Alternatives to Wickr


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Jul 13, 2011
Kansas City, Missouri
The popular secure messaging app Wickr Me has already stopped allowing new sign-ups, and the app will disappear altogether on January 1, 2024. As someone who has posted CDG threads from time to time encouraging users to share Wickr handles, I am starting this thread to facilitate the sharing of suggested secure alternatives to Wickr Me. Some of the ones I have seen suggested (Kik and Telegram) have serious security flaws which make them (in my opinion) unsuitable as replacements (others may disagree, of course).

Earlier today someone here reached out to me to suggest Session ( as an alternative. I have already downloaded the desktop version and will be checking it out over the next couple of weeks. If anyone would like to share their experiences with it feel free to post those here.

And, of course, other suggestions for Wickr alternatives are also welcome. That is the whole purpose of this thread. Thanks in advance, everyone!
I've used Session (on mobile) and it makes for a good alternative to Wickr.

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it seems stable enough. Security appears strong also. Definitely my leading contender at the moment...

Me on Session: 05f0c08a26fca1ed05c8cc4ff77abcc67410a5364654ea77444f870d9bb51a7f38
Hey i use Element it s really safe. In comparison to other messenger services. Highly recommend takes a bit time to install but that’s why u have to make the settings. iOS and also for android
Hey! Sprich mit mir auf Element: