Discarded Slave


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Mar 7, 2018
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Gaius was lead into his master's chamber. Chains bound his wrists and ankles. Gaius stood before Caesar naked except for a loincloth. Caesar could not help but smile as he looked at the frightened slave in such a vulnerable state.

"So Gaius you must have found out that I intended to get rid of you and that is why you tried to escape, isn't it"

"Yes Caesar," Gaius replied in a low voice, "I have given you years of faithful service and now I discover that you have grown tired of me"

"Well Gaius, I'll see you naked one more time before I retire for the night."

Gaius detected a lustful tone in Caesar's voice and thought that he might be spared.

Caesar took hold of the loincloth and ripped off of the slave's body. There he stood before his master, naked with chains binding his wrists and ankles, only barely able to walk. He walked around the naked slave taking in his property and deciding what to do next.

As Gaius stood in fear of his life, he couldn't help but notice that Caesar's had developed a bulge. Perhaps his appeal to Caesar was not completely gone. It had been a long while since he had been called into this very chamber to satisfy his owner. Caesar's taste had strayed to young men and boys, But, Gaius hoped, maybe a night with an experienced man was appealing to the Emperor. Gaius hoped that Caesar might choose to rape the slave's mouth, ass or bare feet as he had done so often in the past.

But the lustful smile on Caesar's face and his swelling cock had a darker source. Walking around the nervous slave one more time, he grabbed a dagger off of the table near his bed and plunged it deeply, to the hilt into the belly of the naked slave.

Gaius cried out in pain, "AAAH, please Caesar don't slay me. Let me continue to satisfy your lust"

"But you are Gaius right now!" Caesar, full of lust for a kill, spoke as he pierced Gaius' belly again and again. Gaius, groaning, now mortally wounded fell against the Emperor who pushed him to the ground.

Gaius groaned and squirmed around on the floor as Caesar and the guards that brought the slave in, stared at the naked, wounded slave with great enjoyment. Through his pain, Gaius could plainly see that both Caesar and the guards had rigid cocks which they openly massaged as they watched him.

Finally, only Gaius' bare feet were twitching.

Caesar ordered the guards out of the room, and told them to leave the keys to Gaius' shackles. He would call them when he wanted them to take the body. The guards give each other a knowing look. They knew that the Emperor wanted to rape the dead or dying slave one last time before allowing the guards to take the naked body away for their own uses.

Caesar stripped naked and picked up the chains that bound Gaius' ankles and slipped his now painfully erect cock between the slave's bare feet. Caesar twisted the chains bring the slave's bare feet together against the Emperor's throbbing cock. Gaius' bare feet twitched against Caesar's rigid shaft. He had become so aroused by the stabbing that it didn't take long before his cock shot stream after stream of his juices onto Gaius' bare feet and belly.

Having emptied his balls onto his slave's naked body, Caesar was exhausted. He wanted to nap before having one more session with Gaius's body. He laid down on his bed and fell asleep.

Marcus Caesar had been so aroused by the twitching bare feet of his dying slave, so he hadn't considered that Gaius would try to draw every once of determination to get his revenge. Slowly Gaius pulled himself back to consciousness. His bare feet and belly were wet with Caesar's juices. Something that had happened many times in the past but this time his belly had been pierced by Caesar's dagger. Gaius knew that he had been mortally wounded and had only a short time to live. And he knew that his naked body would be given to the guards and even the slaves to use for their lust before being thrown into the pit with the bodies of the losers in the arena. Gaius prayed to Jupiter to let him live to extract his revenge.

With every ounce of his remaining strength, Gaius pulled himself across the room to where Caesar lay asleep. He grasped the edge of the bed and pulled himself to his feet. He dared not try to unlock the chains that bound his hands and feet as it might awaken the Emperor. He saw the bloody dagger that had pierced his belly. His strength drained, he took the handle of the dagger with both hands. Then, he jumped and landed full length onto Caesar's body. The dagger thrust deep into Caesar's chest. With Gaius' weight on top of him, Caesar could only let out a horse groan. Both men's cocks pressed against each other and Gaius' left hand grasped Caesar's throat with his right hand still holding the handle of the dagger which was buried up to its hilt in the Emperor's chest.

Both men squirmed against each other, their bare feet kicking as they both began their death struggle. As their bare feet kicked against each other, Caesar's feet got tangled in the chains that bound Gaius' feet until they were tightly bound against the slave's bare feet. Their bare feet continued to push against each other as the men engaged in a hopeless struggle to kill the other and prove his ultimate dominance of the other male.

Despite their weakened condition, both men's cocks grew hard rubbing against each other as they struggled. Finally Caesar was able to pry Gaius' fingers from his throat, but Gaius was able to pin Caesar's arm so that he could only reach his attacker's back. Caesar's other arm was also pinned by Gaius' who still kept a death grip on the dagger.

Caesar could feel Gaius die on top of him, but with the dead body on him and his bare feet tightly bound to those of the corpse, Caesar was trapped. He was too weak to throw the dead body off of him, and he couldn't breathe from the weight pressing down on his chest. Caesar died with the knowledge that he had triumphed over this miserable slave by outliving him.

Eventually, the guards returned expecting that Caesar was still raping the dead slave. At first the guards stood staring in shock at the two dead naked bodies, their bare feet both bound in chains. It was obvious that Gaius had not been dead and he attacked Caesar with the dagger that he had been knifed with. The Captain of the Guards stepped forward and grabbed the chain that bound the now dead bare feet of Gaius and Caesar.

"It appears that our Emperor got too carried away with his lust". The guards responded with a guttural laugh which grew louder as they watched their Captain pull off his loincloth and begin to massage his already engorged cock until it reach a full rigid state.

They continued to watch with great amusement as he thrust his rigid cock between the bare feet of the Emperor and Gaius. He moved his shaft in and out rubbing it against the dead bare feet until with a loud groan his cock began to shoot its juices onto the soles of Gaius' feet and the top of Caesar's feet. Stream after stream of white juice shot out of the Captain's cock onto the dead bare feet until his cock was finally exhausted and he pulled if free then dropped the cum soaked feet back onto Caesar's couch.

"Now men, take your pleasure with these two naked bodies and then throw Gaius' body into the pit and carry Caesar to be prepared for his funeral. But first make sure that you wash all traces of our lust from Caesar.