Bubble Butt


A man is a tasty morsel.
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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
Is there anything more beautiful, more sensual, more luscious than a smooth muscular bubble butt? Not to me, there isn’t. Torso, legs, feet, head, cock…..all are wonderfully sexy and delightful to play with, but none holds a candle to a well-formed ass.

Dead soldiers lying on the battlefield, face down, pants torn or blown off. A firm bare ass staring up at the camera, inviting me to touch. Oh, how I love a dead man’s ass! Skin torn, cut, ripped, burnt, or clean…so dead, so sexy. How many soldiers have seen such a sight on the battlefield and wanted to drop to their knees and touch, rub, kiss, fuck, or suck? But they couldn’t/wouldn’t because their comrades might see them, even though their comrades had similar thoughts. A bare dead bubble butt would satisfy lust at the end of a battle.

A live ass is nice, too. I want to pummel a muscled butt with my fists. Bite it. Carve it with my knife. Slide the blade into his butthole and suck his blood from within.

Then there’s fist fucking. I slide my hand past his tight sphincter and my fingers touch the soft wet folds of his colon. As a teen, after my first fisting experience, I dreamed for days of my head inside a colon, licking the warm wet tissue. Today, older and more advanced in my cravings, I would rather rip the soft colon tissue with my fingernails.

Best of all, though, I want to caress his smooth, muscular orbs. My hands feel the warmth as I spread his cheeks. My nose slides in and sniffs his manly pungency. My tongue licks his crack and probes his pink, puckered butthole. Ah, yes. The hole. Nestled between the cheeks of a firm male butt. Beguiling. Enticing. Therein lies the true essence of manhood.