British Man Kills Thai Hooker and Dumps Her Nude Body in Suitcase​

On 6th November 2014, in Tha Muang district in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand, the body of a decomposing, nude young woman was found drifting in a suitcase. Found inside were a load of stones, black stilettos, black dress, and a pink thong. She had either sustained severe bruising to her left forehead, or she was strangled (sources differ). There was no ID immediately found on her, but she had tattoos and a navel piercing.

It was soon found, however, that the deceased was a sex worker, L.M. Sources differ over whether she was 27 or 31. She had disappeared on the 1st and was last seen with a bald, white man, at a go-go bar in Bangkok, around 95 miles from where her body was found.

Police initially detained a 40-year-old Swiss tourist who fit the description, but in January 2015 they believed that the murderer was more likely to be a Brit, Shane K.L., who lived in Stoke-on-Trent. He had been seen leaving a Bangkok hotel with a suitcase so heavy it took two people to carry it, and his room's bedsheets were bloodstained.

By the time the local police had issued an arrest warrant for Shane, however, he had discreetly fled to Ibiza. Eventually, in June 2017, he was apprehended by Spanish authorities acting on an international arrest warrant.

He spent years fighting an exhaustive legal battle against extradition, claiming he would be subject to inhuman treatment in Thailand.

Eventually the European Court of Human Rights rejected his challenge, after Thai authorities gave assurances he would not face the death penalty, and he was sent to the kingdom to face trial.

In May 2022, Shane, 51, was given an eight-year prison sentence. The sentence had originally been 16 years, but was reduced by half after Shane's confession. I couldn't find anything regarding motive as to why he murdered.
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