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Nov 20, 2011

I had him belly down and my dick up his ass. He was a tight fuck. He told me I should lose some weight my dick was too fat. I asked if there was anything he wanted to tell me before I shoved this bayonet in his ribcage. He told me about a abandon mine off Interstate ten between the Arizona boarder and Benson. He said he followed a guy you there because he wanted his boots. The guy had about twenty sets of leathers and boots. When he asked the guy were all the leathers came from his answer was he liked boots too. I continued humping his hole and then slid the bayonet into his right side. The blade slid through his leather vest Leather jacket shirt and into his guts. I did this sever times. His muscle tightens with each penetration of the knife. The last one he tensed up and relaxed. His muscle released its grip on my dick As I pulled out of his hole my dick was followed by a free flow of whipped up fecal matter dotted with white cum. Yellow liquid was pooling in his fly. Cut off his dick and balks. Saved his scrotum and put the rest in his mouth. I stripped him of his gear. I left him for the night creatures. As I rode off on his bike the Night Creatures didn’t waste any time getting to supper.

I headed west on Interstate ten and found the exit he described. Following his directions I found the abandon mine he spoke of. There was barracks two storied high twenty room on each floor. He had settled down in one room. I smelled the collection of gear he had around the room and the previous owners sent was still in the leather. The boots smelled good too. I had a hard on and was ready to jack off on the boots.

I got the drone out of my saddle bag and walked over to the mine head.

There was a strong odder emanating from the mine. The iron work of the mine head formed a cage down the shaft. I fired up the drone and sent it down the shaft to investigate. A little ways down was a cowboy, his arm caught in the steel frame work. Black leather vest buck skin shirt polished chaps boots and spurs. His gun was still in his holster. The cowboy’s dick was sticking out of his fly. At the bottom was a conglomeration of motor cycles littered with dead bodies some clothed some naked. The last one appeared to one of Arizona’s finest. Black shinny boots shiny heavy leather jacket. Hid badge still pinned to his jacket He landed on the handle bars of a Harley which punched through his chest and leather jacket to punch out the back of his jacket tearing a gaping hole in his jacket. I wanted those boots.

I got you of my military BDU’S and put on my newly acquired leathers. Turned the leather jeans inside out and cut off the silk lining. I slipped my legs in the leather jeans and found the feel of the leather arousing. I stood up and snapped the fly and buttoned the waist band then fasten the belt, Did the same to the leather shirt and once everything was fastened I rubbed the leather on my chest Taking a deep breath I could still smell the previous owner. I pulled on the tall back boots. I buckled the strap across the instep and buckled the strap at the top tighter. I took some time to rub the shaft of the boots. I rubbed the raging hard on in my crotch Last was his leather jacket, I took a mouth full of leather sleeve and clenched it between my teeth hard I savored the taste, I left my teeth marks in the leather. This was the first time I wore leather, I love the smell and the feel of it I also loved the restraint I felt when I moved.

On the way here I saw ads for a truck stop one exit up from here. I got on the bike and was off to find supper.

It was typical artery clogging truck stop food. It sure did taste good. I was nursing a second piece of peach pie when a long tall bad ass biker waltzed through the front door. Had to be seven foot tall with long slender legs clad in boots and leather jeans. The rest of his gear was well worn, even looked like he went down one time. I watched him walk across the dining room and enter the men’s room. He came out about five minutes later. I heard for the first time the jingle Jangle of his spurs. He had on a pair of large rowel Mexican spurs on over his engineer boots. He wore clappers that banged on the large rowels. I wanted those long lean thighs pinning my ears back as they forced his cock deeper into my throat till I gagged on it. I could already feel his hot cum blasting against the back of my throat.

Just as he was about to slide into a booth he saw me staring. He paused half way into the booth. I made no beans about who I was looking at. He straightens up and came over and slid into the seat across from me. The waitress put the menu down in front of him. He ordered coffee.

“You like to suck cock”? He asked without looking up from the menu

“Yes” I said

“You like to fuck with you boots on”? He asked still looking at the menu.

“How about snuffing me as you dump you wad in my ass”? He said looking up from the menu.

“How rough do you want to die”? I asked looking him eye to eye.

He ordered a steak with everything.

I killed a Disciple in a bar fight and his club isn’t too happy. I figure if I go with you and we fuck each other’s brains out then you kill me It would be better then what they have in mind for me” he explained.

We were sitting in a round booth in the corner of the dining room. I was all the way in and he was on the side. He reached with his right hand under the table and grabbed my cock.

“Does the thought of killing a guy always give you a hard on” he asked

“No, fucking a dead guy with boots and leathers on does” I said smiling,

The waitress brought his meal.

He paused as he was about to cut his stake and looked at me

“Is this my last meal”? He asked

“Sure is” I said

“You done this before” he asked

“You will be number twenty three” I said

I finished my pie and the last of my coffee and we left the truck stop and got on our bikes. We rode side by side one exit and got off the freeway crossed over and went four miles to the mine site. He got off his bike and was looking over the valley

Put your bike on the big stand and take the belt off you jacket. He leather jacket was the old style with the large leather panel in the back that acted as a kidney belt. While He did that I went in the shop and a got a quart of thirty weight oil and a grease gun. . When I came back out he was standing by his bike holding the belt. I took the belt and ordered him to cross his writs in front of him. He did as ordered. I tied his wrists with the belt. I pulled his waist band out and poured the quart of oil down his pants. I rubbed his crotch as I poured. I was smearing the oil all over his dick and balls and the inside of his thighs. The excess oil ran down his legs and puddle in his boots. He wiggled his feet and oil oozed out of the welt of the boots.

Bend over your saddle. He walked over to the bike and bent over the saddle. He left outline of his boots in the dry earth. I reached down and withdrew the bayonet in the shaft of my right boot. It was a sharp mother. I cut the seam of his leather jeans. I nicked his but with the blade I spread the leather apart exposing his white ass. He stiffened and grunted when I stuck the tip of the grease gun in his hole. I filled the cavity with black grease. Pulling it out I shot some my leather glove on my left hand. I coated his exposed skin and well in between his cheeks. Walking over to the bike I fished out my dick from its leather prison. It was glad to be in the fresh air. It stood tall and hard. I leaned over him pressing him between my thighs and the bike. My dick slipped between the cheeks of his ass. He stiffened and grunted, I worked my dick in the grease slipping it between his two cheeks, While I worked my dick up and down between his cheeks I unzipped my jacket and unsnapped my shirt, I leaned over his body pressing my bare chest against his leather clad back. I moved my hips searching for his hole. I had a mouth full of his leather collar of his jacket, I was chewing on it. At the same time I found his hole and wit out any hesitation I rammed my cock in. He bucked and there was a cry of pain. Evidently he was not use to being fucked. He was a tight fit. Not saying my dick was small. He bucked and squirmed but I rode him all the way. He got use to the pain and settled down and started to enjoy the feeling. It was about twenty minutes of me sliding in and out of him before I shot my wad in his hole. Fuck it was good.

I pulled out and stood up. I told him he could get up. He rubbed his crotch milking every second of pleasure out of his dick. White cum leaked between the flaps of his fly. It ran down the inside of his thighs and onto his boots.

Gas and Electric was on at the mine. Hot and cold running water. There was a cell tower bolted to the mine head. The mine head wasn’t very tall but the mine was on a hill which gave it height to cover the valley.

While the vegetables cooked the roast turned on the spit I started to clean up.

I got a clean rag, soap and warm water and started to give him a whore bath. He was getting use to another man touching him. He kissed my neck as I pressed him against my chest. I washed the grease off his ass and from between his cheeks. He discovered man love and couldn’t seem to get enough of it. I washed his dick and he shot another wad. I found out he’s a screamer if you know what I mean. You ever know a guy to pass out while being jacked off?

I fixed a sleeping room in the barracks. There was a large room with a Pool Table in it. It was a good quality table and in good shape. Off the large room were two smaller rooms I figure were offices at one time. I turned one into a bed room.

I took this bad ass biker dude to the bed room and made him lay spread eagle in the bed belly down. I tied his arms to the bed head posts and his booted feet to the foot posts. I climbed on top and rubbed my cock on the smooth leather shaft of his tall boots. I stopped before I shot my wad. Grabbing fist full of his leathers I pulled myself farther up on his body till my cock rested in the crack of his ass. It felt so good sliding my dick in between his cheeks. He flinched when I shoved my cock back in his hole. I guess he was still a little sore from the last time. After I shot my wad again I lay on top of him with my cock in his hole and went to sleep.

I woke up the nest morning when he began to stir under. I was still on top.

My climax last night much have been extremely pleasurable because there were teeth marks in the back panel of his leather jacket where I bit a moth full of leather. I got up and put my cock back in my leather jeans and untied him from the bed posts. I started to fix breakfast. He got up and showered then put his leathers back on. He sat down at the table and pulled his boots on just as breakfast was ready. We ate breakfast in silence.

As we sat finishing our coffee he reached inside his leather jacket and pulled out his Glock. I took a sip of coffee and put the cup back down. “I decided to take my chances on the run” he said

“Oh” I said

“ I did enjoy our romp in the hay. Too bad it is going to be your last “he said with a grin.

I calmly reach in my leather jacket and pulled out my gun. I had mine half way out of my jacket when he fired four times. Actually I should say pulled the trigger four times. The gun never fired. I raise my gun and squeezed off one round. At the same time I reached in the little snap pocked on the front of my jacket and fished out a fire ring pin. I lowered my gun and pointed it at him. With my finger on the trigger a red dot appeared on front of his leather jacket.

“I got my biker boots on and I have been to town. I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. I sprayed some Rag Doll on you while I was fucking you. You went out like a light. I then took the firering pin out of your gun and came back and fished fucking you.” I explained to a shocked biker. I let that sink in for a while

“Now I want your boots. Get them off and put mine on” I said while kicking off my boots.

He came over and picked up my boots and went back over to his side of the table and put my boots on. I threw a pair of hand cuffs across the table and told him to cuff himself to the table. He did as he was ordered. I put on is boots. My dick started to harden.

“I love wearing a dead man’s boots” I said

He looked at me with a strange look on his face.

“Yes you hot looking devil it’s your last romp in the hay.

He started rubbing his crotch. I could see his erect cock through his leather jeans. After a bit he put his hand in the pocket of his leather jeans and turned it inside out. He took a knife off the table and cut the cloth liner out of the pocket. He did the same with the other one.

“The thought of your bullets ripping through my leathers gives me a hard on. He put his hands in his pockets and started stroking his cock. I often dreamed of laying in a pile of leather clad bikers my blood leaking out all over some guys boots. A biker rolls me over on my back and starts going through my pockets for valuables. Finding the knives in my boots they test the sharpness on my body. They open my fly to see what my manhood looks like. My last pleasure being them playing with my cock.

“Let’s go up to the mine and fulfill your last dreams” I said

He stood up and had his hands in his pockets still stroking his cock. We reached the mine head and he turned around to face me.

“ You were a good fuck I just let my guard down and under estimated you” he said.

We started at each other for a while.

“Well let’s get on with it” he said

I raised the Glock and touched the trigger. The laser site came to life and customary red dot appeared on his leather jacket. He opened his fly and fished out his dick.

“ Yeah, Do it, Fire off a round” He said,

I moved the red dot to his right shoulder and squeezed the trigger. The Glock bucked in my hand the red dot was replaced with a hole. The impact slammed him against the leg of the mine head.

“Oh fuck” he said with pleasure in his voice “Yeah that felt good: he added.

“ Do another one” he said as he slowly stroked his cock,

I emptied the Glock in his body. His guts, left shoulder, arm, and leg. Bright white cum blasted out of his cock and covered the front of his black leather jacket, Some landed on the side of his face within reach of his Tung. Me managed to retrieve it with his tung. I walked up and kicked his legs apart. I stood in between them and put my booted foot on his cock. I pressed hard smashing his cock between my boot and his body. He moaned and squirmed with Pleasure

He was right on the edge of the mine shaft. I shoved the toe of my boot under his hip.

“No” He screamed “ Wait, finish me off” He cried with panic in his voice.

I raised my booted foot up and rolled him towards the abyss.

As he slid into the abyss he started to scream. I saw his boots disappear into the black. I heard him hit something and the screaming stopped then there was a splash and his bullet riddled body hit some water.

I walked down the incline to his bike, got on, and it fired right up for it’s hew owner. I was hungry and headed out for the truck stop.

A biker watched me cross the dining room and go in the rest room. I came out and he watched me walk over to a booth. I then cross over to his booth.

“Do you like to fuck with you boots on” I asked. He smiled and I sat down,