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A man is a tasty morsel.
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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
I was driving home after work. Two-lane deserted country road. Dusk. Light fading. Tough time to see when driving. In the rearview mirror, I could see a car approaching at a high speed. Passed me at maybe a hundred miles an hour. Drunk, too, maybe. He was weaving as he pulled out of sight. Stupid fuck.

A few minutes later, I could see something in the middle of the road, so I slowed. It was a bicycle. Crumpled. I stopped and looked around. Heard a low moan. Christ! About fifty feet away, someone was lying at the edge of the road. I ran over and found a guy, torn up, at least one arm broken. Shit! I gotta get him to the hospital. I tried 911 on my cell, but there was no reception. So, I pulled my truck over so I could drive him there myself. There was a small hospital about ten miles up the road. I lifted him gingerly, trying not to hurt him or make matters worse. His racing shorts and shirt were shredded, and there was lots of blood on him. I laid him in the truckbed and lifted a long piece of his torn clothing. But it wasn’t clothing. It was skin. An eighteen inch strip of his skin, hanging from his side.

I put his bike in the truckbed, gunned the motor, and took off, speeding to get him to the hospital. I couldn’t get my mind off him, lying back there, bloodied, skin ripped from his half naked body. I wasn’t sure the hospital could do much for him. But maybe I could. So, I swerved off the main road onto a dirt side road that led to my cabin. Pulled up, stopped, and carried him inside.

“Jake! I’ve brought dinner!”

Plopped the guy on the metal table. Jake came in and immediately cut the clothes off him.

“Holy Shit, Caleb! He’s gorgeous! So sweet! He’s at least a month of meat!”
“Yeah, and look at that schlong!”
“Where’d you find him? Why’s he all cut up?
“Found him on the road. Some kind of accident.”
“Did you do it?”
“No. He’d already been hit by a drunk driver.”
“Cool! Lucky you. Lucky us.”
“Let’s wash him. Get the road grit off.”

We sprayed water on the guy to clean him up and the dirty water ran out the drain hole. Dried him off and rubbed our hands all over him. Ripped off the long strip of loose skin and munched on it as we admired our meat. Very muscular, with large well-developed pecs and huge thighs. Smooth feet. Very pretty, and long blond hair…shoulder length. He was still alive and let out a low moan from time to time.

“This one’s gonna be fun. We’ll get lots of meat off him for the freezer, but I’ve got one major request.”
“We don’t touch his face. I know you like to chew face, Caleb, but I want to keep this one intact so we can hang the head by its hair above the mantle. He’s so fucking beautiful!”
“OK. I won’t bite his face. But I want his nuts.”
“Sure. They’re yours. We share his dong, though.”
“Of course. Sure is a beauty. Raw”

“So. You want fresh pec meat tonight?”
“Oh, yeah. I’ll fire up the grill now. With mashed potatoes?”
“Sounds great. I’ll drain him and slice the pecs. We’ll hang the head after dinner.”

I slid a syringe and draining tube into the guy’s vein to drain his blood. Filled a couple large bottles before his heart stopped pumping. That left a lot of blood still in the body to mix with his flesh, organs, offal and shit when we cut him up. Eating a guy is so satisfying. Every piece of him is tasty. He had just taken his last breath when I sliced off each of his pecs for Jack to cook.

Life is good. A couple hours ago, we were planning to send out for pizza. Now look at this feast. Pec steak, mashed potatoes, green beans. Toasting our good fortune with wine glasses full of warm red blood. And a big soft spongy cock for dessert, topped with our cream.

“Bon appetit!”