Final Naked Battle - The Youths


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Mar 7, 2018
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The Story of the Youngest Warriors

(Addition to the original story)

Little Eagle and Running Fawn were best friends. Both of them had reached the age ot thirteen and were overjoyed when they heard of Bald Eagle's proclamation that warriors twelve and up would be in the battle. This would be the first battle that warriors younger then sixteen would fight.

Putting his hand on the bare shoulder of his friend, Little Eagle whispered, “I wonder if the tribe will allow us to express our true feelings, if we are able to return after the battle as true warriors”? Little Eagle's question resulted from the old law that no boy under the age of sixteen was allowed to have sexual contact with anyone. They were never even allowed to release their cock juices when alone before the age of sixteen, since the tribe believed that their young juices were essential to building strong warriors and must not be wasted.

“Little Eagle, I have longed to lay naked with you and satisfy our lust together.” Running Fawn's mounting lust caused him to lose his breath as he spoke these words.

“I feel that way also, Running Fawn, that is why we must go into battle naked, as will Bald Eagle and show our proud, rigid cocks to the enemy as we slay them”.

“Little Eagle, we must for the battle. Let's walk away from the village and practice. When they had reached a place were they were alone, Running Fawn said, “First, we must strip naked so that we won't feel self-conscious in front of the other warriors. The two boys stripped naked. Just feeling the wind against their naked bodies cased their cocks to become engorged.

“We've never been naked together Running Fawn, you have a beautiful body”, Little Eagle said as the tension mounted in his body and his cock stood out throbbing from his body.

“And your perfect body, Running Fawn, fills me with desire! But we must control our desires until after the battle. We should practice. I'll break this branch in two and we can use them as swords”.

The two naked boys began to practice their fighting skills, slashing and dodging each other's attack. Running Fawn was first to score a hit. He knocked the stick out of Little Eagle's hand and pretended to stab him in the belly. Little Eagle cried out as though wounded. He pretended to clutch the wound in his belly and stumbled forward. Running Fawn stabbed him again in the belly. “You've slain me” Little Eagle cried out as he grabbed Running Fawn's shoulders with both hands. He then slid down his friend's naked body feeling the other boy's rigid cock rub against his cock and chest as he fell onto the ground.

Both boys laughed as Running Fawn helped his friend up. They stared at each other for a moment, then each agreed to follow the tribe's law and withhold their lust. They continued to practice for about an hour, each stabbing the other as they fought and the wounded boy reacting and groaning as he fell to the ground. In the end, they dressed feeling sure that they were ready for the real thing.

However, in preparing for the battle, Bald Eagle gave the order that all of those under the age of sixteen would be given bows and serve as archers and would fire at the attacking enemy from atop the surrounding hills. This was a great disappointment to both boys and to many of the other youths. This would leave them out of the actual conflict. Would this interfere with Running Fawn and Little Eagle's desire to satisfy their burning lust?


Mohe and Akai had just reached the age of sixteen and were proud to be included among Bald Eagle's attacking force instead of remaining in the rear with the boy archers. They left the encampment and walked together along the river near the village. “Are you afraid Mohe? This will be the first battle for both of us”.

“Maybe a little, Akai, but not so much of taking an enemy's knife in my belly, but being killed before I can claim at least one of the enemy tribe, otherwise, as a warrior, I am worthless. Also, if I do fall to an enemy's knife, I pray that he doesn't rape me as I die. Since Bald Eagle's proclamation, we will be going into battle naked and rape may well be on the mind of the enemy. That is the ultimate insult to a warrior. I want to feel my knife cut into the enemy's bare belly or chest, hear him cry out in pain and fall at my feet.”

“And what then, Mohe? Continue and fight on”?

“Not for my first kill, Akai, I would strip the enemy naked and kneeling beside him I would take his cock in my hand, feeling it for a moment, and then I would slice his cock off, feeling his hot blood wash over me! What about you, Akai”?

“I feel, Mohe, that well will both fall in battle to the knives of the older and more experienced enemy warriors. I pray that, when I am wounded whether in my belly or chest, I will be able to continue to stand and fight taking several sword thrusts before I fall. Tell me Mohe, since Bald Eagle will go into battle naked tomorrow, will you also strip off your loin cloth and sandals when you go inot battle? I would feel humiliated if my fear of the coming battle causes my cock to be limp amid all of the other warriors who are proud of their hard cocks before battle”.

“We will both fight naked together tomorrow, Akai. The other warriors may be older and their cocks larger than ours are but our young cocks will be proud and erect, standing straight up between our legs. If necessary, I will take your cock in my hand and massage it until it stands proudly, and you may need to do the same to me even though it is forbidden to us”.

Mohe then reached under Akai's loin cloth and took hold of his young cock which had become engorged as a result of their talk. “Akai, let's get naked together and enjoy each other's body before the battle tomorrow as this may be the only time we will be able to exchange our juices”.

“No, Mohe, Bald Eagle has said that everyone must save his precious juices and be strong and virile tomorrow”.

Mohe was very disappointed since following tribal law, he and Akai had never been naked together. “Well at least let's bathe together before returning to the village”.

Akai agreed and both boys stripped naked and jumped into the water. Each rubbed his hands over the other's naked body, ostensibly to wash, but both of their cocks became rigid and rubbed against each other. Akai broke away. “We cannot do this! I am about to spew my juices into the stream”.

Mohe gave up and both boys got out of the stream and dressed to go back to the village. Both separated and slept in their own tents for the night.

But there was no time for any of the boys to worry about their desire. The entire tribe was preparing for the battle at first light. Some were exercising, some sharpened their knives and spears.


The four boys met in the center of the village where there was a huge confusion of men, barefoot, bare chested rushing about in preparation for the coming battle. They stood in awe of the rush of men about them along with all of the other boys in the village, until they were pulled away to a field. The youngest were handed bows and quivers of arrows and told to get in as much practice as possible. The older boys were given knives and spears and told to sharpen them.

Men and boys prepared for about an hour when Bald Eagle made his appearance. The warriors made a huge circle around him.

Bald Eagle raised his arms and the vast group of male warriors became silent. “We meet here before the greatest battle that we have ever fought. Many or all of us may not return but we fight to save our land. So if this is to be my final battle, I chose to go into it naked”!

Then Bald Eagle ripped off his loin cloth and threw it into the crowd of warriors. He stood before them naked, his cock throbbing. Then, as one man, the crowd cheered and took off their loin cloths and pitched them into the air.

The entire army of naked warriors marched toward the battlefield. Bald Eagle divided his army into three groups. One group of the young archers was posted to the hill on the west side of the battlefield. One half of the attacking force was assigned to the eastern hills, and the main force would attack the enemy head on.

The enemy warriors approached. Their archers were on the west and their entire main force would attack up the middle. As they approached, they saw that their foes were naked and this added to their lust to kill the naked enemy.

As the two forces approached each other, Bald Eagle's young naked archers launched their shafts in a withering hale of fire. It appeared that each arrow had pierced an enemy warrior. Both old and young warriors fell, some older fighters who had survived many battles now fell having fought in their last battle, and next to them young men experiencing their first fight, their young cocks rigid with the expectation of killing the enemy, screamed out in shock at having been felled so quickly before they could experience their fist kill. Both old and young naked warriors fell on top of each other in squirming piles of dying men.

Then the enemy archers released their arrows which flew with deadly effect on Bald Eagles men. Many of the younger warriors had rushed ahead in the heat of the battle hoping to kill the enemy, but they were met with a staggering shower of arrows that pierced their bare chests and bellies. They fell to the ground crying out in pain and rage at having been wounded even before they could reach the enemy forces. Many of the young warriors and some of the older men lay naked on the ground, pierced by enemy arrows, squirming, their bare feet kicking the dirt. But their friends could not stop to help them. They stepped over their dying naked comrades to meet the oncoming enemy. The wounded tried to comfort each other by taking his brother warrior's cock in his hand, or if he had the strength, taking the dying warrior's cock in his mouth to permit him to release his pent up lust one last time. Many died still holding another warrior's cock in his hand still unsatisfied. The other dying, his cock still filled with unreleased juices.

With the ground littered with bare chested and naked men on the ground in their death throes, the armies met. Arrows now gave way to knives as the warriors hacked each other to death. As the fight continued many warriors tripped over the bodies of the dead soldiers only to have their opponent plunge his knife into their bare flesh. They squirmed in agony among the dead warriors laying around them only to join them in death shortly, looking at the naked body of their killer as they died.

Some of the young warriors who had not been hit by the fires volley of enemy arrows came upon friends that lay on the ground, dying. They stopped to comfort them. Aroused themselves since they had never seen their friend naked before and now to see him dying with an arrow in his chest or belly filled the other with aching lust. He took his friend's cock in his had trying to allow him to release his juices, but was pulled away onward to the battle by the older warriors. He left his friend to die without releasing his male juices even for the first time, since the tribe had forbidden it before he was of age. The wounded were often too weak to take hold of their cock and force it to give up its juices before they died.

Both tribes met in the valley which was surrounded by hills where both sides had stationed archers. Mohe was eager to have his first kill and the prize that he would take. When the fighting began, it didn't take long for Mohe to meet his first opponent. It was a young enemy warrior, who was running at him and screaming wildly. He appeared to be hysterical perhaps from the carnage that he had witnessed around him. Men and boys felled by arrows and now being slaughtered in close fighting. Their bodies some naked, some in loin cloths lay scattered over the ground. Many were still barely alive and their groans joined with the war screams of the fighters. The boy ran straight for Mohe swinging his knife wildly. Obviously he hoped that this would be his first kill also.

Mohe watched him and noticed that after each slash, be paused before slashing in the other direction. On his next slash with his knife, Mohe attacked by chopping down on his hand as he paused. A loud cry came from the boy's mouth as he dropped his knife. Mohe quickly stabbed him in his stomach.

The boy warrior cried out, “NO, NO”!

But Mohe pulled the boy's head to his chest and stabbed again. The enemy cried out, “NO MORE”! But Mohe felt intense lust as the warrior's head squirmed against his chest. He stabbed him again in the belly and released him. The warrior fell at his feet. Mohe knelt down and pulled off the boy's loincloth. The boy's cum covered the inside. Had he released his juices while Mohe stabbed him or before as he charged? Mohe was about to fulfill his desire. He first ran his hand over the boy's chest and then down to his cock. It was still engorged as Mohe took it into his hand, and with one quick stroke of his knife, he sliced off the young cock. The boy cried out in pain and shock. His blood splashed onto Mohe's chest. Mohe held the boy's cock in his hand staring at it, feeling the warm flesh in his hand. His first kill and he had achieved what he most wanted, the greatest trophy of the fight. Picking up the cum covered loin cloth, he smeared it over his chest. Covering it with the boy's essence and blood. Bald Eagle had commanded all of his warriors to withhold their lust until the battle had ended, but Mohe, filled with uncontrollable lust could not bear to wait. Still squeezing the severed cock in his left hand, he grasped his throbbing cock with his right and stroked it. It only took a moment before his cock began to spew its juices over the chest of his first kill. The intensity of his orgasm he almost fainted as stream after stream splashed onto the dead boy.

But Mohe didn't realize that another, older enemy warrior had seen what had happened to his compatriot and fought his way to where Mohe still knelt holding the cock of his victim. The enemy warrior grabbed Mohe's head by its hair and slit his throat. His blood spewed out over the warrior that he had just killed. His scream came out as a bloody gurgle and the enemy released his head. Mohe fell across the body of his victim still holding his own cock in his hand which still leaked his juices. His bare feet twitching as he died. The older warrior could not resist his growing lust as he looked at both naked bodies. Mohe's body draped over the other boy was too much to resist. He pulled off his loin cloth and massaged his cock until it throbbed, rigid, aching for relief. He shoved his cock into Mohe's upturned ass and raped him. His cock, moving in and out of Mohe's young ass. His bare feet pushing against the death twitch of Mohe.

Akai saw the enemy kill his friend and ran to him. He pulled a spear from the dead hand of a warrior and thrust it into the attacker's back. The warrior was still shooting his juices into Mohe's body when the spear pierced him. He screamed and arched his back then fell over Mohe, driving his still hard cock deep into Mohe's dead ass. Akai pulled the spear from the dying enemy and thrust it into his ass. The enemy let out a loud agonizing scream as the spear cut into his vital organs. Akai left the spear buried in the enemy's ass and moved on. There was nothing more that he could do for his friend.


The youngest warriors on both sides had been assigned to be archers. Their arrows struck older fighters and young ones alike. Most of the arrows hit the warrior in his bare chest or belly however some hit lower. One of the enemy warriors had taken an arrow hit just above the base of his cock. He tried to pull the arrow out, but the tines prevented it. A friend assisted him by pushing the arrow through his loin and pulled it out. The wounded warrior was able to stand and continue to the battle, but the archers watching knew that he would not last long before coming the victim of the first of their warriors that encountered him.

At first Little Eagle and Running Fawn were greatly disappointed that they had not been chosen to be in the main fighting force. But as they saw their arrows pierce the enemy's bare chests and as they fell to the ground, the two boys became filled with the lust of the battle. So that when their supply of arrows had been exhausted, they wanted to charge into the fighting. Some of the youths on both sides had held an arrow back to use later as a weapon, and the time had come. Almost simultaneously both groups of archers charged down the opposite hills. Bald Eagle's archers were completely naked and the other ran toward them, barefoot, wearing only a loin cloth.

The main conflict had moved farther up the valley, but some of the enemy warriors saw the charge from both sets of archers and decided to go back for some easy kills. Both groups of archers had reached each other and began to battle. Those that had kept an arrow in case hand to hand combat occurred had the advantage. Both sides had run at full speed and as a result, they slammed into each other. Their bare chests pressed together as they struggled to kill each other. Some had managed to get their hands around the other's throat and began to strangle each other, Their young hard cocks pressed against each other rubbing back and forth as they fought and more than one shot his juices into his loin cloth or onto the chest of his attacker. Those with arrows shoved them into the young flat chests and bellies of their opponents who dropped to the ground still alive and squirming. With not other weapons available, many of the victors decided to strangle the wounded enemy archer to death.

When the older warriors caught up with them, they would pull one of the naked boys off of one with a loin cloth and stab him in his belly. The naked youth would let out a high pitched squeal and fall to the ground squirming in pain, his bare feet digging into the soil. Running Fawn saw Little Eagle pulled off of a boy that he had just choked to death and was about to rip off his loin cloth. The loin cloth came off in Little Eagle's hand leaving the dead archer's naked body and now limp cock exposed. The warrior stabbed Little Eagle in his belly just as Running Fawn reached them. He took an arrow which he had pulled from the dead hand of an enemy archer and shoved it into the chest of the warrior. The seasoned warrior stood frozen for a moment in shock. Then he dropped Little Eagle, still alive on top of his victim. Running Fawn tried to fight the larger warrior by grabbing his hand and attempting to twist the knife from his grasp, but the warrior was too strong. He grabbed Running Fawn's arm and spun him around then put his left arm around the boy's throat. Running Fawn's back was now toward the attacker, he could feel the man's rigid cock through his loin cloth. Still holding the boy in a choke hold, the warrior untied his loin cloth and let it fall. Running Fawn could now feel the huge cock against his ass. The warrior then stabbed Running Fawn in the belly, and as he bent over in pain the warrior raped him. Then he let the young archer fall on top of his friend still alive.

Running Fawn could not tell whether Little Eagle was still alive but he still forced his hand under his friend's body and took hold of his cock. He tried to massage it but was too weak. He died still holding his friend's engorged cock in his hand.

After slaughtering many of the youths, the enemy warriors decided to save some of them to use as slaves. They tied their hands to their feet and although they struggled and squirmed on the ground, the could not free themselves. Most of them struggled on their backs, their hands and feet tied like a steer. Others had rolled onto their side, their bare feet struggling to get free in vain. Boys from both sides were attacked and tied up. Their fate was to be body slaves to the enemy warriors if any of them survived the battle themselves. With all of the archers tied securely, the warriors started to returned to the main battle.

“Stop! Rondo yelled. Look at all of these youths struggling in their binds Their bare feet twisting and struggling. I need to have at least one before I return to the fight!”

The other warriors replied, “No, we have been commanded to hold our lust until the battle is over. Otherwise our strength will be weakened. We will come back after the battle and take them”.

“I can't leave now, seeing all of these youths struggling, their bare feet in the air. I'll take one and then go.” Rondo picked one out. A naked youth, his bare feet and hands struggling to get free. He decided to rape his bare feet and pulled off his loin cloth then shoved his cock between the youth's struggling bare feet. In and out he forced his cock between them until he shot out his juices onto the back of the bound youth.

“Now we can go”. But when Rondo returned to the battle he felt that his strength had indeed been weakened. The first of Bald Eagle's warriors to face him had easily fought off his attack and plunged his knife into Rondo's belly, ripping it up from cock to breast bone. Rondo fell, his cock limp.


When Osamee first learned of Bald Eagle's decision to have all those between twelve and sixteen to be archers and not part of the main force, he was disappointed and humiliated. But then he decided that he would at least be able to take part in the great battle. Along with the other boys, he was given a bow and a scabbard of arrows and instructed on their use.

When the day of the battle came, Osamee as well as all of the other archers had decided to go into the battle naked as would their leader Bald Eagle. All of the archers were gathered together and given as many arrows that the tribe could make. Osamee had never been with other naked boys before, but he felt confident. Those that were twelve and thirteen felt embarrassed since their cocks could not achieve an erection as those of the older boys, and many covered their young cocks with their hands. They were embarrassed being with so many naked males, although some managed to take hold of an older boy's erect cock in curiosity, although he was pushed off quickly since it was a great sin in the tribe's tradition for a warrior to release his male juices before a battle. It was believed that it would weaken him in battle.

As Osamee looked around, he felt that his body was as good as the other boys, his cock stood out hard from excitement. His flat undeveloped chest, although like the other archers was nothing compared to the full, developed pecs of the older warriors who were also preparing for the battle and were also naked. He was quite amazed and a little embarrassed by the size of the cocks of some of the older males which were erect and swinging between their legs. He would have been proud to spend the night naked with any of them.

As the battle started, Osamee looked with excitement as the army of naked men armed with knives and spears entered the valley marching toward the enemy tribe. The enemy general had come to the same decision as Bald Eagle and made his youngest warriors archers. Both groups of archers were on opposite hills where they could most easily shoot into the fighters.

Osamee and his group let their arrows fly at the enemy and the archers on the other side of the valley also began to shoot their arrows. Osamee could hardly contain himself as he watched his arrows and those of the other boys hit their mark in the chest and bellies of the enemy. At the same time, he watched as the enemy arrows pierced the naked bodies of his tribesmen. There was a huge cry of anger and even lust as the men fell from arrows or enemy knives and spears.

Osamee couldn't stop himself and fired arrow after arrow into the chests and bellies of the enemy warriors. Seeing them shout out in pain and fall, most of them shocked to be hit by an arrow. The older warrior knew that he had been killed by a boy rather than a man. Osamee wanted to release his juices but he couldn't stop firing arrows at the attacking force. His cock standing out with great lust.

The ground soon was covered with many hundreds of naked and loin clothed men. Suddenly, without being ordered the young archers from both sides charged toward the main battle. Osamee joined in the charge of naked boys. When he reached the fighting still holding his bow, but out of arrows, a young enemy archer in a loin cloth faced him no more that ten yards away. Osamee reached for an arrow in his quiver but it was empty. The boy archer had saved several arrows, he notched one and shot hitting Osamee in his belly. Osamee cried out in a high pitched voice, almost like that of a girl. He couldn't believe what had happened. He stood frozen. staring at the other archer. He suddenly felt his nakedness in front of the enemy. Then another arrow struck Osamee in his navel. He hadn't felt either one that had pierced his belly. He just stood, not moving, staring at the enemy in shock, and then stared at the wooden shafts sticking out of his belly. The boy with a smile and careful aim, let his third arrow loose. It struck Osamee just at the base of his cock which was still rigid.

Osamee fell on top of a naked dying warrior who groaned as Osamee's young ass pushed against his cock. Both Osamee and the older warrior squirmed against each other from their wounds. The enemy boy archer approached where Osamee squirmed trying to pull out the arrows in his belly. The naked tribesman that lay below him could not help but enjoy the young body squirming on top of his. He knew that he had only minutes to live since an enemy knife had been thrust deeply into his belly and pulled out.

The young enemy archer, well pleased with his kill, approached where Osamee lay. He pulled out the arrow at the base of Osamee's cock. He than placed his bare foot on Osamee's still hard cock and rubbed it back and forth. The cock of the dying warrior underneath Osamee had entered Osamee's young ass. The young enemy knew as did Osamee that using his bare foot on an opponent’s dying cock was a lack of respect. But Osamee could not hold back. His cock shot his male juices as the warrior below him took his virginity and shot his male juices into the young boy's ass as he died.

As the enemy archer rubbed Osamee's dying young cock under his bare foot, he ripped off his loin cloth and massaged his cock until it came on Osamee's young chest. Osamee's juices had covered the bottom the the enemy's bare foot and he wiped his foot off on Osamee's cock hair before moving on.