Can drugs improve your sex life?

420 increases the libido and the sensitivity and will intensify your orgasm, but you will take longer to reach orgasm, although I dont consider this a problem hehe
alcohol just increase your libido in small dosis, in large dosis it can decrease your libido and make it impossible to have erections
Viagra dont affect your libido at all, neither it intensifies your erection, since it is only a vasodilator that dont have any effect on your central nervous system. It should be only used for those who have some organic problem that causes erectile disfunction (like Atherosclerosis, Diabetes, etc).
Am speaking as a doctor
:Nice thread:
In my 70s and still get hard erections. there are times when I am tired or just getting over a cold when Viagra is useful. I was married to a woman and in my 40s started having trouble getting erections. When I talked to our doctor, he siad "I would too if I was married to her and that was my first experience with Viagra and I have made sure I continue to have a package around for emergencies but as I say there is only once my partner (male) and I who have been together since 2004 where I did not get an erection.
Have you noticed any side affects from Viagra or any concerns with taking it? Other than the warning to let your doctor know if you have an erection lasting more than four hours. Personally there are times when I'd like for an erection to last four hours, lol. Have you ever tried the supplements found in the sex shops? I've used "One More Knight" on occasion with not a lot of results while others get hard right away. Just wondered. Plus, now they have daily Cialis.
Interesting thread m8 although I admit I haven't tried viagra or cialis.

As a younger dude I found that taking large dose of Vitamin C 500 mg or more before sex gave me massive boners and I could cum buckets several times.
Naltrexone hydtochloride, otherwise known as narcan, the heroin/opiad antitidote will prolong a male erection.

The best is the aerosolized version which os incredibly expensive. Very expensive!

The ones you buy only have 4ml vials and a subcu needle. These have a short half life.

Works best injected into the aroused penis.

Used in the Adult film industry. (trust me)
A vitamin B-12 injection will work phenemonly IF your B-12 level is very low. It pays to get a B-12 level test. B-12 pills don't work very well. The receptor sites are in the lower intestine. Only sublingual dissolving pills work, but also are not too effectivr. You really need the shots . IF deficient, you will notice an immediate imcrease in libodo.
Drugs can improve your sex life in a way that if you are a natural loner, you drug hot guys at a bar or what not...And have your violent way with them, Or you simply molest them and fuck them, rape them etc. You get the idea ;)
A friend of mine is a senior urologist. I mentioned this kind of thing to him some years ago, and he said quite bluntly that people who take viagra or cialis when they don't need it will end up needing it sooner than they otherwise would. I try to avoid guys who take poppers as they give me a headache. You can end up needing poppers to reach orgasm as well, but personally I can't stand them. They are also way more harmful than most people believe.

One of my areas of expertise is mind and body medicine. If people have an issue for which some kind of drug is the solution, a better approach is likely to be having an effective form of therapy which will be healthier without negative consequences. The problem is, it can be much more expensive, but hen it can also be long-lastring. I don't regard CBT as effective in most circumstances, I mean something like kinesiology or an NLP approach that may include hypnosis. I used NLP and hypnosis once on a straight guy who admitted he had a fantasy of sucking his gay flatmate off just the once. and it worked.
I remember seeing a picture on either liveleak or Kaotic, of a dead young oriental guy with a large stiffy, who was said to have taken too much viagra. A super erection not much use if you are too dead to enjoy it.
I remember seeing a picture on either liveleak or Kaotic, of a dead young oriental guy with a large stiffy, who was said to have taken too much viagra. A super erection not much use if you are too dead to enjoy it.
Well, other people can still enjoy it - a hot dead guy with a stiffy? Sign me up! 🥰

One thing that can’t be disregarded is that especially for people with an actual ADHD and/or autism diagnosis, or for anybody who’s on SSRIs, really, there’s a lot of symptoms and side effects that can negatively affect the ability to retain an erection, where viagra is the only (and very viable) solution, as other more holistic approaches tend to not work.

Personally, I do like drugs a lot, some more than others, as long as it’s not recreationally. Of course, there’s always the aspect of being able to make use of another guy against his will because he’s drugged.
But what’s life if not the possibility to try out new things? I really don’t mind trying out anything, including any kind of drug, hard or not, at least once - even if it’s just to be able to form an opinion that’s based in personal experience. And to satisfy my - borderline unhealthy - curiosity.
So, speaking from personal experience: of course certain (hard) drugs can improve your sex life, in varied duration and intensity; it’s just usually not sustainable. But it can definitely be fun every now and then if done more or less responsibly.
Can drugs improve your sex life?

In my case, yes. Absolutely. Cocaine or crystal meth (injected or snorted). I watch entranced as the Man in the Mirror shoves needles into his dick and nips. Looks so sexy. Feels even better.

So, yes. Some drugs in some circumstances can produce sexual ecstacy.