Dr. Dick's Specimen Collection, a story

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Apr 20, 2020
North Carolina
Dr. Richard Gonzalez, affectionately known as Dr. Dick by many of his patients, operates a surgical clinic in Tijuana, Mexico that specialized in genital modification. He has a very successful business that has grown year by year as interest in genital modification has increased worldwide, and as the Internet has spread the word through such sites as the Eunuch home page and BMEzine. He soon found the need to expand his staff and has begun to add several new medical interns. His clinic takes clients from all over the world, and it averages 50 to 100 operations a week. He also operates a luxury hotel where his patients relax around a swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and gorgeous gardens while they recuperate. The whole complex looks like a resort.

I am one of three new medical school interns recently hired by the clinic. I had attended a medical school in the Caribbean and was recruited by Dr. Gonzalez. After a day of reviewing medical procedures Dr. Gonzalez gave us a tour of the complex. He began with the rooms housing his famous specimen collection.

Beginning with the earliest specimens, his collection gave a virtual history of the evolution of his harvesting techniques.

“These are our earliest specimens. As you can see they are suspended in formaldehyde and kept in glass jars. At this time the penis was removed where it met the pubic bone, in other words only that portion that is visible from outside of the body was harvested. As you can see these specimens are flaccid, bloodless, and pasty white - anything but lifelike. They are permanently locked in the liquid and for viewing only.”

“What about the testicles, Dr. Gonzalez,” one of the interns, a handsome young Latino in his late twenties, asked.

“We either sell them to the private gourmet market where they literally fetch their weight in gold, or we preserve them in formaldehyde for collectors.” He showed us a jar of testicles preserved in formaldehyde. “It was at this time that we began to tan the scrotums to the texture of kid leather for our famous coin purses which we still sell today.”

He had told us earlier that some patients wish to keep their genitals after harvesting, then for an additional fee, the clinic will preserve and prepare them for display. However, the patient pays less if he allows the clinic to keep the genitals. The discount depends on the quality of the specimen, and what is harvested, then the clinic prepares the specimens for sale, though it may keep a few prime pieces for display and for Dr. Dick’s private collection. The sales market is big, some penises and testicles are frozen for the gourmet market, though testicles are the overwhelming favorite for there. Some Arab and eastern patrons buy penis’s that have been dried; these are used for medicinal purposes or for aphrodisiac charms that are worn around the neck.

“As we became more sophisticated and our patrons became more discerning, we began to harvest more of the penis. After we remove the scrotum and the testicles, the entire penis is exposed. We cut the suspensory ligament and lift out the entire penis - as you know almost half the length of the penis is hidden from view inside the body. A penis that shows six inches is actually much longer when you take out the entire thing down the to the root, bulb, and remove it where the crux of the penis is attached to the pelvis. If the penis is uncircumcised you can pull the extra skin down over the root, after the two pointed ends of the crux penis have been stitched together and trimmed, and you have a much longer and more attractive specimen. But for years we were stuck with formaldehyde or drying the specimens for preservation. Then we tried encasing them in plastic - this was fine, but the specimen often shriveled and blackened, and ultimately it was not acceptable. Then technology caught up with us. Taxidermists began to freeze-dry small animals and it worked well. The specimens were natural looking and maintained their shape, their mass, and their state of preservation well. We decided to try it with our specimens. It worked beautifully. We suspend the penis in the freeze-drying machine, which resembles a microwave oven, and it maintains its shape and natural look. It is easy to touch it up with paint to restore the natural pink and bluish tones - for this we employ trained porcelain painters - then we spray the specimen with polyurethane and mount it on a wooden pedestal and it is almost lifelike.”

He took us into a room that held the newer specimens. They were lifelike indeed, looking like living members in varying states of arousal. Dr. Gonzalez picked up a magnificent specimen, mounted on a bronze spike imbedded in a walnut pedestal. It looked to be twelve inches long and stood erect, thick and knotted with veins. It looked alive, aroused and ready to shoot a long jet of sperm from its engorged pink glans. He passed the specimen around to us, when I held it I noticed the weight was in the walnut stand, there was almost no weight to the penis itself because it was completely desiccated. There were other specimens with genital jewelry attached - black ones, white ones, Asian, and Indian ones, some circumcised, some not, they came in all different sizes and shapes.

“When Viagra came on the market, we were able to assure erect specimens. As soon as the penis is harvested the skin is stretched down as far as it will go, what is not covered by the stretched skin is trimmed off, the specimen is then washed, the bleeding is stopped, and it is placed in the freeze drier while it is still erect. This pleases our clients to no end. Some have even reported using our specimens for dildos.”

“Dr. Gonzalez, what do you do with the testicles with the new technology?” the other intern a young woman from Argentina asked.

“We freeze dry some testicles for display purposes, but most of them are frozen and shipped to the gourmet market. If a client wants a penis specimen with the scrotum and testicles still attached - an entire package in other words - we use artificial testicles for mounting purposes. The real things are much too valuable to use for display.” He then picked up a specimen mounted on walnut with a full sac still attached to the penis.

He then passed out some of the famous Gonzalez coin purses made from scrotum skin; the skin was as soft as a kid glove. They are famous the world over, the waiting list for them is long, it sometimes takes months for an order to be filled.

In the next room penises and testicles were processed for the gourmet market. First the specimens were flash frozen then vacuum packed in plastic for shipment worldwide. In a small corner of the room technicians prepared dried penises for the Arab and eastern markets. The penises were hung in a very dry chamber until they were completely desiccated, then they were packaged and sent to market. The Latino intern picked up a dried specimen as it was being prepared for packaging.

“It looks and feels like beef jerky,” he remarked.

“That’s the way our eastern clients like them,” Dr. Gonzalez said, smiling.

From there he took us into one of the operating rooms. A young man, who looked in his early thirties, tanned with a very muscular and athletic build was being prepped for genital removal.

“This young man has fathered two children, was married, but is now divorced. He found out late in life that he is gay. He is a body builder and wants a smooth hairless body. He wants to take steroids for muscle mass but realizes that that they will cause his genitals to wither. His lover is dominant and he is submissive so he decided he no longer needs his genitals. He wants a complete genital removal. Some only want their testicles removed, some want their penis removed and their testicles to remain. Most of my clients, like this gentleman, however, want it all removed. He is having his penis mounted on a marble base and plans to give it to his lover as an ultimate expression of his love and devotion. Because of this he is paying full price, plus the price of preparation of the specimen.” Dr. Gonzalez explained.

“He has been given a spinal block so he feels nothing below his waist, though he is fully alert and will watch the operation in the mirror overhead.” An older man stood naked beside the patient holding his hand.

“Who is that,” the Argentine intern asked.

“He is the man’s lover. He will hold the testicles while the young man cut’s his own cords, some like to do it themselves. They feel more ownership in the process that way.”

The young man lay naked on the operating table with his legs spread out and his feet in stirrups holding his legs bent in the air above his body. Before the spinal block took effect, his groin was shaved, and dabbed with surgical orange. He had taken 50 milligrams of Viagra 30 minutes before so his penis was quite erect. It was long and slender reaching almost to his belly button; his large balls hung in their loose sac between his outstretched legs. The doctor took a scalpel and carefully drew it around the edge of the scrotum, taking as much skin as he could while leaving enough to safely sew it up when he finished. He then pulled out the testicles, including their long cords and handed them to the patient’s lover. The doctor put the scalpel in the patient’s hand, and as his lover held his raw testicles, he cut the chords, castrating himself with a smile, his lover smiled down at him lovingly. The doctor then sutured the chords where they met the body and began to operate on the exposed penis. He first inserted a catheter to keep the urethra open, then he lifted the erect member, and severed the suspensory ligament that held it to the pubic bone, then he pulled it out further, cutting where it was attached, and finally severed the two pointed ends of the crux penis from the pelvic bone. As he pulled the penis free from the body, he cut the catheter free, leaving part of it hanging from the urethra, and then he held the severed penis aloft for all to see. The patient smiled approvingly as did his lover. The doctor handed the severed member to a nurse and he went back to remove the prostate and Cowper’s glands. He then quickly tied off veins, and sutured them, stopping the bleeding, and closed the wound, making an opening for the urethra just above the anus, he left the catheter in place to keep the urethra from closing up. The nurse pulled the piece of catheter from the severed penis and pulled the skin down over the root and bulb of the penis. What was not covered was trimmed, and the skin was stitched to the end of the specimen. She then gave it to an attendant who rushed it into the preparation room to be washed and freeze dried. The testicles were placed in a jar of preservative, and the scrotum was taken to be made into a change purse.

At first as I watched the operation proceed it made me hurt in my groin, it was the first time that I had actually seen a harvesting operation, but then as it progressed and as the cords were cut and the severed penis held aloft, I actually began to get an erection. I tried to hide it, but Dr. Gonzalez noticed it.

“You will do very well here.” He said smiling at me, looking at my swollen crotch.

“I am looking forward to working with you and your fine staff, Dr. Gonzalez.” I said, with a bow of respect.

From there he took us to the luxurious hotel where patients lounged by the pool recuperating. They were laughing and talking, all looked very happy. They were of all ages, some gay, some straight, from all walks of life, each of them had come to the doctor for different reasons, but they all wanted the same result.