Exam of physical limit


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Aug 28, 2015
Midlands, England
(This story is based on my personal experience when I was in my undergraduate study. Please imagine the story with the help of the images below)

Our rowing team implemented a 3-month super-intensive training schedule as an experiment. Now after finishing this new training schedule, the sports medical research centre would give us a set of physical examination, on the purpose of assessing whether our physical limit was improved. Me and my teammates Jack and Kevin were selected to participate in this challenging exam.

As required, we wore usual sports gear when going to the examination room in the medical centre. The exam started at 9:00 PM by giving us some questionnaires and general measurements. The physical measurements showed all of us had physical heights between 1.90m and 2.00m, weights between 70kg to 80kg, heart rate at rest between 40 to 50 bpm. So we were all in toned shape as young guys between 18 and 20 years old. Then the medical technicians also asked if we were doing other sports. I was also a tennis player, Jack was a runner and Kevin was a competent swimmer. This information was very important to assess our performance in the following physical challenges.

The first exam was electric shock challenge. The technicians ordered us to remove our vest and raise our arms, fully exposing our upper body. Then our armpits were shaved and cleaned thoroughly, after which a tiny metal electrode was stuck to the skin at the centre of our right armpit. Then we put down our arms, the technicians clipped our left nipples with the other electrode. The positions of two electrode would let the current travel through the heart. Then each of us lay on a 2.2 meters long gurney, with our arms, waist and ankles bonded. Then the power supply was switched on.

The moment the current flowed into my body, I suddenly groaned "Ehrrr", so did my two teammates. I felt my right armpit was stabbed by a needle and my left tit was burnt. And my heart was like being restricted by a steel cage. The voltage was very low, but enough to agonize our muscle and heart. After 30 seconds, the power was switched off; after 1 minute, it was switched on again. This cycle lasted 15 minutes.

After having a 30-minute rest, we were given an EKG and auscultation test. Our heart rate raised to 70 ~ 80 bpm, and all of us felt pressure on the chest. Because the electrocution had caused slight arrhythmia. The researchers asked how we felt during the challenge, I said I felt pain in my armpit and nipple, so did Kevin; but Jack was knocked out for a short while halfway.

The next exam was drug injection. We were bonded on the gurneys again, and attached with heart monitor. Then we got injected with a kind of drug in the right shoulder. The drug could boost our heartbeats. The injection process lasted for 1 minute, and my heart rate immediately bounced up to 160 bpm. Jack's heart was stronger than mine and Kevin's, as his peak heart rate was only 130 bpm.

After 10 minutes, the other drug was injected into our body. Within 15 seconds, my heart rate was forced down to 25 bpm and therefore I was KO; Kevin's heart stopped for a few seconds, but restarted automatically. After 5 minutes, the screen showed our heart activity was recovered to the normal condition. This super-low heart rate didn't cause any pain for us. We were just unconscious for a bit.

After drug injection, we were released from gurneys and given some time to have a rest sitting on the long bench by the wall. We would get ready for the final exam: Suffocation suspension, or in other words, noose hanging.

Tow technicians carried a steel frame into the exam room and 3 black body bags. Then they tied 3 nooses on the beam of the frame, making them dangling. Three simple wooden trap doors were also placed right under the nooses. Now we were forced onto the trap doors, with our necks in the noose. The technicians tightened the noose, and also tied our hands behind our body and the ankles together. The requirement to past this exam was to die after 10 minutes of dangling; our heart and lunds would be checked by stethoscopes every 2 minutes. When the heart stopped beating, we would be marked as dead.

Then the trap doors under our sneakers were suddenly opened. Without any drop, we were all suspended.

My lungs were almost exploded for the first 30 seconds, then I blacked out. But Jack suffered for a minute before he was KO. Later I had my orgasm -- for the very last time! A little bit urine flowed out; then I cummed like crazy, so did my two mates. 12 minutes after we started suspending, the technicians couldn't hear my heartbeat anymore, so I was announced dead. My body was released down and put into a body, which was tightly fitted onto my body. When I was being packed, Kevin's heart stopped beating too. Jack had his heartbeat stopped 8 minutes after me and Kevin became asleep forever.

Our bodies were transferred to a GE body scanner on the other end of the corridor. The medical images indicates that our hearts and lungs were super strong compared with the rowers trained with usual training schedules, meaning the super-intensive physical training was very effective to improve the physical limit of athletes!

After this final body scan, we arrived at our final stop. Our bodies were resolved one by one into a special type of liquid in a tank. It took only 5 minutes to make each of our bodies to disappear in the liquid. Then after this midnight, no one would know we had ever existed.