Been fantasizing about being hunted down by someone here and turned into a pile of meat in the fridge :p. This nice torso longs to be cut open and dismembered.
Unfortunately I am too shy to show my face here, otherwise you can see what a great trophy my head can be. Feel free to hit me up on wickr (csharpm). Maybe I can show you more.
I love what I see and have cleared a space in my fridge. You will make a tasty meal….several, in fact.
You are gorgeous fresh meat and welcome to my fridge as well if you decide I will film the entire chopping fun with 4K camera.
That sounds super hot especially from a sadistic master like you. Be sure to do some close shots on my guts and severed body parts. Heck I'd even be down to do a video interview before the process like a porn star. I'd also be happy if the video is uploaded here for other like minded people to enjoy.
Interview would be cute we can do it no problem. You will be beautiful as red meat and with empty chest.