Barefoot Neighbor Murder


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Mar 7, 2018
Maryland, USA
My Barefoot Neighbor

I was living comfortably in my town house when the family next door moved out. A single guy moved in and I wondered what he would be like. I decided to sunbathe naked. After all, there would be no women or children to shock. One day as I lay out on my deck naked, my bare feet in the sun trying to get a tan, he came out. His eyes ran over my bare chest and cock and stopped at my bare feet. I stretched them out to make them more attractive, but he only gave a short grunt and went down to his yard to water his grass.

The next day as I again lay naked on my deck, and he came out. This time he ignored my naked body and went right down to his yard. He was dressed only in short pants his chest and feet were bare. My cock ached and grew as I looked at him. His defined pecs and flat belly were fantastic, but his bare feet there on his deck were perfect. His toes all well formed his feet tanned, my cock ached to touch them. But again he glanced over my naked body that I had displayed for him, my bare feet stretched out to attract his lust, but again, with a smirk, he walked down to his yard. I stood up and watched him as he watered his garden and grass. He turned the spray onto his bare feet, letting the shower wash over one foot and then another. Slowly letting the water cascade over his soles and between his toes. I knew that he was tormenting me on purpose. He wanted to tease me!

Standing naked on my deck watching him, I gently took hold of my cock, almost in a daze watching his bare feet and chest being washed in the water. I griped my cock at the sight of his dripping bare chest and feet and then he pulled his shorts open and sprayed the water onto his cock. I could see he shaft grow white and hard under the force of the water. He ignored my looking at him as I stroked my now rigid cock. As I saw his cock grow hard under the spray of the hose, I groaned and my cock shot its white cum off of of my deck.

He heard my groan of passion and saw my cum juices spray off of my deck. He only smiled as he looked at my shrinking cock which had spent its juices. There I stood my cock now shrinking in front of his almost naked body. His smile taunting me. His gorgeous bare feet on his deck waiting to be taken. It was then that I knew that he intended to torment me with his body and his bare feet forever!

I decided that his body, and his bare feet must be mine. I intended to rape his bare feet as he watched in horror. Day after day he came out to his yard and sprayed his chest and bare feet with his hose in front of me. He knew that he was tempting me. Then one day, I came to his door and knocked. He showed up in just bathing trunks, as I expected. I stared at his nearly naked body knowing that I would soon seen him entirely naked. He said, “I know what you want. My bare feet, right”

I said yes, He told me that if I wanted them, I would have to serve him for one month. I agreed.

Then for one month I was his sex slave. I bathed him, washing his naked body. But he wouldn't let me touch his bare feet. I sucked his cock until he came, and tried to touch his feet with mine but he kicked them away.

Finally, I couldn't take any more. Then one day as he stepped out of the shower expecting me to dry him off, I stood there before him naked and stabbed him.

My knife entered his lower belly, just above his belly button. I pulled the knife out of his belly and stabbed him again and again as he stood there, frozen, staring at me in disbelief. His cock became engorged until it was rock hard, standing straight out almost like his own knife pointing at me. I looked at it and was impressed by its thickness and size. He was truly a stud.

He groaned long and loud and stumbled onto me. I could feel his hard cock rubbing between my legs. I drove the knife deep into his belly a final time. He groaned in pleasure and I felt his hot cum splash against my bare leg. He grabbed my shoulders with his hands to stay standing. We were both wet and fell to the floor squirming against each others bodies.

“So this is what you wanted”, he groaned out as his cock shot the last of its wet load and became limp.

“Yes, I said. I want to rape you and your bare feet”

“I knew that you wanted them all the time. I knew that you would take my bare feet eventually”.

I pushed off of his naked body, slipping on the bloody and wet floor. Then I grabbed his bare feet in my hands. At last, after all of these months, lusting for them, watching him taunting me with them. I now had them in my hands. He could only stare at me, naked and helpless. His cock having now spent its juices was now limp between his legs.

Massaging his bare feet, pushing them against my now rigid cock, my lust was now fulfilled. His dying bare feet twitched against my cock giving me my full ecstasy. It seemed almost like he wanted to satisfy my lust with his bare feet at last. I shot my cum out onto his bare feet and then his abs. So much cum as I have never released before.

Finally, I was exhausted and dropped his bare feet to the floor. He was still alive and his bare feet continued to twitch seductively. They were covered with my cock juices. I went back to my house to recover. I rested and the returned to his body and raped his bare feet again. His naked bare feet against my cock filled it with lust and I shot my cum onto them again with great joy. Then I grabbed his ankles and dragged his naked body into the surf which dragged it away washing my cum from his body.