Dead Girls In Coffin


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Mar 8, 2015
Zhang Xiao Born in February 20, 1992 GENOTYPES, Janus gold life, then apply for the lunar year, coincides with the country hosting the Olympic Games, so call the family nickname "Shen Shen." Cong Huiling Xiu childhood, love reading, versatile, straightforward kindness, generosity, won the family, teachers and friends, classmates love. Old starting school organ, piano-year-old continued, after learning the guitar, drums, listening to a super level of English lyrics and music appreciation defense force; after-school learning has sketching, painting, reinforcement learning Mathematical Olympiad, English. That freshman obtain motor vehicle driver's license, by the English, "four", the sophomore through English "six." Massive reading the classics of Western philosophy, Bowen, stationery, stickers considerable influence. Part-time magazine featuring art editor, work enthusiasm, with impressive results. Traveled to Xinjiang, Yunnan, Shanxi, throughout Sichuan, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao, various municipalities and the United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden and other European countries, Bali, Indonesia, the US east and west coast and Hawaii, in early 2012, accompanied by a visiting scholar in the United States Mom guest in New York two months. June 2, 2012, once again put on your resume, apply for a summer volunteer or to remote areas to support education, obligations rescue troubled kids; 14 lessons a sophomore last final exams end; 17 am, the pain being swallowed rhinitis drugs, Dad, Mom will separately travel, Kunming, Taiwan, grandparents


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