Brother: Part 2


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Mar 7, 2018
Maryland, USA
After I came down my dead brother's throat, I fainted. I fell on top of my dead mother's naked body that I had raped. When I came too I began to think that my father would know what I had done and come after me. I had to get him first. I got dressed and drove to my parent's house. My father was well built, with a flat belly and plenty of muscles. He worked on a construction site. If he found out what I had done, he would rip me apart with his bare hands.

I made it home before him and took a butcher knife from the drawer. Then I stripped naked and hid. He always took a shower when he got home, that was when I would surprise him while he was naked. He arrived home right on time and proceeded to go upstairs. From my hiding place, I watched him take off his clothes. He had an impressive cock, which I'm sure had kept mom happy through the years. He went into the shower and stood under the water. I crept into the bathroom and watched as he lathered himself up with soap. When he reached his cock, he soaped it up and stoked it, and his cock responded. It swelled to an impressive size, long and thick. I should have waited for him to cum, but I made my move. I ripped the shower curtain back.

“WHAT” was all that he said before I plunged the large knife into his belly. His eyes were as wide as pie plates, evidently because he couldn't believe that his youngest son would stab him, But the knife in his belly was real enough. The knife was buried to the hilt in his belly and the tip had come out of his back. I released the handle as he grabbed it. His blood streamed out, down his belly and covering his still engorged cock. He starred at my naked body before him which he had not seen since I was a young boy. He tried to pull the knife from his belly, but it was in too tight.

He stumbled out of the shower toward me and grabbed my throat to strangle me. As his hands closed on my throat, the handle of the knife pressed against my belly pushing the small amount that he had pulled out again into his body. My cock had grown hard and pushed against my father's cock as we began to struggle, each sliding back and forth against the other. What they say about lack of oxygen increases an orgasm is true. I was in ecstasy as his hands cut off my air, but I didn't cum. I almost fainted, but his strength gave out. He released his grip on my throat and grabbed my shoulders.

“I curse you, bastard” he choked out as he slid down my naked body. He gripped the handle of the knife as his body hit the floor. He rolled onto his side still trying to pull the knife out of his belly, but the handle had now been soaked with his blood and his hands slipped back and forth as he tried. It made my cock throb even more because it looked just like he had been in the shower stroking his cock.

I thought, “Since I'm committing fratricide, I might as well go all the way”. I was soaking wet from his blood and shower water as I lay on the floor behind him. His bare feet were kicking back and forth against mine as I thrust my cock into his ass. “AHHHHH” he cried out as he felt my hard cock enter him.

Our naked bodies pressed together, my hands on his shoulders, I thrust my cock in and out of his ass as he groaned in anger. I was about to explode but I didn't want to cum in dad's ass so I pulled out. My cock throbbing painfully I crawled over him and pinched his nose until he opened his mouth. Then I shoved my cock down his throat. Our wet bare feet squirmed against each other. I felt the handle of the knife with his bloody hands both against my belly. It was the feel of his bare feet squirming against mine that made me cum. My cock again shot it white juices this time down my father's throat. He gagged as he took all of my juices.

After my cock had drained its juices down his throat, I pulled it out, now limp. He was still alive. Anger blazed in his eyes. I reached down and grasped his hands on the knife and pulled up. It sliced up, cutting a bigger hole in his belly. I stood up and into the shower. I watched his bare feet squirming as I showered. When I left to get dressed, his bare feet were twitching, but I knew that they would soon be completely still. I had achieved my fantasy that I had as a boy, raping my older brother, my mother and my father. Now I had to make an escape.