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Dec 25, 2010
My name is Chris 33 years old, owner of a small successful accounting firm, married father of two and member of a secret underground organization that most would ignorantly refer to as a cult. Introduced to the leader of the group by my late friend several years ago I was impressed by him and joined immediately. The Leader asks only one thing of his followers absolute devotion. With that said it was late September, I was in my office, my assistant told me there was a gentlemen on the phone who said he needed to speak to me but who didn't wish to give his name. I told her I would take the call, picking up the receiver I gave them my standard greeting of, this is Chris how can I help you, from the other end of the phone, Christopher, the formal form of my name the voice, it was The Leader. Christopher our new temple will be consecrated in a month and I have chosen you for the dedication. I closed my eyes I knew it could happen, but never really believed that it would. The Leader had asked my friend to give his all which he did gladly, now he was asking the same of me. You know what to do prepare yourself. The Leader hung up and I immediately began to prepare, I had my assistant call my wife and tell her that I had to work late. Instead I went to a local gym owned by a fellow member, when I told them of my selection by The Leader they placed me on an intensive program of cardio and weight training, I wanted to be in the best shape of my life when the day came. For the days that followed I would leave the office and go the gym where I would workout for hours, returning home only after dark, often finding my wife already in bed and many times asleep. The intensive workouts helped keep my mind clear and with sexual angst as I had to abstain from sex for the month. The days flew by and the pounds product of many years of easy living melted away, until I emerged fit, lean, toned and with very little body fat. Finally the day came, instead of going to work, I pampered myself I went to the salon of a fellow member where I got a new stylish haircut, a full body wax, spray tan so I'd have no tan lines and something I had wanted to do for years but never had the courage to do, get my ears pierced. Then to the local fetish shop where I purchased a special outfit for the evening, and to the gym for a final workout tweaking my body to perfection. As usual I got home after dark finding my house dark and everyone else in bed. I didn't even turn on the light as I crawled into bed next to my wife, who with out turning to face me gave me a terse goodnight and that was that. I laid there for what seemed hours my mind racing the excitement building, until I heard that familiar snore my wife was asleep. Slowly I crept out of bed and down the hall to look in on the children, daddies little girls, then down stairs to the garage. Quietly I backed out the car and began making my way across town to the construction site. A couple of times I thought about turning around, but each time I thought of my devotion to The Leader and continued on. The group had already gathered by the time I arrived, The Leader speaking to the coven from a small stage in front of a curtain next to a tent. I grabbed my bag, hopped out, handed the keys to a fellow member who drove the car away to discreetly dispose of it in their junk yard. Two members approached one took the bag and carried it into the tent the other lead me to and up on to the stage next to The Leader. I looked over the group how many times had I been there watching as someone else stood prepared to give their all and now it was me. The Leader spoke of my loyalty how I had even help prepare my friend for his dedication, turning to me The Leader clasped me by the shoulders leaned forward and whispered in my ear asking, are you ready? I whispered excitedly yes, The Leader motioned for me to enter the tent. The tent was empty except for a table on which sat the bag I had brought, a chair, a full length mirror and a trash can. I walked to the table, opened the bag and took out the gear I had purchased at the fetish shop, a sheer head to toe body stocking, and a small medicine bottle filled with little blue pills. Taking the medicine bottle in hand I opened it shook two blue pills into my hand popped them in my mouth and washed them down with some bottled water. Crossing my hands I grabbed the shirt tale lifted my t-shirt up and over my head and tossed it into the trash can, I kicked off my shoes and slowly slid down my shorts, both followed my shirt into the trash. I stood at the full length mirror admiring my nude body the reward for a long month of hard work. I felt my cock beginning to get hard quickly I sat on the chair and took up the body stocking slowly I slid it over my left foot then my right, pulled it up my legs, standing I stretched the stocking over my hips the tight material perfectly outlining my now fully erect member. I began sliding my hands and arms into the stocking pulling it up my arms my smooth torso over my shoulders and zipping up the back, leaving the hood hanging loose across my chest. I went back to the mirror to take a last look at my face, a voice from outside the tent ,the time has come, it said. I closed my eyes took three deep breaths to steady my nerves, opening my eyes I pulled the hood up over my face and head and zipped it. Now completely covered I was no long recognizable as Christopher I was now nothing but a male form. I exited the tent back onto the stage my face lowered in submission to The Leader. The Leader stood before me placed his hand to my chest feeling my heart pounding, are you scared he asked? To excited to speak I meekly nodded my head yes, with his hand The Leader lifted my face so I could look over the group. Look at man a weak and feeble thing, The Leader said, turning to me he held a ball gag in his hand, motioned for me to open my mouth which I did willingly. The Leader pushed the gag in my mouth and stepped behind me to fasten it. Oohnn I groaned in pain as The Leader tightened it, he motioned for the curtain to be lifted revealing a large hole with a churning cement mixer next to it and a clear plexiglas box half buried in the earth with ropes at each corner. Two members came forward and helped me step down into the box, I turned and set down in the box upright leaning on my hands. One member went to the foot of the box the other to the head, the member at the foot motioned for me to give them my right foot, pointing my toe for effect I lifted my foot, taking it in hand the member looped rope around the ankle and cinched it tight, then over to the left again pointing my toe for effect I lifted my left foot, as with my right the member looped rope around my ankle and cinched it tight. I turned and looked at the member at the head of the box, they motioned for me to give them my left hand, laying flat I stretched out left arm above my head. The member looped rope around my wrist and tightened it, they then asked for my right, twisting so I could see them I stretched out my right hand and again rope was looped around the wrist and cinched tight. The ropes were pulled, stretching me tight in the box, the coven gathered around the hole. I lay there looking around at them many of them my friends, what was I doing, I don't want to die, please let me go, I've changed my mind please, I begged, but through the gag all they heard was, mmmmmmhhhhnnnnpppppppp, The Leader, one of your own begging and pleading for his life his fear and terror will echo through this temple for years to come empowering those who worship here. I pulled at the ropes but they are so tight I can barely move, The Leader motioned for the lid to be closed, no please don't do this I'm one of you we are friends, noooooooooplezzzzzz, slowly the lid is closed. The chute on the mixer is lowered and quick drying cement begins filling the hole around me, the combination of fear, excitement and Viagra, my balls began tightening my thighs quivering, as cement begins cover the lid my pleas for mercy are replaced with moans of pleasure my pounding heart beats even faster my moans louder, cement covers the box until only a sliver of light remains. I threw back my head and cried out through the gag as my cock explodes long ropes of jeez. Then total darkness the box is completely covered the reality of my situation shakes me back from my ecstasy, again I pull at the ropes, I've got to get out, someone anyone save me please, more and more cement fills the hole until full. As the cement begins to harden around me the air grows warm and stale, realizing that no one is coming, I scream and pull at the ropes but my strength is failing, this can't be really happening. I struggle my final minutes away in the darkness finding it harder to think my thoughts are of my family and friends who will never know what happened to me. How many times will they drive by this building never knowing that it's my grave. The darkness begins to get darker God no please please pleeeasssssssssss. Above me the orgy and party goes on the coven partaking of the pleasures of life, while I now silent and still entombed.


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Sep 10, 2012
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An interesting way to go. And all the hotter because the victim changed his mind and wanted out. An unwilling victim is all the sexier


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Jan 13, 2012
Bowels of Hell
Nice to read this again. And your other two stories. Gets me hot, and hard, and sticky.