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Oct 7, 2008
Bizarre case, not made easier by Google translate from Thai. this guy was found dead apparently from cobra bite, but wearing a condom on his dick! Explanations on a postcard please!

..!! Big news so far, newspaper headlines this morning June 9 hueha as. "Young Ayutthaya was the Cobra bite Cobra strikes until death" with with disposable "puzzle" removes several clues. Since the snake bites or bite the snake to death is ironic enough. But why do we need a condom stuck to the penis. Stories like this rarely come out very

The incident occurred along Phaholyothin road (km. 51-52). T. LAM Sai-Wang Noi, Ayutthaya province. Away from the main road, about 50 metres from the grass up to two 3. Police found the body of Mr. Viroj Banlen . At the age of 40 years as a farmer, Phra Nakhon SI Ayutthaya. State bodies do not wear shirts, wearing the long shorts, sandals, jeans, but that there are a thousand shirt right Shin around the legs. There was a snake bite wounds wound large and deep and long welded joints are similar to Scrabble around 8 cm cheek is also buried in Snake fangs and still salvage a handful of 1.50 meters long Cobra tightly at the trunk of snakes have bite, many, especially the belly of a snake at the mouth of Mr. Viroj have blood flowing out and teeth with crumbs, the Snake is stuck. Moreover, wear a condom was found deceased on the penis.

The death of Mr. Wirotkhrangni does anyone know if the event really is? Important people to solve the mystery here is "girlfriend" or "ladyboys" or "Wild wood man ." but this time, the police also failed to investigate that as anyone.

All stories are analyzed together between Pol. Maj. Sanan Khongsit brightness over Wang Noi with sop. Mr. Satwaphaetonngokra Maronnop . Veterinary Bureau of the Government Palace, helped broker citing a possibility since Mr. Viroj into the incident until the end of life.

Step 1: Mr. Viroj into areas where clashes with Cobra. Assumed that the Police Department with a lover to alluring drug until enough until it has the highest emotional wear "condoms," he said. . Ready to have sexual function. .

Step 2 while walked towards the spot out of sight then stepped into a Cobra bite fangs is snatch up embedded in the legs, which are expected to snake venom into the body a lot, ranging from 80-100%, while the nature of COBRA. If the pedal or the Cobra assault. The Snake is winding away.

When the snake bite, snatch Mr. Viroj will try to shake off strong so the snake dropped from itself, but the snake fangs are embedded, it will look like at the end of the curved fangs into the neck to pull down prey inside everything salad, dropped it. If salad stop. Naturally this snake must escape fast and believe in the night very dark forest loknan. Nobody caught this snake to remove it.

Step 3 when the salad is out of this snake, snake must catch Mr. Viroj surge, dropped it before he expected to catch the snakes tail range. Make a snake bite to turn suddenly into a cheek wound bite 1. reiterated the second snake venom into the body. If they don't get help. Was this death within 5-10 minutes, depending on the strength of the victim's body has a much?

Step 4 place the ultimate revenge, because emotions are close to the point "Kyle maek" already have the devil coming to fight. Hurt was painful, it cooled, revenge, by catching a snake strike to the floor several times, which exert a great acceleration, snake venom to flow into my heart more quickly.

Step 5 the idea Mr. Viroj said if the snake bites and then catch a snake, have to confirm with the doctor to know what type of snake's bite will snatch it will inject into the anti snake venom. In the past, because the patient was a snake bite death to many because the doctors do not know what kind of snake venom gets into the body.

Step 6 while the snake bite is one tool to capture the snake, the Snake is dead because of the size of the hand's death. Showed a bound fabric stand. snake venom is another man's shirt to die from a thousand legs slow down snake venom into the body of course. Which is expected to be "love" that is enough to persuade drug but who together see how Mr. Viroj worthy of death, though it escaped because they worried themselves are guilty. ?

Step 7 the Cobra's death from a police officer's investigation found that the trunk snakes have a contusion and bitten the head only. It is not likely to believe that the snake was Mr. Viroj dies, but is likely to be caused by holding the snake to strike ground until more than dead.

Step 8 why Mr. Viroj want snake bites. This issue is believed to come from the ancient faith, future, and present this to the many people left this belief further operation, especially to remember comes from those who show as snake farm, is a snake bite, but no loss of life or do not send hospital.

The fact of the actor. Most snake bites are almost all lists. Whether it's the actual show or while practicing, but how many of them will not bite fangs embedded into it. Some people just bite chiao, snake venom into the body is approximately 10-20% that people with a strong body to get toxic. Not to a certain death.

At the same time, snake venom when it into the shape it creates equal time kailai immune to snake venom. Similar to the production of "will". . When the venom injected into the horse that was more than enough to make the dead horse. After that bloody quarter horse will bite as "will" , based on a recipe-walls snake detoxify.

Best of Mr. Wirotnan expected to eat blood, snakes-snake venom would have to believe that can neutralize the snake into the body earlier, which is the belief that errors due to suck snake venom in your body, it increases the toxin causes the death fast.

In one corner. Mr. Viroj could because "there is no alternative" because Cobra bites in the time he probably would have been painful. "People who are" left behind. Leave it alone No one is going to be sent to hospital. While itself receiving very pain he may not be able to help myself and realizing that if the State body the pain a lot this size must die, of course, decided to suck snake venom to neutralize it and tries to bite the snake head to suck snake venom into the walls.

Another one I think a snake bite. Want to reply to fall die cutting suppliers similar to beliefs about "mad dog bite," he said. . People in rural areas are believed to be mad dog bites. Need shoes slap to the wound with a bandage on the foot-and-mouth that older people skills to solve, or believe that the mad dog must die within a few days.

The belief is wrong. Mad dog is within not more than 10 days will have to die because they're mad at the accumulated in the body makes the death to which such a belief makes it possible for someone who is mad dog bites killed several people, as well.

Another one to believe "the Cobra with a weasel". clenched together is not dead because everybody bites resolve cause poisonous venom.

In fact, "weasel" is an animal that is capable of rapid mobility in motion more than a snake. When the party fought a weasel and the winner every time, because it uses the speed of the weasel trick snake until dizzy. While Cobra tries to weasel it away to climb, they will bite, Cobra, until death.

There are times when bitten by the weasel. But Cobra fangs cannot afford to spend your hard-reset Fu while fighting to bury on the meat of the weasel. So it is not toxic to the body, but those who see it believe that weasel is dead then the Cobra bite. It tells the story of a legend has always been very very wrong.

Step 9 blood in mouth Mr. Viroj as blood or blood snakes. This story has been described as probably the snake blood and blood mixed with people, but more than that, though, the man of blood, but because of the snake venom to destroy blood blood blood not clotting, so it flows almost every part of the body.

Step 10 condoms has become an important puzzle clue because police could not follow or friend or ladyboys go together because the people together, it will solve the puzzles in every issue and be able to broadcast the speech of Mr. Wirotkonchasinlomhaichai.

Whether it is however many people also caused much suspicion. Some people suspect to talk before that era, national nation before he is a husband and wife. But her husband flirting girls were cleared after this life to come! There are thousands of teacher sex with other people. When the wife is the Cobra strikes were found dead so far.

Some people still doubt that this is a story with "the murder to cover up" ? By the husband of the woman on the go. Catch that will govern. is revenge by using Cobra bites until dying that's the police investigation has been made, with the same secret with attempt to murder someone with Mr. Viroj to solve Puzzle clues in this time.


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A Chinese school. Date: 12/6/2008 length: 12.02 pm.

At the same time as the early carnage? Yet the shift to greet good weird Credit Union?

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INDYLOVE Date: 12/6/2008 length: 11.55 pm.
Record a story about a memorable impression Experience in the tourism and food

LOL don't think to read because of the genuine curiosity of me-Ichigo and wondered with the belief that some people suspect to talk before that era, national nation before he is a husband and wife. But her husband flirting girls were cleared after this life to come! There are thousands of teacher sex with other people. When the wife is the Cobra strikes were found dead so far. This one proved not .... However, The accident occurred has always been if we are located in negligence.

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The sky barrier? Date: 12/6/2008: 11.40 a.m.

Loud applause and admiration.
Read it very much.
He doesn't want to believe that.
There will be someone there decide, Lai and analysis steps as well.
It is true, no matter how true.

If we are trained to think, analyze, such as this, much more spacious. In many circles, especially the police. The military public prosecutor ... everyone's going to be tricked less and to catch people but if they actually get six pirates in front of a very thick, it must find a way to whip harder please.

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Blackpearl Date: 12/06/2008 time: 10.59 hrs.

Reapply the layout to the story made into a movie, I look at all.

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Rawin insists Date: 11/06/2008 time: 22.58 hrs.
Thai love Cares about people

Strange but true

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milo2005 Date: 11/6/2008 length: 21.10 hrs.

It's very strange They must be people who, though more exotic to a snake bite. Made possible.

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Damn little tiger Date: 11/06/2008 time: 18.11 hrs.

Well ... seems to think.

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Colorful language. Date: 11/06/2008 time: 17.18 hrs.
An array of expensive.

It's strange but true

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joeyman Date: 11/6/2008 length: 16.28:

The secret to spy really mask. ..

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tsunami Date: 11/06/2008 time: 15.26 pm.

Do no. ..

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jonathan_seagull Date: 11/06/2008 time: 14.44 pm.

Picture by Shao, while giving the snake very big rooms with terrace.

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spyone Date: 11/06/2008 time: 14.05 hrs.
Earth rotation with love

The food was very confused confused confused .......

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BlueHill Date: 11/6/2008 length: 12.12 pm.
@OKnation everyone is a journalist.

I think the stance anyway drunk elder sister penetration

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indyArt Date: 11/06/2008 time: 10.17 pm.

Every possible issue really fixed a doctor must take issues that is true or not, the issues come together in one little issue it is.


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Art Of War

May 26, 2010
New Zealand
A police examination revealed he had several snake bites on his right leg and his cheeks.
The dead cobra found clenched in Banlen’s hands had also been bitten several times.
Snake remnants were found in the dead man’s teeth, suggesting he had bitten the animal.
The condom contained no semen, and the police believe he was either putting on or removing his trousers when the snake struck.

The snake thought his penis was a rival snake?

Where is the witness or the person he was going to fuck?