A vision of my death by TECPATL


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Nov 24, 2020
A vision of my death, by TECPATL

I would like to thank TECPATL for his incredible talent, who wrote this story according to the fantasies that I proposed to him. So this story tells a version of my ideal death, for the pleasure of other guys. So I hope you enjoy reading this scenario as much as I did.


-Slaughterpigs are on the way. They know where you are. There is nowhere you can run. There is nowhere you can hide.

Jeremy’s hand strayed to his cock, which was hard in his jeans as he reread the words of the email. He imagined the story he would soon read about his own death. He imagined a stranger somewhere unknown looking at the naked photos he had sent and fantasizing about what to do to him. Imagining what it would look like. Putting it into words. For as long as he could remember picturing his own violent death had made him hard, made him cum. Now he had found a site full guys with the same kind of attractions. And a story about slaughterpigs. A powerful, shadowy organization that liked to snuff young guys like him. And he had asked the author for a story about being captured by them. He had no idea what he had set in motion.

Jeremy had some amazing cums fantasizing about an organization pursuing him, kidnapping him, offing him, disappearing him. Until all that was left of him in the world was a story describing his death on a fetish website. But he never got the story. There was no more communication about slaughterpigs. It was still a part of his fantasies. But he had to imagine his death on his own. He kept up with the site, role-played with some of the guys, even wrote down and posted some of his fantasies. Months went by.

Until one day he was out for a run, wearing only shorts in the summer heat. A white delivery van slowed down beside him. Pacing him. The driver wore a mask hiding his face. Jeremy looked around. There was no one in sight anywhere. The van pulled ahead of him and stopped. Its back doors were flung open and two men jumped out. Jeremy had no time to think as they pinned his arms at his side and threw him into the van. As the van drove off, they zip-tied his wrists behind him and his ankles together. He thrashed trying to get away but they were way to strong for him. Jeremy wasn’t thinking of slaughterpigs now. He was just fucking scared. He wasn’t thinking of slaughterpigs when the man behind him jabbed a needle in his arm and purred in his hear as he did

-Sometimes when you ask for something you get it, even if you’re really afraid of it.

Slaughterpigs was his last thought as the drug put him to sleep.

Jeremy came to on the floor of the still-moving van. He had no idea where he was or what was happening. No idea how long he’d been out. Then he foggily remembered the van, the men. He panicked and thrashed around on the floor. The men were still there, and one of them said something to the driver in a language he didn’t understand. They all three chuckled.

-So sleeping beauty boy you are awake. You went away for a long time. Long enough for us to take you far away from home and very close to your heart’s desire.

There was ice in Jeremy’s belly. HIs mind reeled, thinking through what other possibilities there could be. Any other possibilities. He held onto the idea of this being some kind of elaborate roll play. To keep from losing it. But deep down he knew it was already too elaborate for that.

-Slaughterpigs- he whispered.

-Yes- the one who seemed to be the leader said with a big grin -sleeping beauty boy is bright as well as pretty.

They all laughed. Leader leaned in close. His arms were muscled and tattooed. His head shaved. Hair poked up from the collar of his tight t shirt. Jeremy could smell his musky odor.

-While you have been away slaughterpigs have been busy. All digital traces of you have been removed from the internet. All physical traces are being collected by some of our colleagues who specialize in this. All that is left is this- he dragged his fingers across Jeremy’s naked chest, pinching the left nipple. Jeremy’s nopales both got hard.

-And soon, not even this.

Jeremy was panicked but there was no way to escape. There was ice in his belly. He kept saying -no- over and over. There was ice in his belly, but with it fire. And his cock was hard now. Leader saw it through his shorts. He leaned over and squeezed it. Jeremy gasped as that familiar pleasure shot through him. Leader whispered, his breath on Jeremy’s ear.

-at least this part of you knows that it wants this. Even if this part- He tapped Jeremy’s temple -is still afraid.

The van rolled on in the darkness


When the van came to a stop there was a pale light in the sky outside the front windows. The rear doors were pulled open and when Jeremy raised his head he saw a figure in a tight black t shirt and black leather pants, tattoos covered his arms and his shaved head. He held a studded metal collar with a long chain.

The driver had come around the back and he grabbed Jeremy’s ankles and pulled him out of the van. He struggled to stand with his ankles bound. Meanwhile tattoo head clipped the collar around Jeremy’s neck, locking it with a padlock. Someone cut the ties around his ankles. It was just then that Jeremy recognized where he was standing.

The broken windows, the metal roofs, the cracked pavement. He had imagined himself being dragged here so many times as he jerked off. From the grainy photo in the slaughterpigs story. He was standing outside their factory. That was supposed to be in Bulgaria! How long had he been out? His breath caught. There was ice in his belly.

The three from the van were now standing with tattoo head, who jerked on the chain, pulling Jeremy a little off balance and getting his attention.

-Jeremy, we have been planning your fantasy ever since we were alerted to your posts by Tecpatl. You do indeed look like the photos he sent us. This makes the risks of abducting you worth taking. But our reach is long and into some very high places. Slaughterpigs will not be found. And you will not either. Soon there will be nothing left of you to find.

-Jeremy you have been selected for execution. Before this day ends you will be drug naked to the place of execution. There you will be hung by the neck until your cock is hard. Your belly will be slit open and your intestines drawn out to be burned. Your head will be cut off and your limbs pulled from your body. Slaughterpigs will feast on your flesh tonight. Anything left will be destroyed.

Jeremy let out a howl and collapsed on the pavement. He sobbed saying no over and over, and this is not what I wanted.

-What you ever wanted no longer matters. Your sentence has been pronounced. You are now dead meat. And meat does not wear clothes. Strip the prisoner’s clothing.

There was little to strip. Jeremy felt his shoes and socks pulled off. Then he was rolled onto his back and his shorts were pulled off. The two who were stripping him looked at his cock and then looked at each other and grinned. One licked his lips. Jeremy howled again. They laughed.

-Jeremy you are not a sniveling child. Stand up and face this like a man.

Jeremy tried to stop sobbing. He scrambled to get to his feet, but it was hard with his hands tied behind his back. Finally he managed and stood panting, tears streaking his face and dirt streaking his body.

-We only wait for the slaughterpigs to gather to enjoy your execution. Until then you will be taken to a holding cell.

Van leader took the chain and started walking and Jeremy followed, his eyes empty, his stomach knotted in fear. He wanted to run. To escape. He wished he’d never seen the CDB site. Never made the stupid post asking to be slaughterpigs’ victim. His head whirled as he plodded step by step closer to death. He’d brought this on himself.

He was led into a windowless, concrete room with an overhead light. His chain was fastened to an iron ring sticking out from the wall. Jeremy slumped against the wall. Tears came again. He remembered imagining himself in just this situation so many times, locked in a cell waiting to be hung, drawn and quartered. It always made him hard. He looked down at his limp cock. His hands were still tied behind his back. He couldn’t even take it in his hand.

The rusted iron door swung open. Tattoo head entered. He was followed by a naked boy, lean, muscled and tattooed on his neck and arms and chest. He looked Jeremy up and down.

-Fucking beautiful.

He had a British accent, working class.

-I wanted to give the boy who will drink your death cum a first look at you.

Naked boy stepped close. He tweaked his own nipple as his hand reached out and cupped Jeremy’s low hanging balls.

-But first I’m going to cut these beauties off and chew them in front of you. I wanted a taste of them while they were still attached.

He dropped to one knee in front of Jeremy and started to run his tongue around his balls. He continued taking Jeremy’s cock in his hand and stroking. Jeremy stayed soft but it started to feel good. The boy was naked. Dead meat didn’t wear clothes. Did that mean?

-Mmmmmmm. Delicious.

He looked up into Jeremy’s eyes. Jeremy started to stiffen. Naked boy expanded his tonguing. Licking the inside of Jeremy’s thighs. Taking in his stiffening cock. Licking precum from its tip. He licked his way up Jeremy’s legs to his belly, his navel. He followed the line between Jeremy’s abs to his chest, running his tongue around his pecs. Licking and nipping Jeremy’s nipples. They grew hard like his now straining cock. Jeremy made a low moan at the pleasure. Naked boy was now standing in front of him. Chest to chest. Looking each other in the eye.

-You’re naked like me.

-Yeah, of course. I’m next.

-They caught you, too?

-No, I’m a volunteer. That’s why no chain for me.

-Volunteer? How? Why?

-I’m a fucking pain pig. Giving and receiving. Found out in the cage. Had to be careful what I wore. I’d get hard pounding on a hot guy or when he pounded on me. And the more he hurt me the harder I’d get til I’d cum. Didn’t want the crowd seeing that.

He put his hand behind Jeremy’s head and grasped his hair, pulling him close. Jeremy opened his mouth to the kiss. It was long.

-Found another guy who used to get off on the pain like I did. We used to torture each other and fuck. Then one day he told me about slaughterpigs and how to contact them. Couple days later he disappeared. Never came back. I finally got the nerve to make contact. Showed them his photo on my phone when I got here, before they took everything. They said his death was fucking amazing. Didn’t get to see it. But I get to see you before It’s my turn.

He had been slowly stroking Jeremy’s cock. He pulled close for one last kiss. Then backed away, with a backhand slap to Jeremy’s chest.

-Don’t want to take it too far. Save it for your sweet death cum.

-But ... what if I don’t ... I can’t?

-Ha. Don’t worry. There’s a doctor here. He has a way to make you. Even if you’re already dead.

The door closed.


The metal door banged open and the slaughterpigs entered the room. Tall, short, hairy, smooth, tattooed, many in leather gear. They surrounded him. There was no way to get away.

-Jeremy you have been sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered until you are dead. Your sentence will be carried out now. Prepare the meat for execution.

Someone behind him unfastened the metal collar and Jeremy tried to twist free. He struggled as they made him lie on his back on a wooden ladder on the floor. He kept shouting no and trying to get free, but there were too many of them, too many hard hands on his body. He was soon tied to the ladder hand and foot, his arms stretched above him. In his fantasies his cock would be hard by now. But in the reality the only thing in his belly and cock was the cold fear of the pain to come. As two of the slaughterpigs tied ropes to the ladder and started to drag him across the floor the tattooed cage fighter leaned over him and cupped his balls. He had a shiny knife in his hand. He looked into Jeremy’s eyes and smiled, licking his lips. Jeremy stayed limp.

-C’mon mate, enjoy this. You look so fucking hot tied up.

Broken pavement and rocks tore at Jeremy’s back as they drug him down a long corridor and into a large double height factory room. Four chains lay on the floor. They had manacles on one end. The other was attached to four winches, two on the floor, two above them at shoulder height. They drug Jeremy to lie between the sets of chains. He stared up at a noose hanging down over him from a rope hanging over a pipe high up. He moaned in fear as the manacles were attached to his wrists and ankles before they cut him free of the ladder. One hauled him to his feet while another came forward with a metal butt plug attached to electrical wires and a battery. Tattooed cage fighter spoke up.

-See doc's here to help you enjoy this. That metal thing will poke a nerve inside you that'll make you come even dead with no balls!

He laughed as doc stepped behind Jeremy while two others held his arms. Doc spread Jeremy's butt cheeks and shoved the cold metal up his anus. Jeremy felt the current tingle in the nerves of his crotch as doc moved the metal around inside him until his cock sprang to life. The slaughterpigs were admiring his stiff cock as doc taped his ass to hold the device in place and turned off the current.

Someone else behind him slipped the noose over his head and pulled the rope until it was tight. Jeremy took a deep breath. The one who had pronounced sentence gave a sharp nod and the noose hauled Jeremy into the air.


And then he was down on his feet, the noose loose enough for him to breathe, his chest heaving air into his lungs, his throat raw. Many of the slaughterpigs were stroking their hard cocks while they watched. They pumped fists in the air chanting again! again! And the rope hauled Jeremy into the air as they cheered. In Jeremy's fantasies he was always aware all the way through his execution. Now he just wanted to black out and not hear or see or mostly feel. But his torturer knew just how long to keep Jeremy hanging to keep him awake and his cock hard. He lowered Jeremy to stand on his toes as the chant changed to balls! balls! balls!

He could just see tattooed cage fighter kneel down in front of him and take Jeremy's cock in his mouth. He felt the tongue moving and his cock strained. Pleasure spread in spite of the fire in his heaving lungs and the pressure on his neck. Cage fighter kept working his cock as he brought his knife up to Jeremy's crotch. Jeremy sucked in air as the searing cold pain exploded deep within him. He would have doubled over but the rope kept him stretched. Cage fighter stood holding up the bloody knife in one had and Jeremy's ball sack in the other. Slaughtepigs cheered. Cage fighter held the ball sack up to his mouth and tilted his head back. One of Jeremy's balls dropped into his open mouth. He chewed smiling and handed the knife to another. Jeremy didn't even see him plop his other ball into his mouth and then deep kiss one of the hot young slaughterpigs using his tongue to give the ball into the other boy's mouth. The chant had changed.


The winches whirred and the chains tightened until Jeremy was standing spread eagle in the middle of the slaughterpigs. The one who now had the knife came forward and laughed.

-Don't worry I'm a butcher.

More cheers. And butcher worked fast and showed obvious skill. He pushed the knife in just under the center of Jeremy's rib cage and cut down the line between Jeremy's abs. The throbbing fire between Jeremy's legs now joined a new one that felt like it split him in two as the butcher reached inside him and grasped something and started pulling. Hand over hand he pulled Jeremy's intestine out of his torso. Cage fighter was back between his legs working his cock that had gone limp with pain. Intestines were slithering over cage fighter to the floor along with the blood pouring from Jeremy's belly. Just then a current shot through his anus and his cock sprang to life. The fire of pleasure mixed with the fire of pain until he couldn't tell them apart. Butcher came to the end of what was inside Jeremy and cut it loose as the winches tightened and tightened pulling his arms and legs in opposite directions. His strong heart still beat in his chest and blood still flowed in his brain as he felt his joints pulling apart, his hard cock in cage fighter's mouth. The noose was stretching his neck and he heard the sound of his shoulders cracking and tearing. A stronger jolt of current arced through him and his straining cock exploded in pleasure as his arms tore free and there was the whoosh of a blade through his neck. His vision spun as his head fell, but there was just enough oxygen in his brain to see his legs tear free and his ripped open torso fall to the floor with a wet thud as his head landed in the pile of his insides. The cock was still pumping the last of his death cum over cage fighter's face.

But Jeremy was gone by the time one of the slaughterpigs picked up his head and fucked his neck watching his cock cum in the back of the throat through Jeremy's open mouth. Or one of them reached up inside his torso and pulled out his now still heart and took a bite. There was a blood soaked orgy over what was left of Jeremy until everyone was crusted with drying cum and blood.

Then later that night, when slaughterpigs had cleaned up, there was a feast. The centerpiece was Jeremy's golden roasted torso. They did shots of vodka to toast him as butcher used a carving knife and fork to slice off the pec steaks.



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Damn it, Tecpatl! You beat me to him! I've been lusting for this Swiss meat since he first posted his pretty mug on CDG. Just the kind of man Caleb likes to carve up. I've creamed my jeans so many times dreaming of sucking his blood and chewing his long cock.

Once more, Tecpatl. You destroyed Luis Adam Bree before I could even get close enough to lick his sweat and smell his fear. And now Jeremy. You’re good, Tecpatl. Too good. But I will not give up. I’ll best you…someday.



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Amazing story! All my favorite images: eating and “mother birding“ the kids balls, evisceration, and fucking a cute decapitated head😮😛💦💦💦


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Damn it, Tecpatl! You beat me to him! I've been lusting for this Swiss meat since he first posted his pretty mug on CDG. Just the kind of man Caleb likes to carve up. I've creamed my jeans so many times dreaming of sucking his blood and chewing his long cock.

Once more, Tecpatl. You destroyed Luis Adam Bree before I could even get close enough to lick his sweat and smell his fear. And now Jeremy. You’re good, Tecpatl. Too good. But I will not give up. I’ll best you…someday.

Like Mr Bree, Jeremy deserves many imaginative deaths. So let the competition begin! Your complete destruction of him was delightful. Now he’s off to a South American adventure he requested. Then your turn again.