Abducted, Abused, and Abandoned--story contains extreme violence, blood and gore

Luis Adam Bree

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Oct 31, 2016
London England
The gray, inconspicuous van drove through the night. The road was deserted. The headlights of the car were the only source of light. There were no houses, no streetlights, no traffic. Everything was peaceful and quiet.

Inside the van, techno music was blaring from the loudspeakers, and the young driver and his companion on the passenger seat where laughing and joking.

Andrew and Brett had always been close, close as only a pair of identical twins could be. Both of the young men were handsome and sexy, tall and athletic, with jet black hair and dark brown eyes.

“Turn the music up!” Andrew yelled to his brother. “I don’t want to hear him scream.” He laughed. “Not yet, anyway.”

Brett giggled and turned up the volume, drowning out the muffled screams from the back of the van with the loud, thumping beat. Brett’s hands then began drumming onto the dashboard in time to the beat.

The twins dressed the same, they shared the same taste in music, they liked the same movies, they favored the same food. They did everything together, including the abduction of the young man in the back of their van.

When Gabe had moved into the neighborhood and started going to the local gym, Andrew and Brett had taken an immediate dislike to the young man. Gabe was 23 years old, a year younger than the twins, but his square jaw and chiseled features made him look 4 or 5 years older. Gabe was just 5’6” tall, but he was a powerhouse of muscle, a true fireplug of a dude, weighing nearly 250 pounds of rock-solid muscle and still growing! Despite being extremely handsome and built like a brickhouse, the young man was quiet and shy, and something of a loner. The twins immediately sensed that Gabe was shy, and so they began to relentlessly bully and torment him at every opportunity, making fun of his short height and enormously muscular size.

They had teased Gabe mercilessly, accusing the handsome young stud of working out to compensate for his short height and tiny dick, and the long fireplug would only blush crimson and cast his eyes down, trying to ignore the bullies. This went on for months, until the fateful day when the twins caught Gabe in the gym’s locker room.

Gabe usually timed his visits to the gym to avoid Andrew and Brett, and took particular care to not change in the locker room when the two tall twins were around. In fact, he usually waited until the very end of the day to shower, when there was usually almost no one left around in the gym. But one day he slipped up, and the dark-haired studs caught him in the shower.

Brett and Andrew had always assumed that Gabe wore baggy shorts to hide the fact that he was hung like a flea, for they were certain that the short man was hung tiny. But as the twins laid their eyes on Gabe’s genitals for the very first time, their jaws nearly dropped in surprise, for the young man was hung HUGE! Both of the twins were hung big themselves, with 9.5-inch cocks and fat, kiwi-sized balls, but the junk dangling huge and heavy between Gabe’s colossal thighs dwarfed the twins’ genitals combined!

Gabe’s thick sausage of a cock was nearly 9 inches long completely soft, with a girth easily as thick as a beer bottle. That mighty tubesteak of a cock arched over a truly massive set of bull balls. Each gargantuan orb was the size of a grown man’s fist, and together filled his blond-haired sac to nearly bursting with ripe man meat. It was the heaviest, most ponderous set of cock and balls that the twins had ever seen.

The shorter man’s warm brown eyes grew wide in fear as he realized that the twins had discovered his well-kept secret. For once, the two bullies were silent, stunned by the sheer wealth of cock and balls ballooning from Gabe’s muscular crotch. The look of anger and jealousy in the twins’ dark eyes, however, nearly froze Gabe’s blood, and the shorter man immediately knew that his life had just taken a turn for the worse.

But even Gabe hadn’t suspected just how bad things were going to get, for now, less than a week after his discovery in the showers, the young muscle man was lying in the back of his tormenters’ van, bound and gagged and terrified, and headed for an unknown fate.

After an unknown number of hours, Andrew steered the van off the county road and onto a path that was so small and overgrown that most people would have missed it. A relatively short while later, the path ended, and the van stopped in front of a dark cabin nestled deep in a dense set of woods. The site was as secluded and hidden as they come.

Andrew turned the engine off.

The music stopped.


Gabe was in the back of the van, lying on his side with his massively muscular arms tied behind his back. His body was sore from lying on the corrugated metal floor for so many hours, and the many bumps and potholes in the road hadn’t helped matters. Still, the thickly built kid was tough, and his powerful body had endured the journey with just some minimal bruising. It was the terror he felt on the inside that was wearing away at the young man, and now that the van had stopped, this terror ratcheted up several more notches.

The blond-haired hunk lifted his handsome head and looked up, his eyes wide with fear. The twins turned around and looked at him, and they burst out laughing at the terror that they saw in his eyes.

“Look at him”, Brett laughed. “Just look at the little bitch!”

“Oh, he’s afraid!” Andrew said in mock sympathy. He turned to his brother, a huge grin on his handsome face. “Do you think he’s pissed his pants?”

Brett shuddered. “Eww! Pathetic loser!”

“I bet you’re wondering what you’re doing here,” Andrew said, looking at Gabe, who continued to whimper into his gag. Andrew grinned. “We’re going to party!”

“And have some fun!” Brett chimed in.

“Well, maybe you won’t,” Andrew laughed. “But we sure will!”

They got out of the car and opened the rear doors. Brett grabbed Gabe’s ankles and tried pulling him out, but the naked stud was just too fucking heavy. Andrew had to lend his hands as well, and together they pulled the muscular dude toward the back of the van. Gabe was kicking and screaming into his gag, desperate to break free.

“Wow, look at him, Andy!” Brett grinned. “He thinks he can kick his way out of this!”

Andrew chuckled. “Pathetic loser!”

With a considerable amount of effort, the pair lifted Gabe out of the van, Andrew holding onto the young man’s ankles while Brett lifted beneath the stud’s massive shoulders.

“Oh, and Brett…” Andrew said causally.

Brett looked at him.

“…don’t call me Andy.” Andrew said as he kicked his brother in the groin, his large sneaker crashing into the big, juicy bulge in Brett’s denim-clad crotch with brutal force.

Brett’s big nuts were rammed into his body, making the tall stud grunt in surprise and pain and drop Gabe to the ground. He doubled over, clutching his crotch. “You got me good!” he chuckled, rubbing his wounded groin.

Gabe had struck the ground hard, his shoulders and upper back absorbing the fall. He continued to struggle, though his efforts were largely useless with both his ankles and his wrists so tightly bound. Andrew released Gabe’s struggling legs and dropped the younger man completely to the ground, and then walked toward the cabin, calling out over his shoulder to his brother, “You dropped the bitch!”

Brett snickered and grabbed Gabe’s feet, and then started to drag the huge muscle man toward the cabin. Andrew opened the door and turned on the generator inside the cabin, then turned on several lights inside the small building. It then it took both brothers to lift the heavy dude up the four stairs to the front door and into the well lit interior. The brothers deposited their heavy cargo onto a sturdily built wooden chair, and then proceeded to tie the short muscle bull to the chair, securing his ankles to two of the legs and keeping his massively muscular arms tied behind his thick back. Young Gabe’s spectacularly muscular body was now on full display in all of its incredibly powerful glory, and his enormous cock and balls were resting on the seat of the chair, looking both massive and vulnerable.

“Geezus Andy, would you look at that!” Brett exclaimed in admiration, looking at all of the thick meat dangling between Gabe’s intensely muscular thighs.

Andrew rolled his eyes from across the room. “Don’t call me Andy!” he yelled back. He then sighed in long-suffering exasperation, grabbing the big toolbox next to the generator and bringing it back to the wooden chair.

“Come on, bro! You gotta look at this! You won’t believe it!” Brett hollered back, nearly crying with laughter. “This little fucker’s starting to get a boner!”

Andrew dropped the box with the power tools and got closer. “What the fuck?!” he said, and then he too began to laugh.

Gabe was indeed starting to throw wood, the extreme terror of his compromised situation somehow making his cock respond against the young man’s will. The already gigantic cock began to swell bigger and bigger, adding to its already enormous length and growing impossibly thicker as well. While the two brothers watched in a mix of both humor and wonder, Gabe’s massive cock continued to swell and bloat until it had achieved its full, colossal length of just over 13 inches. It was by far the thickest, longest, largest bull cock either of the twins had ever seen, and the sheer size and power of that monstrous dick was awe-inspiring. The mighty schlong was now thicker than a beer can and jutting straight up from his muscular crotch, stretching nearly to the young man’s colossal pecs and nearly vibrating with need.

With his bloated bull cock fully erect and out of the way, there was nothing to conceal Gabe’s magnificent balls from view. The titanic testicles were encased in a soft and silky pouch that was lightly covered in dark blond hairs, and the gigantic mass of ball flesh rested gently on top of the rough wooden seat.

Andrew let out a low whistle of appreciation and said, “Gawd damn, are those his NUTS?! They look even BIGGER up close!”

“Yeah,” Brett replied. “They’re even bigger than the balls on that prize stud bull we saw at the faire the other month! Never even SEEN balls this huge on a guy before!”

“Fuckin’ right!” Andrew said. “A huge set of cock and balls like that would look massive even on a 6-foot, 4-inch bloke, but they look positively ridiculous on such a short dude!”

Both Andrew and Brett burst out laughing, while Gabe let out another pitiful sob.

“Damn, we’ve got a lot to work with this time!” Andrew happily exclaimed, weighing and sizing up Gabe’s massive endowment with his eyes.

Brett shrugged in agreement. “Sure isn’t what you’d expect, especially from a short guy like that.”

“Yup, you’re right,” Andrew said. “He sure did surprise us the other day, I gotta grant him that. Monstrous set of meat and potatoes like that. Biggest set we’ve ever had! I bet it’s gonna take a lot longer than usual.”

Brett laughed. “Fuck yeah! We hit the fuckin’ JACKPOT this time!!”

Andrew opened the tool box and examined all the various power tools and devices within. “Do ya wanna start with his dick or his balls?”

Brett shrugged his big shoulders. “I don’t know. Why don’t we let him decide?”

“Great idea!” Andrew said, and smiled as he turned to Gabe.

The handsome young man had his eyes closed. His massively muscular body was shivering with fear, a sheen of sweat breaking out over his huge muscles.

“Hey bitch!” Andrew said.

Gabe winced, but didn’t open his eyes.

“HEY BITCH!!!” Andrew yelled a second time. “Open your fucking eyes!! Look at me when I’m talking to you!!”

Gabe’s beautiful brown eyes opened and he stared at Andrew, wordlessly pleading for mercy. Brett untied the gag from behind the young man’s head as Andrew addressed him again.

“What do you want to lose first, bitch?” Andrew grinned. “Your huge horse cock or your monstrous bull balls?”

Gabe stared at him, his eyes wide with terror, not comprehending Andrew’s words.

Andrew chuckled as he turned to his brother. “He’s so cute, isn’t he?”

Brett laughed. “Fuck that! The little guy’s a fuckin’ STUD! He’s a pretty boy with a man’s jaw and chin. Fuckin’ handsomest stud we’ve ever done! And he’ll be even cuter without his huge bull dick!”

Andrew laughed.

Gabe cleared his throat. “Please…” His surprisingly deep voice cracked. “Please, don’t…”

“I asked you a question, bitch!” Andrew interrupted him. “What do you want to lose first? Your pathetic little dick or your tiny marbles?”

Gabe’s terrified eyes quickly shifted from Andrew to Brett and back again, seeking but finding no mercy in the brothers’ cruel eyes. The twin brothers were smiling like Cheshire cats, gloating and eager to begin the emasculation of such a powerfully hung young man.

“I…” Gabe began, his eyes filling with tears. “I…”

“I…I…I…,” Andrew mocked him, laughing. He turned to his brother. “Looks like he can’t decide. I guess we’re gonna have to choose for him!”

“What a loser!” Brett laughed. “Why don’t we start on his freakishly huge balls?”

Andrew grinned. “Sound like a plan!”

He reached inside the toolbox and produced a pair of car jumper cables. He held them up and grinned. “Who’s up for some roasted nuts?”

Brett laughed. “Oooooh, roasted nuts! My favorites!” He turned to Gabe and grinned. “I hope you like them, too!”

Andrew chuckled as he placed a car battery in front of Gabe. “You know”, he said casually, “these huge nuts might be too big for roasting.” He winked at Gabe. “It’s probably gonna take a long time to cook through all of that thick meat, but I’m sure they’ll be good and done in no time…” He clamped the cables to Gabe’s nuts, the big alligator clamps digging deep into the young man’s thick ball flesh, laughing out loud when Gabe screamed in pain.

“Please!” Gabe whimpered. “Please don’t do this!”

Andrew knelt down in front of the car battery and looked at his brother. “He doesn’t want us to do this,” he said with mocking concern.

“Oh, he doesn’t?” Brett grinned as he turned and looked at Gabe. “Well, tough luck, bitch!” He turned to Andrew. “Fry ‘em, bro!!”

Andrew hooked the other ends of the cables to the car battery, and blue sparks immediately began to course all over Gabe’s massive balls. The young man screamed in agony as massive amounts of electricity were forced into his huge balls. His entire body went completely rigid, every gargantuan muscle flexing and bulging even more enormously as ever, and even his mammoth cock bloating even thicker and darker. His massive body was rocking and spasming so hard that it looked like he’d rip the heavy wooden chair apart, but the seat was built of sturdy planks of oak, and not even Gabe’s ferocious strength could break it apart. Instead, the young muscle bull could do nothing but struggle and scream as his massive balls were steadily fried into useless lumps of dead meat.

The cruel twins were laughing their asses off, watching the destruction of Gabe’s colossal nuts. They began to laugh even harder when smoke started rising from Gabe’s crotch and his balls took on a darker and darker shade of red. There was no doubt about it, the young man’s massive testicles were slowly and steadily cooking on the vine!

Suddenly, Gabe’s incredibly muscular body went limp, the brutal agony more than his mind could take.

“NO!!” Brett yelled.

“Fucking loser!!” Andrew chimed in.

Brett yanked the cables from the car battery. “What a fucking sissy!” He stared at Gabe’s limp body, sweat glistening on his perfectly proportioned and massively built muscles. The dark-haired young man had to admit that the short dude was spectacularly built.

Amazingly, the young man’s tower of a cock was still rock hard and quivering, looking for all the world like the young stud was about to shoot a huge load. A load that had no doubt been congealed to a useless slag inside his parboiled testicles. His nutsack was bright lobster red, the thick meat of his balls protruding between the powerful jaws of a pair of steel clamps. Brett removed the clamps from the young man’s tortured balls, and watched in fascination as they immediately plumped back up to their full, incredibly impressive size. Small droplets of blood oozed from the numerous tiny puncture wounds inflicted by the alligator clamps.

“Hey!” Andrew yelled at Gabe. “Wake up, bitch!”

Brett brought his leg back and stomped down on Gabe’s pitiful fried balls, slamming his sneakered heel down into the massive lumps and crushing them against the hard wooden seat. Gabe’s powerful body gave a spasm, but the young man remained unconscious. “Wake UP!!!” he yelled, crunching Gabe’s defenseless balls again, and again, and yet again until Gabe’s eyes suddenly snapped open and he let out a tortured wail.

“My NUTS!”, he whimpered, looking down at his bruised and reddened ballsac. “You killed my nuts!!”

Andrew chuckled and stomped Gabe’s pathetic balls as hard as he could, squashing them nearly flat against the seat and making Gabe howl in pain. “Not yet!” he chuckled. “Those huge nuts wouldn’t be causing you so much pain if they were already dead, bitch. Nope, that’s a TOUGH set of bull nuts you’ve got between your legs, kid, I gotta give you that!”

“But we don’t want you to pass out like some weak little bitch,” his brother said with a grin.

“And we’re gonna make sure you don’t pass out again,” Andrew continued with a grin. He fetched a syringe and filled it with a honey-colored substance from a little vial. Then he held it up. “This little cocktail will make sure that you stay awake no matter how much pain you’re in. Where do you want me to inject you?”

Gabe’s eyes widened. “Please…!”

“Stop whining, bitch!” Brett screamed, slamming his fist down into Gabe’s big, tortured plums. “We're going to destroy your huge cock and balls anyway. You better stop your whining and shut up or we'll make it even more painful for you!”

“This medication is a paralytic, but it’s not a painkiller. It will make sure that you can’t break free and can’t pass out, but it will in no way dull the pain of what’s to come,” Andrew explained with a mean grin, flicking his finger against the syringe. “So I ask you again. Where do you want me to inject you?”

Gabe broke out in tears.

Andrew looked at his brother and rolled his eyes. “Fucking cry baby,” he chuckled.

Brett laughed. He reached out and grabbed the shaft of Gabe’s enormous dick, the fingers of his big hand only encircling about two-thirds of the way around that colossal tube of meat. “Here!” he said. “Stick it into his huge horse dick!”

Andrew laughed. “Aw fuck yeah, man! That would fuckin’ HURT!”

Brett giggled. “Yeah, stick it right into his big, spongy dickhead!”

Gabe shook his head violently. “No, please, no!!”

Andrew laughed.

The two brothers knelt in front of Gabe. Brett grasped Gabe’s humongous cock with both hands, holding the huge shaft steady, as Andrew jabbed the needle deep into Gabe’s sensitive dickhead, right above his gaping piss slit.

Gabe bellowed from the top of his powerful lungs as the 4-inch-long needle plunged to the hilt inside his captive cock.

The twins laughed as Andrew emptied the contents of the syringe into Gabe’s cock, slowly withdrawing the needle as the contents were injected straight into the lad’s massive cock. When the syringe was empty, Andrew removed the needle and watched as a tiny drop of blood welled up from the deep puncture wound.

“I got an idea!” Andrew said, and then took aim at the backside of Gabe’s huge cock shaft, just beneath the base of the massively swollen cock head. He then plunged the needle into the thick shaft once again, pressing hard to force the sharp steel needle through the surprisingly dense and fibrous cock meat. When the base of the syringe was pressed tight against the young man’s skewered cock, the needle tip erupted from the underside of Gabe’s cock.

“Ouch!!” Brett exclaimed. “That’s a good inch or so of needle coming out of the little guy’s cock!! You fuckin’ pierced his little dick!! Here, let me try!”

Andrew chuckled and pulled out the syringe, handing it to his twin brother. Brett winked at his brother and jabbed the needle into Gabe’s shaft, about half an inch below the first location, punching the needle all the way through Gabe’s enormous cock.

The laughing brothers then took turns with the needle, plunging it into Gabe’s gargantuan cock again and again and again, making the young man scream in agony. They shoved the needle through Gabe’s thick cock flesh from every direction, traveling up and down the colossal length of that monstrous cock more than a hundred times. Little drops of blood welled from each wound, until the massive tool was nearly covered in blood.

And throughout it all, Gabe’s massive tool never flagged in the slightest, but continued to throb and pulse with raw masculine power and need.

After an eternity of such cruel abuse, Gabe was wailing in pain, staring at his aching, bloody cock and his fried bull balls.

“Okay,” Brett looked at Andrew. “We’ve fried his huge balls and perforated his big mule dick. What’s next?”

Andrew grinned and rummaged through the tool box until he found a pair of huge pliers.

“Oh fuck, that looks nasty!” Brett chuckled, cupping his own big nuts in mock sympathy. “You gonna use that on the dude’s nuts?!”

“Fuck yeah!!” Andrew replied cheerfully. “Though I should say ‘nut’. Dude’s fuckin’ bull balls are too fucking big for me to crush ‘em BOTH at the same time, so one at a time it’ll be!”

He knelt down in front of Gabe and gently applied the open mouth of the huge steel pliers to his monstrous left nut, squashing the big orb down just slightly. He stared at Gabe’s stunningly handsome face and waited until the terrified man finally met his eyes, and then he clamped the pliers shut with all of his might.

Gabe bellowed in agony as the huge steel jaws clamped down on his enormous bollock, squishing the thick nut meat between the cruel serrated plates of metal. Andrew’s big arms bulged and flexed with effort as he crushed the huge orb harder and harder. The drug had now taken effect, so Gabe could only struggle weakly in his bonds, completely defenseless and helpless as the handsome, dark-haired stud laid waste to one of his colossal bull nuts.

Andrew began to grunt with effort, his big muscles quivering as he struggled to close the pliers completely shut around the huge nut. Gabe’s poor left testicle was bulging obscenely around the invading steel jaws, the center of the gigantic bollock being squeezed disturbingly, perilously thin. The huge testicle looked like it would explode at any moment, even as the jaws slowly closed more and more around their beefy prize.

Brett was gleefully watching his brother’s efforts, thoroughly enjoying Gabe’s tortured screams as his massive bollock was steadily crushed to death. He began to laugh out loud as Andrew began yanking on the pliers as well, ripping and tearing at the huge trapped testicle even as he continued to mercilessly squash it flatter still. He reached into the tool box and produced a large hammer, then turned to his brother and said, “Do you mind if I join you?”

“Lefty’s mine,” Andrew said, grunting with effort as he poured all of his impressive strength into the huge pliers. “But feel free to bash in his massive right nut!”

Brett laughed and crouched down next to Andrew. He gazed admiringly at Gabe’s huge, tortured nutsack. “Damn!” he chuckled, staring at Gabe’s gigantic right nut, resting heavy and defenseless on the wooden seat. “That fucking ball is so FUCKING huge! Ain’t no WAY I could miss a target like that!!”

He lifted the big hammer and sent it crashing down with a powerful swing, hitting the center of Gabe’s huge right bollock dead on, crunching the huge ball nearly flat. The blond stud bull bellowed in fresh agony, making Brett smile even bigger. The cruel young man raised his hammer high and sent it crashing into Gabe’s waiting bull nut again, and again, and again, clobbering the gigantic goolie over and over.

Gabe’s voice soon turned hoarse from all the screaming. He was crying and sobbing and groaning as the dark-haired twins brutally tortured his junk.. Brett continued raining blows of pure destruction into his gradually flattening and weakening right ball, while his brother continued squeezing and pulling on his tortured left testicle with all of his might.

“God DAMN but this fucker’s got a tough set of nuts!!” Andrew grunted, his strained voice speaking to the effort he was putting into crushing Gabe’s left bollock. “Fucking nut should have BURST by now!!”

“I know…”


“…what you mean!”




“…this fucking BALL…!”


“…with all my MIGHT…!”


“…and it STILL won’t fucking pop!!”




At that moment, Gabe threw back his handsome head and let out the most gut-wrenching wail yet, and the most colossal slug of cum the twins had ever seen jetted out of the stud’s magnificent cock. The gigantic rope of cum had to be at least three feet long, and it erupted with such force that it shot at least half a dozen feet up into the air before splashing wetly onto both surprised brothers. Andrew and Brett both yelped in surprise as their faces and arms were lashed with the impossibly heavy load.

No sooner had Gabe’s first blast of spunk come crashing down to earth than the second, equally spectacular last of sperm shot forth, matching its brother in size and force and power.

What followed was the most massive, most powerful, more unforgettably epic cum load the twins were ever likely to witness in their life. Even as they continued to squeeze and pound the very life out of two paragons of manhood, Gabe continued to shoot blast after extraordinary blast of stud spunk out of his wounded and battered balls, showering his two captors with the single greatest load of man milk they’d ever seen.

More than two dozen cum blasts — and at least as many hammer blows — later, Gabe’s heroic orgasm finally shuddered to an end. Brett landed several more hard, nut-shattering blows with the hammer, then Andrew released the plier’s death grip on Gabe’s thoroughly crushed left bollock, and both brothers dropped their cum-drenched tools to the equally cum-drenched floor.

Both brothers were festooned with the short muscle stud’s ripe spunk, each looking like he’d been the focus of some huge circle jerk. The amount of sperm coating all three young men, as well as the floor around them, was simply amazing, and neither twin would have thought such virility humanly possible if they hadn’t seen it for themselves. Huge clots of the funky stuff dripped off of their faces and bodies in thick lumps, so dense with stud sperm that it flowed like chunky molasses. The kid’s virility was simply super human.

Which only cemented the twins’ need to destroy such an epic manhood.

Andrew was the first of the two to recover from Gabe’s awesome display of hyper masculinity. He reached into the toolbox, searching around a bit before pulling out a long, rusty nail. The huge nail was more of a spike, a slender 6-inch-long spear of steel intended to join large beams of load-bearing wood together.

And more than long enough to skewer Gabe’s goliath genitals.

“Oh FUCK yeah, man! That’s gonna HURT!!” Brett exclaimed, laughing at the sight of the huge rusty nail.

Andrew grinned in return, saying, “Oh yeah!”

Both of Gabe’s tortured testicles were now glowing a deep, dark red bordering on purple, and the gigantic orbs had begun to swell from all of the vicious abuse. After a few moment’s consideration, Andrew placed the tip of the nail on top of Gabe’s enormous right nut, the one nearly beaten to a pulp by his brother.

Gabe closed his eyes, whimpering in pain and terror, knowing that there was no way to save his precious nuts from the even greater brutality that they were about to endure.

Andrew brought the hammer down with a thunderous cry, plunging the nail right through Gabe’s massive ball and imbedding it deep into the seat of the sturdy oak chair.


Gabe shrieked in his greatest agony yet, even as his traitorous cock gave a powerful lurch. His skewered right bollock was now pinned to the chair.

Brett rummaged through the toolbox and grabbed a large handful of similar nails, handing the first rusty spear of steel to his brother and eagerly watching the torture unfold. Andrew laughed and picked a spot on Gabe’s equally massive left ball, lining up the nail over Gabe’s swollen nut meat before bringing the hammer back down again, eliciting a tortured wail.


“Ouch!” Brett shouted, cringing in sympathy, before handing yet another nail to Andrew. “Do it again!!”


“Aw fuck, dude!! That’s so fucking HOT!! You’re driving those nails clear through the stud’s fucking NUTS!!! Fuck YEAH!!! Let’s fucking RUIN these massive nuts!!”

Brett kept eagerly handing his twin brother nail after rusty nail, and Andrew happily obliged his brother’s wishes by plunging nail after nail into the sobbing muscle stud’s impossibly huge balls.




It started to sound like some sort of hellish arts and crafts project, as the thundering sound of steel-on-steel and the accompanied bellows and screams of the captive bull stud filled the small cabin.


Ten minutes later, and a dozen huge rusty nails had been driven through each of Gabe’s screaming nuts. The huge bollocks were oozing blood from dozens of puncture wounds, and were pinned to the large wooden seat like some bloated insect grubs. But despite horrific wounds that would have been mortal for another man’s balls, Gabe’s incredibly tough bull balls were still very much alive!

The twins eventually ran out of nails, and decided to move on with their evening’s entertainment. Andrew used the other end of the hammer to start painfully pulling the huge nails out of Gabe’s skewered nuts, finally freeing both massive orbs.

By now, Gabe’s gigantic nutsac was a bruised and bloody mess. Dozens of puncture wounds marked the sturdy and bloated balls, and both massive orbs were so heavily bruised that they were almost uniformly purple. His swollen left nut looked lumpy and odd-shaped from the cruel pliers, and his right bollock looked little better after having endured dozens of hammer blows. There was no doubt that Gabe’s balls had been horrifically mauled and mangled, but the tough orbs were still very much alive and could recover from even this damage if the torturers would only stop now.

But it was equally clear that the cruel twins had no intention of stopping until they had utterly destroyed the young muscle bull’s heroic manhood.

“Dude, let’s finish off his massive balls,” Brett grinned. “Then we can begin work on his gigantic dick!”

“Nice!” Andrew chuckled. “This little muscle stud has proven to be far tougher than I would have ever thought. Toughest hunk we’ve yet had! But yeah, I think it’s time we ruin him for good!”

Both brothers walked off to one corner of the room, and pulled a tarp off of a large item. Gabe’s eye’s bulged even wider when they saw the heavy steel vise resting beneath the tarp. It was a huge affair, nearly three feet tall and made out of solid steel. The jaws of the vise were enormous, nearly a foot square, and meant for holding very large blocks of wood in place.

The vice was clearly more than large enough to accommodate even Gabe’s colossal cajones.

It took both strong twins to muscle the heavy vise across the room and drop it on the floor in front of their muscular captive. Brett took one of the bloody nails, recently removed from one of Gabe’s own nuts, and hammered it partway into the floor beneath the handsome stud. He then took a length of slender wire and formed a very large noose at one end. Andrew grabbed the neck of Gabe’s bloody and battered nutsac and squeezed the huge bollocks to the bottom of their scrotum, allowing Brett to slip the large noose over both nuts with ease. Brett then cinched the loose tight, pinching off Gabe’s balls in the very bottom of their sac and making the huge stud yelp in surprise and pain.

Brett then began pulling on the other end of the wire, cinching the loose even tighter and drawing Gabe’s massive balls away from his crotch. Gabe had a truly massive scrotum — necessary to contain such fantastically oversized nuts — but the young man’s nuts usually hugged his muscular crotch tightly. Brett therefore had to pull HARD to start drawing those massive bollocks away from the handsome young man’s body, causing the stud no small amount of pain in the process.

Gabe’s nuts were quickly drawn to three inches from his body, but Brett clearly wasn’t satisfied with such a stretch. The dark-haired stud pulled harder and harder still, slowly tugging Gabe’s screaming balls even farther from his body. Four inches! And then five inches!! The handsome young stud was thrashing his head back and forth in agony, bellowing as his gigantic nuts threatened to rip right off his body. And STILL Brett wouldn’t let up, stretching and yanking and pulling the short stud’s blond nuts past all possible reason!

Finally, at an extraordinary and profound stretch of 6.5 inches, Brett was satisfied. He tied off the other end of the wire on the nail imbedded in the floor, locking Gabe’s straining nuts in place…directly in the center of the vise’s two massive steel plates.

Andrew began turning the crank on the vise and slowly closing the distance between the two plates. It took only a dozen turns before the cold metal plates began to touch Gabe’s trapped ball flesh, but the handsome captor didn’t slow or pause for a moment, and continued turning the crank. As the metal plates continued their inexorable movement toward one another, Gabe’s gigantic testicles began to slowly flatten out, compressing and distorting as their colossal bulk and mass was pressed between the two solid steel plates.

Thick and bloated as Gabe’s massive nuts were, it took several dozen full turns of the steel crank before those enormous man lumps were even halfway flat. But as the constant cranking continued, the pain began to build in the young man’s already tremendously used and abused balls, and Gabe was once again crying out in agony and begging his tormentors to stop.

But his cries and pleas once again fell on deaf ears.

Andrew kept right on turning the crank, slowly closing the vise on Gabe’s steadily flattening balls, while Brett looked on with undisguised glee. All three men had raging boners at this point, the twins’ huge cocks still stuffed in their blue jeans, while Gabe’s gigantic horse cock continued to point proudly skyward as if to defy even the brothers’ most brutal torments.

Gabe’s magnificent bull balls were soon pressed to only one inch thick — a quarter of their original size — and were starting to ooze out around the edges of the steel plates. Bubbles of thick nut meat were now protruding from the top, bottom, and sides of the vise, a sight both deeply disturbing and tremendously erotic. And STILL the plates continued their onward press, edging the young man’s heroically oversized balls toward oblivion.

“Amazing!!” Andrew exclaimed, turning the screws tighter and tighter still. “I would have thought for SURE that the little dude’s huge balls would have popped by now! I mean, after all the beating and hammering and crushing we’ve given ‘em, not to mention turning those two huge bollocks into a pair of fucking pincushions, they HAVE to be tremendously weakened. Yet they’re STILL intact!! I tell ya, this stud just ain’t HUMAN!!”

“Aw fuck, Andy! This stud is so fucking hot! We’ve never had a guy this tough or this hung before. I bet his balls make a fucking HUGE mess when they explode!”

Andrew made a half-hearted kick at his brother’s crotch, missing entirely. “I thought I told you to stop calling me Andy!” he snarled, but then laughed as his twin winked at him.

Andrew’s big arms were starting to get tired. Gabe’s huge balls had now been crushed to a mere half-inch thick, and the compressed meat was resisting further attempts to turn the vise’s screws. The young dark-haired stud was grunting with effort for each small twist of the crank, and he was struggling to crank the vise any further.

“Here, bro, let me help you!” Brett said as he lent his own powerful arms to the task. With both strong brothers turning the crank, the plates of the vise resumed their onward push, crushing the twin mounds of man meat between them. Gabe was continuously bellowing in agony now, his balls feeling like they would explode at any moment. Yet his 13-inch mega cock remained hard as a rock, and if anything seemed to have swollen large than ever, the huge veins snaking up and down it’s mammoth length looking like they would pop right out of his skin.

“FUCK, dude!!” Brett grunted, his voice strained with the effort it was taking to turn the crank. Gabe’s huge meatballs went flatter and flatter still, flatter than should have been humanly possible. “This stud’s balls are like fucking ROCKS!!! Toughest fuckin’ balls I’ve ever SEEN!! There’s less than half an inch between the plates now, and STILL they haven’t burst!!! I wonder which one of these massive bollocks will be the first—“


Without warning, Gabe’s massive left nut finally failed, bursting within its hairy sac with a loud and wet crunching sound, accompanied moments later by the most earth-shattering bellow of agony yet from the tortured stud.

“YUP!!!” exclaimed Brett. “There goes Mr. Lefty!!”

Andrew just smiled a wicked grin and kept right on turning the screw, further pulverizing Gabe’s busted left nut and drawing the huge right orb closer and closer to its date with destiny.

“Yup!” Andrew dead-panned. “That one’s dead.” He looked up at Gabe. “How does it feel to have lost a nut? Not so tough NOW, are you? All those huge, overgrown muscles can’t help you now!! You’re already only half a man, and soon, you won’t even be THAT!!”

Suddenly and without any warning, Gabe’s monstrous horse cock erupted with a gigantic rope of creamy spunk, the thick streamer of sperm rocketing high into the air before splashing down all over the crushing vise and his own trapped bollocks. A second spurt of cum immediately followed, then a third, and a fourth, in what looked to be a deluge of sperm to rival the young man’s first titanic load.

“GEEZUS!!!” Brett exclaimed. “Look at the muthafuckin’ SIZE of that load!! That’s his SECOND load of the night, and with only ONE functioning ball!!! Fucker is a walking SPERM factory!!!”

Pulse after pulse after massive pulse of cum exploded forth from Gabe’s monumental bull cock, even as his last remaining testicle was being crushed to the breaking point.

“God DAMN, why won’t his last nut CRACK!?!” Andrew shouted. “Come ON you fuckin’ bollock!! BURST, damn you!!!”

Both brothers continued turning the screw with all of their might, struggling for each tiny space of motion and watching the gap between the two steel plates become ridiculously, impossibly narrow. And STILL Gabe’s mighty right ball endured, pumping out more and more of the gorgeous stud’s rich and chunky baby batter. Huge slugs of creamy white splooge were coating and recoating every surface within half a dozen feet, including both awed captors.

“It looks like Mr. Righty is gonna give any second!!” Brett snickered, eyes riveted on Gabe’s last remaining bull nut.

In fact, all eyes were locked on Gabe’s thundering, pulsating cock and impossibly squashed nutsac, including the young muscle stud himself. Gabe’s beautiful brown eyes were wide with terror and unspeakable agony, helplessly watching his final moments as a man, even as he shot one of the most colossal orgasms of his young life.

Both young men were now throwing all of their weight behind the crank, which refused to budge another millimeter. All three studs were bellowing in effort and agony, Gabe’s surviving bollock crushed to barely more than an eighth of an inch. Spurt after spurt of cum continued to blast from the blond super stud’s massive cock, and the handsome muscle man’s entire world narrowed down to that tiny space between the two cruel steel plates.


The crank suddenly gave way, letting that last gap between the plates suddenly close as Gabe’s right bollock, unable to endure any longer, exploded spectacularly within his scrotum.

Gabe’s magnificent orgasm was cut abruptly short as his final remaining ball, the sole source of his thick and chunky sperm and the wellspring of his phenomenal manhood, was utterly destroyed. The young muscle stud was retching and gagging, too overcome by agony to even scream.

Andrew’s muscular hips bucked involuntarily as he shot a massive bolt of his own nut splooge into his pants. His twin Brett followed moments later, both dark-haired studs pumping out huge loads of sperm as they leaned on the vise handle for support. The feeling of Gabe’s final bollock exploding in its sac was the most erotic thing either brother had ever felt, and their orgasms seemed to go on forever.

When the two men had finally recovered from their mind-blowing orgasms, they began to un-crank the vise, releasing the shattered remains of Gabe’s once-proud bull balls. Both men were laughing and high-fifing each other as the plates finally pulled apart and revealed the sagging mass of broken nut guts contained within Gabe’s squashed sac.

Brett reached forward to grope and fondle Gabe’s nutsac, still strangled by the thin wire and stretched more than half a foot from his crotch. Where once there had been two huge, powerful, rock-solid bull nuts, there was now just a mushy goo sloshing around inside a bruised sac.

“You gotta feel this!!” Brett giggled. “It’s so funny! Dude’s now just got a massive sac filled with nut sludge!!”

His brother didn’t have to be told twice. Andrew’s hands joined Brett’s as they fondled the ruin of Gabe’s bull balls.

“Actually,” Andrew said, “I can still feel some chunks of nut meat in here. Must be those bubbles of tissue that were bulging out the sides of the vise. Let’s say we crush his balls a few more times! Gotta make sure there isn’t a single viable chunk of ball meat left alive. I’d hate to leave this little muscle stud with anything even RESEMBLING a set of nuts!”

“All RIGHT!” exclaimed Brett. “Gotta make sure we annihilate this guy’s chances of ever breeding!”

Brett repositioned Gabe’s shattered balls while Andrew started closing the vise once again. They started with the bottom of the young man’s broken nutsac, making sure to press and crush the few surviving fragments of Gabe’s manhood. The vise closed much more easily this time, as the chunks of viable nut flesh put up very little resistance as they were crushed into oblivion. The twins repeated this procedure another three times until they were finally satisfied that every tiny chunk of testicular matter had been destroyed.

“THERE we go!” Andrew said as he opened the vise for the last time and felt Gabe’s soft and squishy ball sac. “Nothing left in there except pureed nut sauce!”

“Hey bitch!” Brett grinned at an exhausted and defeated Gabe. “Have you ever wondered what your sack looks like from the inside?” He winked at the handsome young muscle bull. “Well, guess what? You’re about to find out!!”

Gabe’s eyes widened with terror once again as Brett reached for a box cutter. The cruel stud grabbed Gabe’s ruined nutsack, giggling with excitement, and pressed the squishy sack against the solid wooden chair. Then, with a single swift motion, he split open Gabe’s scrotum with a five-inch-long vertical slice.

Pulpy and unrecognizable matter gushed from the wound and splattered all over the floor. The sticky gloop that was once Gabe’s extraordinary manhood was grayish-pink in color and very thick, and poured onto the ground with a wet splat.

“GEE-zus!!” Brett exclaimed as the thick nut sauce splattered all over his hands and thighs.

“Look at what’s left of your fucking bull balls NOW, bitch!” Andrew chuckled. “What a fucking hilarious sight!”

Brett squeezed down on Gabe’s scrotum, pulling out all of the pulped remains of the young man’s mammoth nuts, almost like he was squeezing toothpaste out of some huge, fleshy tube. More of the gloopy paste splashed onto the floor. Brett then poked his fingers into the chunky, gooey puddle on the floor, swishing the mess around on the floor and laughing. “Those huge nuts made quite a mess, huh? The fuckers look even BIGGER now that they’re a big, wet, juicy stain on the floor!”

“Look, there’s something left inside!” Andrew grinned and reached inside the bloody slice into the wide open sac. Tears were running down Gabe’s devastatingly handsome face, and he screamed in fresh pain as Andrew’s fingers rooted around inside his body. Andrew’s fingers locked around the thick cords that had formerly connected the young man’s massive balls to his body, and with one sharp yank, tore out the remains of Gabe’s balls. The thick, spaghetti-like cords stuck to Andrew’s hand, and he threw the gooey mess onto the floor in disgust, where it landed with another wet splat.

Brett snickered and reached between Gabe’s colossally muscular legs. “Did you leave anything for me, bro?”

His twin brother laughed. “Sorry. Dude’s sack is totally empty now.”

Brett inspected Gabe’s scrotum. Andrew was right. It was empty. A useless, empty bag of soft, wrinkled, bloody skin.

Brett shrugged. “Okay, now let’s see what we can do with his massive horse dick.”

Gabe was sobbing, his face pale and contorted in agony, his eyes filled with fear.

Brett got a power drill from the tool box and giggled.

Andrew laughed and said, “Oh fuck, this is gonna be AWESOME!!”

Brett snickered. “His pee hole is a bit too small, don’t you think?”

Andrew scratched his chin, pretending to think hard about his brother’s remark. “Yeah,” he said finally. “Maybe you’re right…” He looked at Brett and grinned. “Do you think you could do something about that?”

The two brothers then broke out laughing.

Brett inserted a huge drill bit into the drill, a massive steel screw over eight inches long and easily a half inch thick. He then lined up the power drill about an inch outside the end of Gabe’s still rock hard penis and pressed the button a couple of times. The whirring of the power drill filled the cabin, cruelly taunting the handsome muscle boy.

“Nooo!” Gabe whimpered weakly.

Brett ignored him and rammed the power drill into Gabe’s urethra right on down to the hilt, and then turned it on full power.

Gabe screamed in unreal agony as Brett drilled into his massive schlong. Brett and Andrew were roaring with laughter as blood and gore and tiny pieces of shredded cock flew through the air. The power drill was making a mess out of the inside of Gabe’s magnificent bull cock, and there was nothing that the poor stud could do about it.

After what seemed like an eternity, Brett stopped the power drill and pulled the gore-covered drill bit out of the ruined remains of Gabe’s monstrous dick. There was blood everywhere, with more pouring out of the widened slit at the end of the young man’s mangled cock. Though it was still, miraculously, hard as a rock, and it looked completely intact from the outside, it was clear that Gabe’s cock would never function properly ever again.

The brothers looked at each other and chuckled. They were coated in sperm and blood and gore, and had never been happier or more turned on in their lives.

Andrew finally sighed and looked at his watch, saying, “Well, it’s getting late. Time we ended this.”

Brett nodded in agreement.

“Let’s rip his fuckin’ dick off,” Andrew suggested matter-of-factly.

Brett thought for a moment. “Yeah, sounds good!”

Andrew nodded and wrapped both of his big hands around the incredibly thick shaft of Gabe’s mortally wounded cock, just an inch or two above the base. Then he planted his feet and yanked back with all of his might.

Gabe uttered an anguished wail as the thick root of his cock was stretched to the limit, the tough cables and thick muscles anchoring that mighty man tool to his body straining to keep the huge meat attached to his crotch.

Andrew yanked even harder, grunting with the strain, stretching Gabe’s massive cock out even longer than it’s already colossal 13-inch length. Suddenly, Andrew’s hands — slick with the young stud’s cum and blood — slipped off of the huge bull cock, making the tall dude stumble backwards and crash hard into a cabin wall.

Brett burst out laughing.

“Aw, FUCK!” Andrew groaned, rubbing his back where he’d hit the wall. “Fucking asshole!”

His brother was roaring with laughter, gasping for breath as he pointed at Gabe’s massive dick, still rigid as steel and pointing proudly skyward, even as more food continued to ooze from it’s viciously violated tip.

Andrew raised his eyebrows and walked back to the captive stud. “Holy fuck!” he laughed.

“You can’t even rip his fuckin’ dick off!!” Brett giggled.

Andrew frowned and looked at his twin brother. “Shut up, asshole! I’ve done it dozens of times!”

Brett laughed, “Yeah, but this time you were up against the biggest fucking bull cock we’ve ever seen!”

Andrew glared at him. “Well, this little dude is fucking TOUGH, I’ll give you that! Why don’t you come over here and lend me a hand?”

Both brothers wrapped their big hands around Gabe’s huge cock. The mighty bull penis was so long that there was room for all four big hands to grip the thick shaft, with an inch or two to spare! They both squeezed down hard, trying to crush the enormous shaft in their powerful hands, but the tough and fibrous cock barely even deformed in their grip. Gabe’s mangled manhood was proving its brutal toughness right to the bitter end.

Gabe let out a miserable whimper, knowing that the last vestige of his once-mighty manhood was about to be destroyed.

The muscular twins started pulling with all of their might. Gabe started screaming in pain as his dick stretched out farther and farther. The muscles and ligaments at the base of his huge cock were visibly stretching and straining as his cock was pulled to 14 inches, then 15 inches, and then an astounding and unbelievable 16 inches! Both brothers were bellowing with the effort to pull Gabe’s cock off, their big arms bulging and flexing and straining, but the blond stud’s mighty cock continued to resist even these brutal efforts.

A small tear suddenly appeared at the stretched-out base of Gabe’s colossal cock. That tear slowly grew wider, and then wider, a trickle of blood flowing from the new wound. It was clear that Gabe’s gigantic schlong had only moments remaining.

Then, with a sickening wet tearing sound, Gabe’s entire bull cock suddenly tore free, sending both brothers sprawling across the room.

Brett began laughing his ass off as Andrew held up Gabe’s severed cock, still massive and awe-inspiring even after being so brutally torn from its owner.

“See?” Andrew said casually. “Piece of cake!”

Brett laughed even harder.

They turned and looked at Gabe, the massive blond muscle stud squirming and sobbing and moaning on the chair. His crotch was covered in blood, and more blood was pouring from the gaping wound where his gigantic cock had been ripped from its home. The gorgeous young man was already beginning to grow pale from loss of blood, and it was clear that the twins weren’t going to do anything to staunch the flow. As they stared happily at Gabe’s bloody crotch, they could see that there was absolutely nothing left of his magnificent, mammoth manhood except for an empty bag of skin. No dick. No balls. Nothing that had defined him as a stud bull of a man.

Brett looked at Andrew. “Pizza?”

Andrew tossed the huge, heavy cock toward the dying muscle boy. The huge meat landed in the huge puddle of liquified goo that had been Gabe’s gigantic nuts.

“Pizza!” Andrew agreed.

The twins left the cabin and got into the car.

The gray, inconspicuous van drove through the night. The road was deserted. The headlights of the car were the only source of light. There were no houses, no streetlights, no traffic. Everything was peaceful and quiet.


A man is a tasty morsel.
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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
Damn! it took me forever to finish this story because I kept stopping to cum!

I keep thinking how hot it would be to poke a hole in Gabe's sak and suck the goo out. Squeeze it into my mouth. Swirl my tongue through it to savor the taste. Gargle it. Swallow. Pure HEAVEN!!!


A man is a tasty morsel.
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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
My favorite story. It's got everything that gets me hard. Beauty, sex, gore, torture, pain, blood, cruelty, mutilation, destruction. Did I mention blood and gore? When I read it, I test myself to see how far I can get before I cum the first time. Usually not far. Oh, to be in the cabin and help the brothers destroy Gabe.


A man is a tasty morsel.
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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
Gabe's nuts crushed into a pureed sauce. Poke a hole in the sac and suck out all the nut sludge, into my mouth, and swill it around like a mouthwash. Feel the thick goo on my tongue and between my teeth and dripping into my throat. Savor the texture and the taste. Oh, Sweet Jesus! I'm in Heaven!