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Fatal association.

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On Thursday, June 22, a horrific incident took place in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, capturing the attention of the public. Erika Julissa Bandy, the widow of drug dealer Magdaleno Meza, was brutally executed inside a bakery, as captured by a surveillance camera.

The footage reveals the sequence of events. Initially, Bandy can be seen inside the bakery, seemingly attempting to escape upon hearing gunshots outside, where her two bodyguards were being executed. Suddenly, an individual wearing balaclava and DPI (Police Investigation Directorate) clothing enters the scene. Bandy, seeking shelter, tries to hide behind another woman, but the assailant shoots her at close range in the face.

Bandy collapses to the ground, seemingly embracing the woman who also falls but remains unharmed. Within moments, however, Bandy falls onto her back, and the assailant proceeds to shoot her two more times directly in the head, tragically ending her life on the spot.

While her age is unknown, not much is known about her background as she maintained a low public profile.

However, being married to Meza, a key player in the criminal underworld closely associated with notorious drug kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, placed her in the dangerous world of criminal activities. Regrettably, she became a victim of the violent circumstances surrounding her husband's criminal life.

Authorities are also investigating the leak of photos of her body in the autopsy room.
The cry of the low intelligence.

Haitian gangs do crazy things with dead woman.

In São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, a woman killed herself by jumping from a viaduct. Before taking her own life, the woman had been spotted walking in the middle of the road between vehicles.

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On November 30, 2021, the body of a young woman was found on a path near a highway in Los Angeles. About a month later, she was identified as Ixchel Gomez, a 17 yo mother of one. The family has not released the official cause of death.
Stabbed to death after her boyfriend found her in another man's car. During the autopsy the guys's semen was found inside her.

19-year-old beauty queen hanged herself in Nicaragua.