hard against his as each groaned from the physical contest. Then, suddenly, the boy's cock gave up its juices. It shot its fluid over Bald Eagle's cock and legs. All at once the boy's strength was gone and Bald Eagle easily spun him around and wrapped his arm around the boy's throat. His cock pushed against the youth's ass and if this were taking place in battle, Bald Eagle would have raped his enemy as he strangled him to death. Bald Eagle released the youth.

“I'm sorry, general” he muttered in a low embraced voice.

“That is alright,” Bald Eagle said placing his hand on the young shoulder.

The youth starred at Bald Eagle's rigid cock still standing out from his body. He wanted to take the great warrior's cock in his hand, but he dared not. “You must learn to hold back your juices until the battle is over, otherwise your strength will disappear and you will be an easy victim for your enemy. However, I like your spirit, come to my tent after supper.” The boy's cock began to throb as he imagined spending the night naked with the general, satisfying his every need.

Bald Eagle walked on watching other trainees. His erect cock subsided but not completely. It remained engorged, unsatisfied and many of the men glanced at his huge member and longed to have the privilege of laying naked with him.

That night the young warrior appeared at the general's tent. He was dressed only in a white loincloth tied loosely around his hips. He entered the tent and saw Bald Eagle standing naked at the rear of the tent. The boy's bare feet twisted nervously on the tent floor as he looked at Bald Eagle's admirable naked body. Slowly he untied his loincloth and let it fall to the ground. Bald Eagle's cock began to swell as he looked at the firm, smooth body of the young man. Bald Eagle laid down on the pile of pillows that he used for a bed and beckoned the youth over to him. The warrior lay next to him and ran his hands slowly over Bald Eagle's naked body, he slowly let his hand wander down to Bald Eagle's bare belly and finally he took hold of the general's cock.

“It is fitting,” the young man whispered, “general, that a great man as you are should also have such an impressive penis!”

The young man rubbed his bare foot against those of the general and rolled on top of him. Continuing to massage the general's cock, he took it into his mouth eagerly and sucked it.

Meanwhile, sounds of passion and excess came from the other tents in the encampment as the soldiers enjoyed each other's bodies.

In the days before the great battle, Bald Eagle drilled the warriors according to his plan of attack. But after the training was completed, the older warriors gave way to orgies, wildly joining their naked bodies together in passion and even pulling in the younger warriors to satisfy their lust. They gave themselves up to so much excess that their naked bodies lay all over the encampment by the early morning. The young warriors thought all of this was odd, even funny for these “old men” to act so crazy. But the older men wanted to live their lives to the fullest while there was still life in them, something that the young warriors could not understand since they expected to kill many of the enemy and save the celebration for after the battle.

After a few nights of pleasure with the eager youth, Bald Eagle sent him back to be with his lover. The youth had been proud to serve the general. The next night Bald Eagle called his second-in-command, Gaius to his tent for the night. Gaius had been with Bald Eagle for many years and he understood the general's attraction to the young warrior, but he looked forward to spending the night naked with Bald Eagle. When Gaius entered the tent he was naked as was Bald Eagle who immediately came over to Gaius and grabbing him behind his head, pulled him close and kissed him roughly, thrusting his tongue into Gaius' throat. The two men collapsed onto the floor of the tent and lightly wrestled as they groped each other's naked body. Finally, exhausted they rolled onto their backs. Gaius rolled over on top of Bald Eagle and began stroking his cock and then closed his lips around the shaft and began to suck it as he had done many times before.

After Bald Eagle and Gaius had spent most of the night caressing each other and sucking each other's cock, they fell asleep. Bald Eagle was the first to awake. It was before dawn. He placed his hand on Gaius' chest and shook him. “Let's take a walk before dawn,” he said. He and Gaius left the tent, naked in the dark and walked to were the bonfire was still burning.

“Tell me Gaius, what would you do if in battle you are struck with and arrow in your chest?” and Bald Eagle made a fist and pushed it against Gaius' chest.

“I would cry out and grab the arrow then I would arch my back and stumble backward from the force of the arrow striking me and I would take hold of my cock so that I could cum before I died.. If you were nearby I know that you would grab me in your arms to keep me from falling. I would feel your hands running over my body and, after my cock had shot its juices, I would ask you to finish me with your knife so that I die by your hand and not an enemy arrow.”

“And you Bald Eagle, what would you do if an enemy arrow strikes you in the chest?” Standing close so that their cocks touch, Gaius uses the edge of his fist to imitate an arrow striking his friend's chest.

“Like you Gaius, I would arch my back, but try not to utter a sound. My arms would open as though nailed to a cross and I would stumble back. If you were there I would stumble into your arms and ask you to hold my cock as I die still standing.”

“And Gaius, how would you react if an enemy knife pierces your belly?”

“I would grab his wrist and force him to keep the knife in my belly to slow the bleeding. Then I would stab him in his chest with my knife, and then stab him again. We would fall to the ground with me on top of him and still holding his wrist to keep his knife inside of me. I would release my knife and take my cock in my hand shoving the head into the hair around his cock. I would jerk off until my cock shot its juices into his cock hair, showing me as the victor”.

“But if you are stabbed Bald Eagle, because you are so well known and feared, the attacker may wrap his arm around you forcing you to arch your back and then slice off your cock.”

“If I were stabbed Gaius, I would stand and take his knife in my belly and return by stabbing him. I would let him stab me if he could and I would stab him, each man taking as many stabbings as he could before he fell.”

“I fear Gaius, that tomorrow we will both find out how we react to a knife or an arrow.”

The two men returned to the tent and Gaius fell asleep with his hand clutching Bald Eagle's large cock.

The day arrived when the enemy reached the edge of the valley. Bald Eagle climbed onto a rock formation and called his warriors to him.

“This day we will fight the greatest battle that we have ever faced. I ask that each warrior fight as never before and slaughter as many of the enemy as he can even after he is wounded. Many of us will be killed but we must all fight to the end!” The warriors shouted as one in support.

Bald Eagle ripped off his loin cloth. “I do not need this to fight! I will face this enemy naked as a warrior should!” He tossed the loin cloth aside and jumped down from the rock and began to walk through the throng of warriors toward where the enemy had massed. Following his lead, all of his warriors also tossed aside their loin cloths and the entire army approached the enemy naked armed with their swords, bows and knives.

Gaius at first fought beside Bald Eagle but was separated by the onslaught of enemy warriors. Bald Eagle was filled with the lust to kill. When the first enemy warrior reached him, he swung his sword slashing open the enemy's throat. With eyes wide open, only a gurgle and spouting blood escaped his throat as he fell. Bald Eagle stepped on his cock to move past him and at the same instant thrust his sword into a young warrior evidently in his first battle because he left himself wide open to Bald Eagle's sword thrust. The sword entered his belly and was withdrawn just as quickly, but the boy just stood there motionless, arms at his side, his belly spurting blood. His cock had grown stiff but Bald Eagle had no time to stop. With the sole of his bare foot he kicked the boy's groin knocking him onto his back as Bald Eagle stepped on his young, flat chest to move on. The next enemy had gotten the best of one of Bald Eagle's warriors and had just buried his sword into the man's chest, when from the corner of his eye he saw Bald Eagle's sword slicing into his side. The sword had gone out his other side and when it was pulled out, he fell twitching on the ground barely alive. The warrior wounded in his chest fell on top of him, dead.

The air was filled with the sounds of men screaming in agony mixed with the sound of swords clashing together. Having taken most of the casualties, the enemy drew back. Gaius took a moment to look at the carnage around him. Men and boys naked and in loin cloths lay on the ground some groaning loudly squirming on top of men that had had fallen before them, some using their last moments to jerk off and shoot their juices onto the bodies of the warriors around them.

He could see that other soldiers had knelt next to a wounded warrior and taken hold of his dying cock.

It was said that some of the warriors, especially the older ones, showed respect for an enemy warrior that they had defeated. After thrusting his sword into the bare chest or belly of his foe. The warrior would kneel beside the dying warrior and pulling off his loincloth, would take the enemy's cock in his hand and stroke it. This most often happened when an older soldier had defeated a young man from the enemy tribe. As the man died, the victor would kneel and pull off the loincloth and take the cock of the youth in his hand. Some thought it was to give the boy his last, and probably first chance to release his juices in the midst of a battle. But when he felt the cock of the youth begin to throb and was about to release its white cum, the older fighter would slide his hand up and hold the boy's cock by its tip. Then the youth's cock would spew its juices into the hand of the triumphant warrior. He would release the limp cock and smear the juices onto his own chest and belly as though to anoint himself with the essence of the youth to protect him from the same fate.

The enemy charged again in superior numbers. Bald Eagle grabbed a charging enemy avoiding his sword and thrust his own sword into the warriors belly then he spun the dying enemy in front of him as another soldier attacked. Bald Eagle had attempted to shield himself with the body of the enemy that he had just wounded, but the sword of the attacker passed through the back of his comrade and out of his belly into the belly of Bald Eagle. Only a few inches of the sword went into Bald Eagle's belly and he immediately swung his sword at the attacker and sliced deeply into his neck. He let out a loud scream as Bald Eagle pushed both attackers away. They both fell to the ground with the sword of one penetrating all the way through the other's body.

As the battle went on the pile of wounded men increased. The sound of dying men groaning filled the air. Many lay on top of each other still squirming, and in some cases wounded men were trapped under piles of dying and dead men and were unable to escape, condemned to a slow death. Some of the wounded being trapped under a pile of dead and dying warriors took their last pleasure by raping a dying warrior next to him. Shoving his cock into the dying man's ass as he himself died, content to leave his cock in the ass of his victim as he died.

One young inexperienced warrior charged at Bald Eagle, but he stepped aside and the sword passed by his side. He wrapped his arm around the young fighter's neck. His arm trapped, his sword was now useless. Bald Eagle kissed him fully on the mouth and at the same time stabbed him in his belly. The youth groaned with Bald Eagle's mouth still covering his. Bald Eagle released him and he fell on top on another dead enemy, his bare feet twitching as he died.

In the distance, Gaius could see the ferocity with which Bald Eagle fought. By this time some of the enemy actually tried to avoid fighting him, preferring to challenge the less capable fighters.

Some circled Bald Eagle but none were brave enough to attack him. Gaius seeing him surrounded fought to get by his side. An enemy archer appeared outside of the circle and fired an arrow into Bald Eagle's stomach. He arched his back as the arrow hit and stumbled back a few steps. It was then that the group closed in on him. Still standing with the arrow in his belly. He lashed out slicing open two of the enemy's bellies with one stroke. Both men cried out in shock and grasped their open bellies before they fell together writhing on the ground.

As they got closer, he threw his sword into the chest of another enemy warrior who fell backwards onto the ground immediately. As he drew his knife, a sword pierced his side and another stabbed him in his cock hair. A knife pierced his upper belly as Gaius reached him and stabbed his attacker. As Gaius held Bald Eagle up the enemy increased its attack stabbing both naked warriors with their knives until an arrow struck Gaius in his belly and they fell. The warriors placed their bare feet on the chests of Gaius and Bald Eagle with a triumphant shout. They did not slice off the cock of either warrior as they were in a mad rush to attack the main encampment where the rest of the tribe waited.

Gaius leaned on his side against Bald Eagle. He could see that his leader was still alive even after taking so many knife thrusts. The arrow still protruded from his belly moving as he breathed. The arrow in Gaius' belly lay across Bald Eagle's belly. Around them were hundreds of wounded and dead warriors. The ground was covered with naked bodies many of them groaning and trying to move. Gaius could see that some of the warriors though still living were buried under the bodies of dead men and could not move. They were fated to die covered by dead bodies, but he saw that they still tried to jerk off even though covered by dead warriors.

Bald Eagle's right hand was grasping the arrow in his lower belly. Gaius ran his hand over his commander's naked body. First his chest and then his belly, which had always excited him. Then Gaius took hold of Bald Eagle's cock.

As Gaius stroked Bald Eagle's cock he recalled the battle.

“Bald Eagle you were superb today. You fought like a madman and killed many of the enemy. I saw the young enemy warrior try to stab you with his sword, you side-stepped it and wrapped your arm around his young torso and as you kissed his mouth your sword pierced him. You sucked the last breath from him. And I saw you use the body of an enemy warrior that you had just stabbed as a shield, but the sword from the second attacker went through the dying warrior and into your belly. You stood against the enemy in defiance after taking an arrow in the belly.

Bald Eagle, let me take my arm and lift you just a bit so that you may see the carnage all around us. Bald Eagle looked across the field of naked men. He could see some of them jerking off and others helping their dying friend by jerking him off. Loud groaning filled the air, some from pain and some from ecstasy as their cocks shot their juice into the air and onto the naked bodies around them. Bald Eagle watched the battlefield littered with men many of whom were shooting their last juices into the air just as they died. Gaius continued to stroke Bald Eagle's cock and could feel it throb in his hand.

“The warriors that lay around us, Bald Eagle, were slain by you. They died quickly unable to release their pent up juices. Some of the dead around us still show hard cocks, unsatisfied.”

Then Gaius could feel Bald Eagle's belly tense and his cock throb ending in an explosion of cum streaming into the air and back down onto his belly and Gaius' hand. Stream after stream of cock juice shot into the air until Gaius thought that it would never end. But then it slowed until it poured from the head of his cock down his shaft onto Gaius' hand. After Gaius squeezed out the last of its cum, Bald Eagle's cock grew soft but still engorged in Gaius' hand.

Bald Eagle's whole body shook violently as Gaius kept hold of his cock. His hand fell away from the arrow in his belly and with a deep sigh, he died.

Overcome with sadness as he gazed at the naked body that he had long admired, Gaius released Bald Eagle's cock. He took his hand, covered with Bald Eagle's cum and rubbed it onto his own chest and belly. Then he scooped more cum off of his friend's belly and wiped it onto his cock and his cock hair. As Gaius' began to stroke his cock he ran his other hand over the cum soaked body of Bald Eagle. He looked around at the naked bodies lying on the battlefield, some of them still jerking off as he started to cum.

His cock shot its cum onto Bald Eagle's belly and chest. When his cock could produce not more, Gaius smeared his cum with that of Bald Eagle's over his dead friends belly and chest and then smeared the same mixture on his body.

Gaius rolled onto his back next to Bald Eagle. The battlefield was almost silent now. With his last ounce of strength Gaius moved his arm and was able to touch Bald Eagle's still engorged cock. Gaius groaned, his bare feet twitched slightly and he died. His wish had always been to die naked next to Bald Eagle with his hand on his lover's cock.