A Shallow Play on My Body


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Aug 28, 2015
Midlands, England

I went to ski yesterday with my mates in sports team. And after 4 hours cross country ski, my mates knocked me out in the hostel.

As cross country ski can be heat generating, so we all wore Adidas quick dry vest, though it should be used for summer activities.

Then one guy started dragging my body a little bit...

Then other guys asked him to strip off my left foot

Finally he made my left tit exposed. My mates did not tell me what he did to that one. But I guess he at least poked or kissed it.

You can see my left nipple was exposed.

These photos were taken by two guys in my team. During this period I totally had no idea about how I was played. I was only aware a little bit when I almost woke up, there was one of them sniffing my left armpit....