Deviant Killer
Nov 19, 2011
In a small town just north of Marseilles, there was a young man named Eric. Eric lived in a small rented flat near the center of town. He managed to get by, just barely, through his contacts in the criminal trade and from the favors of his few friends. He was in his late twenties, but had the overall appearance of a man a somewhat older. Hardened by the life he had so willingly chosen, the effects could be seen in the less than youthful appearance of his face, and demonstrated by the deeds he found it sometimes necessary to perform.
Eric knew that only two things could get him by, in a pinch. The first of these was his leather fetish. He had known the heightened sexual arousal all of his life, that one so gifted would recognize any time he encountered it. The feel, the aroma, the leather encapsulating his strong body, he knew how so sexually enticing it could be. Leather made him invincible. It was a badge, a statement, that showed the world that he was different, that he would follow no one’s rules, that he would spit on the establishment. He was on a different path.
The leather jacket he lived in was, in itself, a great prize. The jacket was made in the classic Bucco style of horsehide, a type of leather that gives off an unbelievably powerful smell of pure sex. As a matter of fact, Eric usually remained in a continual state of heightened sexual arousal, as evidenced by, at least, half an erection. Most of the time though, he was hard as steel. This was evidenced by the bulge of his hard cock pushing against the faded blue denim of his tight Levi’s or his heavy black leather jeans. The second most important thing, that would get him by, was his great body. Men enjoyed watching him in his leather as he walked on the streets. He was always sure to get a date at the local bars. Eric liked the way the local guys looked him over. He would generally make a rough guess and let the one with the largest cock move on him. If the guy was in leather, though, it was a no-brainer.

He had hooked up with a strange guy, old, maybe sixty, who had a small, comfortable Swiss-style chalet, and, an impressive income. Whatever business he was in, it must have had to do with all the time he spent at his laptop. The old guy was Mike. Mike was from America, Virginia actually, a fly-speck of a place in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains, with its poverty. Mike had the brains to escape and work his way up, creating the lifestyle he most loved. Mike was also into leather, but on a much larger scale, than Eric had ever seen. He was a member of a group of Leathermen, strong, brutal and very much into S and M. Eric knew something about the society from his talks with Mike, who was definitely more into the S side.
Mike had been letting him live with him, as an equal, knowing that Eric was a loser. He believed that the guy just needed a start in life, and yet the relationship was not entirely platonic. That is not to say that there had been no sex, if you would consider mutual jerk-off sessions would not be a relationship between two men, but simply a game, something to do to pass the time. Mike also provided Eric with access to some pharmaceuticals, and some hash, occasionally. The usual choices were Zanax, Temazepam, and Demerol. There was also the speed.
Crushed white tablets snorted made life bearable, and inevitably made four and five hour jerk-off sessions possible. The effects of the drug made his fetish even stronger, like a fetish on steroids. It gave him the very powerful drive to release whatever little inhibitions he had, and to fantasize about acts of sex and violence.
They both carried a piece. Eric owned a Glock model 17 9mm semi auto,glock17.jpg which he proudly displayed during the mutual jerk-offs. Mike owned several revolvers and semi automatics, mostly large caliber, from a newTaurus model PT24 9mm semi autoTaurus model PT24 9mm.jpg to a S&W model 29 .44 magnum revolver. S&W 29 44mag 4 inch.jpgTheir mutual gratification sessions included simulated gunplay, although they cleared their weapons before any play. They allowed their play partner to inspect their guns, so as not to have any surprises. Their gunplay scenes were highly erotic to both. They allowed each other to contribute their own unique ideas to the mutual play that was ensuing. But Eric wondered, during his initial few months of residence with Mike, about the group of guys with whom he was a member, until his questions became a daily topic of conversation between them. He sensed that he knew what it might possibly be, but could not be sure, and he didn’t want to pry too deeply into what Mike did not wish to tell him. When it came to his role in the leather club, Mike was silent.
It was on one particular night, when they had finished a session, that they found very satisfying, and which had included both of they playing a kill scene, that Mike spoke for the first time about his heretofore private fantasies in the cub.

They were having a beer and a smoke. Their leather was still on, and Mike began to get hard again. He looked as if he were somewhere else, lost in his own world of secret fantasy play, and Eric decided to press the issue further.

“So, Mike, can’t you tell me anything about what you’re thinkin’?”

“Well, you already know a little about it from playing with me” he said slowly, as if in a dream.

“Come on, dude. We’ve been friends now for a while and you know me well enough that I won’t talk about this to anyone. Won’t you tell me what’s the big secret?”

Mike decided to open up to him. He seemed like he might understand. Their play together had already given him a part of his answer.

His voice became low, and steady, as if he were reciting something from memory. “You see, Eric, that the basis for our fetish play is leather, and weapons. But it is also about power, and the sexual connection between them. The next logical step in the process becomes the connection between sex and death.”

Mike shifted his body and moved closer. “The connection is the quintessential link that feeds the fantasy. All of the foreplay, the posturing, the role playing, the props, all lead to one very fascinating and unique aspect. The moments between the time the fatal bullets hit and the end of life contain the perfect moment for the climax. Ejaculations at the moment of death, the realization in the subject’s mind that he has been bullet-fucked, permanently, give the greatest sexual release. These moments at the period of climax are the most erotic scene possible to some people. I am one of those people. When I take your shots, they give me the reason to release my sexual feelings in one great explosion. It’s built into our brains. That’s why sex and death are inextricably connected. Death is the final release. Sex is the precursor. That’s also why guys who take a bullet in the brain, especially causing damage to the part that causes sexual pleasure triggers a post mortem ejaculation of intensely catastrophic proportions.”

Mike stopped, looking closely at Eric. He was looking for the spark that he had seen before in his friends at his club, that sudden realization that what he was telling them was true, that the ultimate climax could actually occur at the time of death. Mike saw the expression of sudden understanding in Eric’s eyes. He understood perfectly. This accounted for his immediate erection. His cock was answering.

Eric kissed Mike very passionately and said softly “Can we do it again, now that I know this?”

“Sure kid, I think you’re ready to try this fantasy out and experience it to the max.”

They began with some kissing and caressing each other’s leathered body, losing themselves to the moment of the leather. This was followed by a new play, in which they took more overly aggressive roles as diametrically opposed participants. Bad guy and bad guy. Each with a purpose. Get their opponent dead. With guns drawn, they began a role play in which each was desperately trying to kill the other. Shooting from vantage points at each other’s leathered figure, they worked their way around Mike’s home. They hid and shot at each other from around corners, from behind furniture, until they both had reached the height of their sexual frenzy. Then they pumped imaginary bullets into each other’s bodies while working their rock hard cocks. They each experienced a climax of extreme proportions, an erotically charged death scene in which they came in white hot gobs of semen and blinding flashes of light. The two ultimately collapsed into each other’s arms, bodies still jerking and thrusting as the climax subsided.

Eric had never before experienced such mind fucking sexual release before. He was spent, lost, and satisfied like he had never known. He whispered to Mike. “I love you”

Mike smiled. “No, you don’t kid. You love the sex fantasy. You love it because you fully understand it now.” Eric grinned back.

Over the next few weeks, Mike taught Eric how to make up his own fantasies, how to manipulate the character he was playing into the baddest personna that his mind could conceive. Their sex play became quite ritualistic, with each of them alternatively giving the scenario to be carried out.
It was also, during this time, that Eric began to become more arrogant about his control and participation in their daily lives. The hot sex was fueling a vague feeling that he was taking control now, that Mike was more of an equal in all of this, possibly even somewhat inferior to him. After all, it was Mike’s place, but now Eric felt that it was also his, to do with as he pleased. The same went for Mike’s finances. He reasoned that if this were now true, he could bring a trick home with him to fuck, and Mike would not be able to say anything about it. In Eric’s mind, his ego said it was his right, his privilege, to do what he wanted. He felt entitled to it. This would prove to be a very bad decision.

It was a week later when Eric met Marc, a young man in his late teens, who shared his love of leather. Marc first met Eric in a small coffee shop. As he passed Eric, who was seated in a booth, the extremely erotic scent of the horse hide jacket caught his attention. He stopped in his tracks, instantly enveloped in the sensual aroma of Eric’s leather. Turning to look back at he source, he saw Eric sipping coffee and eyeing him intently. There was a mutual attraction, and it wasn’t just the leather that caused it. Without realizing it, Eric pushed his sunglasses down enough to see his target clearly. He was beautiful. Everything that turned his hot light on. Innocent looking, beautiful face and a slightly passive expression meaning he might just prove to be a most excellent submissive. An M in Mike’s world. And Eric would be just the top to take him down.

Eric put down his cup and motioned to the kid to join him. He introduced himself and when the boy said “glad to meet you. My name’s Marc. I’ve haven’t see you around here before”, he knew he had him. Marc took the seat opposite him and sat down. They began talking, casually, making small talk, at first. Eric manipulated the conversation around to making a date with him, hoping to jump into the sack with this hot kid very soon. Eric was so impressed with the guy, he would have gladly fucked him right there on the table.

Marc had been visiting the town for a week or so, just relaxing before starting college in a few weeks. He had a room in a nearby hotel. Eric explained his current housing arrangement, letting on that it was actually his and Mike’s place, and he was welcome to come over anytime. If anything, he acted a bit arrogant about living with Mike, that Mike was old, and that he had no special connection to him. Marc leaned across the table and kissed Eric lightly on the cheek. Eric grabbed the kid by his blond hair and pulled his lips to his mouth and deep kissed him. When he released his hold, the kid slowly returned to a sitting position, completely unaware of everything around him, lost in a swoon. Eric watched him thinking ‘this fuckin’ kid is fuckin’ hot, hot , hot’. He had to have this sweet thing, and the sooner, the better. He touched his hand and said “I’ll meet you here tomorrow and take you to see my place.” Marc said that would be perfect, since he had some errands to run that afternoon. They spent the next half hour looking each other over. It was clear that they were a match.

After a while, Eric tossed some money on the table and slipped his trim body with his leather out of the booth. He leaned over and kissed Marc and said he would see him tomorrow. Marc smiled back.

That night Eric had decided to tell Mike that he was bringing a trick home the next afternoon. He had also decided to begin to show his benefactor what he considered himself in this relationship.

Mike was seated in his black leather chair, reading when Eric came into the house. Mike could hear his boots as he made his way to the bedroom. This room’s glass-paneled door entered a small anteroom with a ceiling to nearly floor length curtain made of black leather. He pushed through the leather walls and entered. Mike looked up at him and said “Hey Eric, what’s up?” Eric answered by becoming sullen and quiet. He sat down on the bed. He said “I’m having a kid over tomorrow. Can you be scarce while he’s here? Is that any problem?” Mike looked straight at Eric. “Are you fucked up or something, kid, because you’re just stayin’here! It’s my house, kid, not yours and mine. Who the fuck do you think you’re tryin’ to fuck over, You need to get your shit together and move the fuck out tonight!” Mike glared at Eric, who became defiant. “I think you’ll be real fuckin’ sorry for doin’ this, you old fuck!” Eric shouted back at Mike before going to his room, retrieving a few things and tossing the key to Mike on his way out.

Fuckin’ no one was going to treat him that way, Eric thought, as he made his way to a small hotel in town. Once in his room, he began to devise a plan. He downed a few tabs of speed and began cleaning his 9mm. When he finished, he lay down on the bed and stroked his hard-on, thinking about he was going to kill Mike and take the contents of his safe. The safe held a large amount of cash and bearer bonds. Eric knew how valuable they were. His anger at Mike for ending the relationship, fueled by the drugs, and his aggressive sexual nature gave him all the incentive he needed to get moving.

Eric went to Mike’s house and slipped the lock on the side door. This door entered into the kitchen. Just off the kitchen was the living room and Mike’s bedroom. He moved quietly through the kitchen, his 9mm in his right hand, pointed up. As he moved through the living room, he noticed the aroma of his jacket. He paused to inhale the pure sexual scent of the horse hide. His steel hard cock was fully erect, its head almost completely past the left pocket of his tight jeans. He crept up to the glass bedroom door.

Mike had just entered the bedroom from the patio where he had been jerking off for a while. He had not climaxed yet. As he came in he immediately smelled Eric’s leather. He dropped on all fours and looked beneath the leather curtain. Eric’s black leather square toed biker boots were almost to the curtain. He rose quickly and brought up his 9mm. Mike fired one through the leather curtain at where Eric’s body would be. Almost immediately Eric returned fire and his 9mm bullet made a round hole in the middle of Mike’s leathered chest.

Behind the curtain, Eric had almost reached the point at which he would shove the leather aside and confront Mike, who wouldn’t have time to reach for his gun. He was shocked by the sound of a gunshot and the subsequent appearance of a hole in the leather curtain. He felt the impact of the bullet and reacted by firing his own weapon. Almost immediately three more holes appeared in the curtain and he felt the impacts. Mike heard Eric groan after the fourth bullet. Eric stumbled slowly back through the anteroom and stopped when his retreat was halted by his right booted leg, planted firmly just outside the bedroom door. Suddenly, he realized he was experiencing the total sexual release Mike had been telling him about. His hard cock had begun ejaculating on its own, pumping load after load of white gobs of come into his jeans. Eric pumped his hips, reinforcing the sexual intensity he was experiencing. When he emptied of ejaculate, his right leg gave way and he fell backward into the living room, his body land on its back on the cushion. His 9mm remained in his hand. Mike managed to get into the living room to see the results of his shooting. The bullet wound was mortal, and Mike knew that. He saw Eric’s body laying half on the couch. He was also hard as a rock. He unsnapped his codpiece, spit several times in his hand and lubed his cock. He looked at Eric’s dead body, the leather jacket with its incredible scent, the four beautiful bullet holes in it, the expression on Eric’s face and the rush of sexual heat hit him, as it had Eric after Mike’s bullets had hit him. Mike’s cock began spurting white-silver gobs and strings on to Eric’s leather jacket and jeans. Mike noticed that dark come stain on the front left of Eric’s light colored jeans. He thought of how he was right, and that Eric knew he was. Mike emptied his body of the white fluid and fell forward, landing on top of Eric.

They laid together, locked in leather, bullets and death.