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Jun 29, 2011
Los Estados Unidos
Has Brent seen the photos of himself with a massive dick? He might enjoy them as much as we do.


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Feb 24, 2012
San Diego
Here's one way it could happen:

It was a hot day in mid July. Brent was home alone, working on a project for his boat. Perhaps because of the heat, he had stripped down to his his boxers. He never heard the robbers break in...
One of the robbers snuck up behind him and began to try to subdue Brent with chloroform. Brent heard the robber and swung around. He might have had a chance if it wasn’t for the second robber. This guy grabbed a hammer and held it toward Brent. Brent released his grip and began to plead. “Im sorry! Im sorry! Please. Take anything. Just Let me go!’ the robbers looked at each other and laughed. Brent began to cry “Please! Ive got a wife and kids! Please! The robber raised a hammer high . Brent put out his hands to block it, but that did no good. The robber brought the hammer down hard on Brent’s bald head as Brent uttered his last words “No! Hel---“ Smash. Blood splattered. Smash Smash. More blood. CRACK! Brent's skull shattered and he died instantly. His body slumped to the ground, his eyes half lidded. The robber continued to wail on Brent with the hammer Smash! Smash! Smash! He hit Brent 47 times. Skull bits flew through the air and blood sprayed everywhere. Pretty soon the majority of Brent’s brains wallpapered the room. His head had a 3” gaping hole. He had a horrified look on his face.

That's what Brent's wife would see when she returned home. Her husband, almost naked, with a bashed in face. Her once studly husband was cold and DEAD. The robbers got away with it all, scoring a couple hundred dollars worth of loot.

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Oct 8, 2008
Sad to mess up that handsome face but I'd love to see his corpse in just boxers laying there seductively, covered in brains and blood.