Dismembered man alive in Pakistan. Arms, nose, and then ears.


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Nov 24, 2020

Dismembered man alive in Pakistan. Arms, nose, and then ears.

Prime Minister Imran Khan vowed on Wednesday to crack down on thieves in Dera Ghazi Khan, after a video of three abducted people went viral on social media, two of whom were brutally murdered on tape.

Addressing a launching ceremony in Layyah for the Insaf Sehat Sahulat card, he said that he was saddened to see poor people being killed in this barbarous way.

He said the Rangers have been instructed to bring the perpetrators to reserve and provide all possible assistance to the police.

"Now these thieves will not be spared. No one will be able to disturb the residents of the area anymore," he promised, adding that if necessary, a police checkpoint will be established in the area.

The Ladi gang had kidnapped three people from the Taman Khosa area. A video that went viral yesterday showed that one was shot to death while the other's limbs were cut off before he was killed by the ring leader, known as Khuda Baksh.

Meanwhile, his partner was filming the horrible events.

The leader of the Ladi gang said in the video that he had "killed the murderers of his partner Haroon of his".

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar also took note with grave concern of the reports of the incident and ordered that immediate action be taken against the gang.

According to Hamza Salik, a political aide from DG Khan's tribal area, Ladi gang members are hiding in the Koh-e-Sulaiman mountain range.

He said the border forces, with the help of the Punjab rangers and police, "will finish off the gang."


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