Age verification for accessing pornography


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Sep 10, 2012
united kingdom
The British Government has announced that it is to abandon steps to require pornography sites verify the age of their users by requiring them to provide personal details. Given that many of us are pretty guarded about our privacy and the ever present risk of sites being hacked that can only be a good thing. And whilst there is always the risk of youngsters accessing pornography I suspect that they would find a way of getting round any safeguards. And there is a hell of a difference between viewing and doing, one could even argue that sites such as ours provide a safe way of enjoying dark fetishes in a safe environment at minimal risk.
Nice to be able to talk about the Conservative government getting something right for a change. Now I can fulminate elsewhere about the almighty mess they are making about Brexit and destroying the country in the interests of the Bigots of the Democratic Union party of Northern Ireland, the haters of abortion, gay marriage and anything else of a slightly liberal tinge
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