A no-death execution technique - A prospectus


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Feb 17, 2012
Wales UK
Are there any techies out there? The guys who write the programmes and invent the hardware that makes use of the ever increasing power of computers? Any venture capitalists who want to make a killing? (Pun intended.)

A prospectus for a new, world conquering, idea should be expressible on one side of a sheet of A4 if it has any merit. So here it is.

The aim of the proposal is a new form of punishment for serious criminals that combines the severity of capital punishment with the opportunity for repentance and reformation, at a very economical cost to the state, and with the need for humane treatment of prisoners.

It requires the development of a machine and software. While this has not yet been designed, it utilises and develops existing technology. The process of punishment will be as follows.

On conviction of a serious crime, the prisoner shall be sentenced to death, with all the extreme theatricality of the court.

In chains, and in dread, he shall be taken to “a place of execution”. There he shall be stripped, showered, and his head and body shall be shaved. Execution assistants shall massage a conductive lubricant all over his body. They will then lay the naked man face-up on the rubberised bed of the machine. A rubber sheet, incorporating a breathing tube will be secured over the victim and will be sucked down around his body by a vacuum pump.

This part of the machine is similar to a vac-rack, but the rubber holding the man in place has a vast number of electrical contacts, similar to the pixels on a computer monitor. Those contacts fully control the condemned man's physical sensations, and, through a separate programme linked to the contacts around his head and neck, his mental processes.

When the machine is activated the victim is, in his head, standing on a scaffold with a noose around his neck, or being strapped into a gas chamber, or being held to the ground waiting for a stake of impalement to be inserted. The method of execution is limited only by the imagination of the programmers.

Thanks to advanced virtual reality the execution will be intensely real to the victim. Indeed the punishment can be made hyper-real. Where a hanged man would, in real life, loose consciousness in 7 to 30 seconds, the man 'hanged' in the machine can feel the pain of the rope, and watch the mob jeering him, for as long as is considered necessary by the authorities.

Real impalement is rapidly fatal, but virtual impalement allows the victim to feel a rough stake up through his body and out of his mouth, where he tastes his own blood, for hours.

Men can be burned or boiled alive without the rapid relief of death.

Eventually after a period of induced unconsciousness the condemned man will be removed from the machine and revived. It is anticipated that the memory of his execution will induce a strong will to reform and to renounce a life of crime, saving the state a fortune in imprisonment costs.

A no-death execution would satisfy the snowflakes, and cost saving will satisfy tax cutters. Governments will flock to buy!

So, are there any investors?