Dead Chinese Females

CO2 poisoning by burning that stuff in the corner of the room.

My guess, she's a working girl on a platform.

1) that kind of underwear I've only seen on working girls.

2) closet is near empty (When have you ever met a girl whose bedroom closet is empty)

3) room is set up to be a service room, trash next to bed with bottle of waters (for rinsing of mouth after CIM). Why not use bathroom? because this apartment has multiple bedrooms with multiple girls. walk naked outside might run into other clients and this is more expedient.

4) room has no decorations of any sort and she seem to have nothing other than a travel bag in the corner, I expected a small traveling suitcase.

If I can see the content of the drawers and the trashcan I can make a much more confident conclusion, trash should have some wet napkins and water (spitting after rinsing) and drawer has packs of condoms.

ya looks like Im going to do weds and sundays for posting